How to remove moles on face by laser at home?

When Sarah Parker and Enrique Iglesias a few years ago decided to remove the mole on her face, many fans were disappointed because their favorite celebrity has lost its zest.

But Claudia Schiffer at the time refused to remove the mark of destiny on her face, and, as time has shown, the mole on his upper lip gave her the image of girlish charm and brought her popularity.

We have already told the women’s website “” on how to remove the mole on the leg, and today we will talk about whether to remove the mole on the face and how to do it better.

Do I need to remove moles on my face?

Recently in London, met the Royal medical society, where scientists put forward the version about the relationship of moles of aging of the skin. American and British scientists have put forward evidence that people with birthmarks look 7 years younger than their peers without the mole, and are in good physical shape. Of course, this is only a suggestion scholars, but it should listen.

Research suggests that some sections of chromosomes responsible for aging of the skin, of the holders of moles are longer, and are shortened more slowly. Therefore, the skin not fade so quickly and people with a mole is aging slower.

In addition to Claudia Schiffer you can also recall the beauties Marilyn Monroe, angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Eva Mendez, Julia Roberts, Ani Lorak, Vera Brezhnev, who have moles on the face. Look celebrity perfect, to remove your moles on the face are not going, even though they have all possibilities for this. Therefore, we would advise not to rush to remove the mole if it does not cause you physical and aesthetic discomfort.

Who removes moles on the face?

If you still don’t think moles on the face of your twist and want to get rid of them, advises to first consult a specialist skin oncologist and not try to get rid of moles on face at home.

Don’t forget that the birthmark is a tumor on the body. It may be benign and malignant. If removal of benign moles you can use any methods, ekoobrazovanie treatment method is selected individually.

That is why before you choose way to remove moles on the face, it is important to consult a skin oncologist who will determine the type of mole. Only after that you can remove the mole from the surgeon, cosmetologist, dermatologist, or try to get rid of moles at home.

Eva Mendes is one of those beauties that moles give a special charm

When is the best time to remove the mole on my face?

  • To 18 years to remove the mole is recommended only in cases when it causes discomfort. After 18 years, when the growth of the body slows down, you can contact the experts who will find ways to remove moles.
  • Also, please note that the mole influenced by the sun’s rays. Therefore, it is best to remove moles in the cold season – winter or autumn, when ultraviolet radiation is less.
  • If you had a mole removed in the warm season, the doctor will advise as to protect the place where previously was the mole, from the sun – apply sunscreen or cover the place with bandages.
  • Do not remove moles during pregnancy, and when ARI and ARI.

Which method to choose?

Today the most commonly used such methods of removal: surgical excision, laser removal, excision with radioroom, removal of electric current of high frequency, or liquid nitrogen temperatures. Let’s look at these methods in more detail, based on feedback from those who have removed moles on the face these techniques.

The most important thing: only people with medical education should choose, what better way to remove mole on face. The doctor will be able to evaluate the features and condition of moles and the degree of threat of a particular method of removal for health.

Mole removal on face by laser

Most of all you will find reviews about laser removal and about removing radioroom. They say that this is very quick and virtually painless. Let’s see how is the mole removal on face with laser?

  • The mole is injected the anesthetic.
  • Next, the patient closed the eyes of a special bandage, and the doctor using the laser starts to cut out the mole.
  • It is felt the acrid smell of burnt skin.
  • The procedure is short – from several minutes to an hour, depending on the size and type of nevus (on the legs are removed faster).
  • One of the advantages to note the following:

    • Is done quickly;
    • No blood (the laser seals the blood vessels, stopping bleeding);
    • The seam is not imposed;
    • Marks and scars are left.

    Of the minuses:

    • It is impossible to remove the cancerous mole;
    • To feel some pain;
    • Expensive;
    • Not always a mole removed.
    • It is impossible to investigate the mole with the help of histological analysis.

    After a mole on my face removed by laser, a couple of weeks you have to take care of the place where it was previously. Wound from mole treated with antiseptic healing (e.g., calendula ointment, chlorhexidine). All this time, spot removal, nevus keeps the crust which looks unsightly. When the crust falls off, guess that previously, there was a mole, is almost impossible.

    Mole removal on the face radioroom (Surgitron)

    You can also remove the mole on the face radioroom. How is it done?

    As the reviews say about removing moles on the face radioroom, this procedure is also quick and painless. It can hold even in the same day to a specialist as it requires no preparation. The only thing we are refocusing our readers — be sure to consult with an oncologist, as not all moles can be removed by radioroom.

    • The procedure is the same as with the laser removal. The only difference is that the mole is cut by high frequency radio waves and not laser.

    One of the advantages noted:

    • Painless (only the first shot is felt);
    • Cut the roots of the mole, so she again began to grow.


    • In one of the reviews says that radioroom mole removed not until the end, and in its place reappeared the tumor.
    • A few days after place of removal to care and not to wet it with water.
    • Also note the caustic smell during the procedure.
    • Well, of course, the cost of the procedure. Is it calculated per 1 mm of the remote station. So how much will it cost to remove a mole with radioroom depends on the clinic and the size of the moles.

    Surgical technique

    The oldest method by which you can remove on the face the mole is cut with a scalpel (surgical excision).

  • Carry out removal under local anesthesia with a scalpel. Does this surgeon.
  • After excision of the mole in place removal of sutures, which a few days off. As a rule, when well-executed operation scars are left on the face.
  • This method is what attracts women?

    • First, the price. If mole removal-contact method (laser and radioroom) is expensive, then a simple surgery is quite expensive.
    • Second, this method has one significant advantage – after the removal of the mole sent to the survey where you will give the exact answer – is it dangerous tumor? When you delete a laser, for example, such research is not carried out.

    Electrocoagulation and cryodestruction

    You can burn a mole on my face electric current of high frequency (this method is called electrocoagulation) or freeze with liquid nitrogen (this method is called cryotherapy).

    • But these methods to remove moles on the face are actually not used, because the healing of the wound for about a month.
    • By these methods it is impossible to control the depth of the impact on the mole. That is, liquid nitrogen can not be removed the roots of the mole, and it is formed on the face again.
    • It is possible that after these techniques on the face may remain scars.

    As you can see, modern methods are successfully practiced and have a lot of positive feedback and only you can decide how to remove moles on face best.

    Mole removal folk ways

    In the article about moles on the legs we have already talked about how you can remove growths in the home with the help of celandine, garlic, iodine, and other available tools from a home kit. Of course, these methods are less effective than the methods of modern surgery.

    We briefly will tell you whether you can remove the nevi ointments and creams.


    Recently appeared on the Internet reviews about some miracle cream for the removal of moles, warts and papillomas. This English drug called Nevi-Skin. In the composition contains only natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin and destroy the root of the tumors.

  • The first thing to do is to clean the surface of the mole with warm, soapy water with a special nail file.
  • Applicator to apply the cream strictly on mole.
  • After 20 minutes, rinse.
  • The course of treatment is 7 – 10 days.


    You can also find information about ointment Stealin. Those who spread the ointment, assure that it is able to remove all the tumors on the body, including moles. At first glance it may seem that this drug is what you need for those who want to remove moles at home.

    • But the drug somehow kept secret (probably remains a trade secret). That the composition contains a mixture of Carpathian plants and there is no one chemical component.
    • It is also unclear who produces this stuff.
    • Besides, Stealin not registered as a medical drug and the pharmacy you buy only from distributors.

    Thus, drugs Stealin and Nevi-Skin that have not undergone official clinical trials can not recommend to your readers.

    So, if you decided to remove the mole on the face, choose a proven methods and be sure to consult before the surgery oncologist.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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