How to remove pilling from clothing? How efficient is the machine from the pellets?

Sometimes the men wondered, saying, how “Beautiful and Successful”, can be home to have the wardrobe theatre the wardrobe and everytime lament: “Well, again I have nothing to wear!” How can they, our strong half of humanity, to understand that sometimes a new thing after the first socks it is impossible to wear! Blame the hated pellets, which can occur even in the expensive high quality stuff.

Even the cute, hung with spools, and looks messy: to put it except under the clothing or to wear at home. Many are beginning to look for ways to remove lint to extend the life of favorite things.

We offer you some tips for solving this problem. Hope you will be able to choose the one that will help to get rid of pilling on your favorite things.

Method # 1. “Scrub …or three crusts of bread!”

Let’s start with the most unusual way. Try to remove the pellets toast. Take a dry crust of bread and start rolling it on things.

For some reason, the Internet everywhere write, what to take a crust of rye bread. It is more effective than white, we were nowhere to be found.

So our advice – you can take a crust of any bread, and it is better to find more effective ways to remove the pellets, which we describe in the article.

Method # 2. “All the pellets, just whip clean tooth BRUSH…”

As said Coco Chanel: “Everything is in our hands, so they cannot be omitted”. Especially if you have the whole thing in the pellets, and in the hands of an old toothbrush. It really shoots single pellets.

Application method, I think, is clear, and describe it in detail is not necessary: just brush the thing, removing the pellets.

Method # 3… “Sticky wax”

What is application not found people the Scotch! Tape even marriage can be saved! Do you know how? Only brewing family scandal, soleplate mouth and your better half with duct tape, and wicked rude phrase in the head are ground, raging – acute phase of the scandal will pass and then everything is quiet to find out.

But with tape, you can save not only the family marriage, but the marriage (read “defect”) on things about which we are talking today on our website – they can try to remove the pellets from the clothes: just glue a strip of duct tape to the problem area and quickly tear.

Part of the pellets will definitely be on it, but most will be proudly on clothing. This is especially true for small pellets. They don’t get out the tape for sure.

Can be upgraded this way. This plastic bottle wrap the double-sided adhesive tape, conveniently located near the bad stuff and roll the bottle back and forth. Along the way, peel the tape from the gathered debris. This way will remove the pellets with a smooth surface, for example, children’s knitted turtlenecks or t-shirts, which were worn under outerwear.

But on knitted things duct tape won’t reveal itself fully. Here is necessary means bigger.

Method No. 4, “is Sharper only pepper!”

You might know that the removal of the pellets from the clothes can be entrusted to the old-fashioned method that enjoys great popularity among the people – the machine tool for shaving. Choose a razor, just watch that he was without any additional strips “aloe” or extra blades.

Washed the thing straightened and proceed to the process itself.

Heard a joke about privates and ensign?

— Comrade private Petrov! You shaved today?

— Yes, comrade Lieutenant!

— Next time stand closer to the razor!

You should be, as an ordinary Petrov: with a razor to things do not come close, the blade to drive gently and carefully, so as not to cause irreparable damage to things.

This way we would not recommend for delicate cashmere things and products from egorovoy thread, but why not shave baby wool tights, socks and even a hat?

Reviews say that the razor is very good with rough pellets, if you shave from the throat to the bottom. By the way, to get rid of pilling on the wool tights that are better, if you are shaving, putting on leg.

Method # 5. “Hair removal!”

Well, could not by pass this problem the appliance manufacturers! Seeing the pellets stuck to clothes, they offered a civilized solution to this problem. Your attention is invited to the machine from spools or trimmer.

To the delight of all who look to this method, these special cars, even the more or less well-known companies that are inexpensive – the price above 400 rubles we have not seen. And the average price of a assistant – 180 – 200 roubles.

Feedback about the clippers pellets for the most part positive. With them you can get acquainted below. But before that, let’s look at what is and how works the machine (trimmer) for shearing the pellets?

In appearance the machine resembles a small hair dryer without a nozzle or an electric shaver.

The principle of operation of this device is very simple.

  • A motor hidden in the housing, driven by the fan and blade. On top they are covered with a mesh. Drive circular motions in things, or from above downwards, is as someone comfortable, and the blade cuts the pellets that fall in a special compartment container.
  • The container is easily removed and freed from debris.
  • The first model only worked on AA batteries. More modern batteries that can be recharged from the mains. There are also cars that run from the network.

Choosing a clipper pellets, do not rush to trust advertising “Shops on a sofa” or buy a similar thing in the subway. Although, as the reviews say, and there are some pretty decent options. We offer you to become more familiar with specific models to choose a clipper pellets, which will not spoil your favorite thing.

Machine for removing pilling: reviews

Trimmers for cutting the pellets are very convenient, and in fact do not differ. The difference is that is the color of the body and streamlining parts. Therefore, the main criterion in the selection, according to – ease.

  • Hold in the hands of your chosen machine. If you are comfortable, will look at it closer.
  • The mesh should be small – the blade does not capture the large pellets. Better if it is large or medium.
  • If you plan to make use of a machine, better choose models that operate on battery power. The batteries sit down quickly. Reviews say they lack one big thing. You may not want to frequently spend money on batteries. Although it is possible to use accumulators that are charged.
  • Whether to draw attention to the clear container? . Some say that even interesting to watch how she hated filled with pellets, spoiling the view of your favorite things. And others say that they do not like. So the choice is yours.

Positive reviews:

  • Quickly and cleanly remove the pellets Polaris PLR 2011, Wuzuou SY-2001, Wool Ball Cleaner XL-857.
  • Comfortable to hold in hand Vitek VT-1891 and Clatronic MC-2027.
  • Inexpensive but high-quality Wool Ball Cleaner XL-857.
  • MIG 2 A 600 — class machine. Domestic. Rechargeable. No need to buy batteries.
  • Veselectric VHT-7. The optimal size. Powered by 2 batteries. Medium size container lasts for a long time. There is a cleaning brush. Cheap – 200 rubles.
  • Bojia BJ-677. Copes with all fabrics. Running on battery power. The charge lasts for 30 minutes. Price – around 350 rubles.
  • ENERGY EN-826. Cheap, but very good at his job. Fits comfortably in your hand. Remove the lint on all fabrics: and on hoodies and t-shirts.

And here’s the negative reviews about the clippers pellets, more negative feedback and disadvantages:

  • Clatronic MC-2027, Clatronic MC-2773 – jammed from large spools and slow.
  • Stops when working VES VHT-2.
  • Maxwell MW-3101. Stalled after 2 months. When work produces unpleasant smell.
  • ENERGY GE-707. After six months of work begins to work worse. To save 1 sleeve, you need to spend 30 minutes.

As you can see, there are many ways to remove the pellets. It is possible to manage the means at hand, and it is better to buy the machine from the pellets. They are inexpensive, but the benefits of such things in the economy will unambiguously. After all, things in the pellets look dirty.

And by the slovenliness, as said Coco Chanel, can not be used ever!

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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