How to remove shellac at home with no special fluids: foil and acetone

Shellac conquered many lovers of nail treatments (nail decoration and hands). Coverage lasts up to three weeks (until the nails grow), you’ll be a beautiful gloss, is resistant to mechanical damage. What if it’s time to change the manicure, and the procedure is there, beloved master left for vacation? How to remove shellac at home? It turns out that the procedure can be performed independently without any professional assistance, while not damaging the nails.

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  • 1 How to remove shellac at home: equipment removal
    • 1.1 using foil
    • 1.2 Acetone
  • 2 Tips for maintaining the health and beauty of nails
  • 3 Guidelines for maintenance of the coating
  • 4 Reviews: “Acetone is a great force, only for nails “ice””

Shellac is applied the same technique as the other gel varnishes. But it is not dried in air, and under a special UV lamp. The palette of colors is very large, allowing artists to realize different design ideas. Gel Polish is suitable for both manicure and pedicure. Unlike other products, it is possible to “walk” without frequent interruptions.

How to remove shellac at home: equipment removal

To learn how to remove shellac from nails at home, you need to look at the work of a professional nail artists. In their practice they use the following tools:

  • special liquid to dissolve the coating;
  • disposable wipes for removing nail Polish (sachets-puff);
  • sticks from an orange tree;
  • nail file;
  • means for skin care of hands, cuticles.

This whole set can be replaced with materials at hand. Instead of a special liquid used agent based on acetone. Orange stick is replaced with bamboo or pusher (a metal tool to work with the cuticle). Pusher usually has even the most modest of manicure sets. To remove the shellac yourself, do not need to have disposable bags-sponges. They are easily replaced with the normal cotton pad. For the treatment coverage of the nail will fit almost any nail file-buffs that are available.

Using foil

Features. Before you wipe the shellac at home must first test the solvent. Apply a small amount of liquid on the skin and wait 20-30 minutes. The presence of external manifestations in the form of irritation, redness will speak about allergic reaction.


  • Cut cotton pads in halves. There should be ten pieces.
  • Prepare rectangles of foil. They should be of a size that you can wrap one finger.
  • Each piece of the disc, wetted in a special solvent for gel Polish acetone based. Apply to the nail and wrap with foil.
  • Wait 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Remove with nail “caps” in the order in which they were worn.
  • Carefully remove the “stragglers” lacquer bamboo stick or pusher.
  • After removing the coating of the nail plate may have an uneven surface, so need sanding. It performed by puff-buff.
  • You can quickly remove the shellac at home, if you gently massage the nails under the foil. The coating will “move” more intense. Before you can remove the shellac with foil, it is recommended to protect the skin and cuticles from drying out. You can apply a favorite cream or moisturize normal vaseline. To treatment passed without any damage to the nails after removing it is not recommended to immediately apply a new coating. Better if the nails “breathe” during the day.


    Features. This method, unlike the first, is a little simpler and faster but less forgiving. To remove the shellac without a special liquid, which is used by professionals, with the help of acetone. During the procedure, you can see how it will “go to” Polish and to control the whole process.


  • If there is a tool with the cutter, they cut away the top coating applied to consolidate. Failing this, use a regular nail file for polishing nails.
  • Pick up two containers so that one of them was placed in another. In a large pour hot water down the ear. Immerse a container of acetone in the heated water.
  • Smear hands with a nourishing cream.
  • Drop the fingertips in the solvent after it is heated in a water bath. Keep no more than 20 minutes.
  • After the coating is softened, remove it with a bamboo stick or pusher.
  • If the nails are not erased remnants of paint, then put on these place the pieces of cotton pads soaked in acetone. Wait a couple of minutes.
  • Opolaskivaniem hands and moisturize caring means.
  • It is not recommended to use denatured alcohol or acetone. Liquid can cause injury to the cuticle. Absolutely impossible to apply them and to those who have skin is very sensitive. In this case it is better to refer to the nail technician.Tips for maintaining the health and beauty of nails

    After the treatment the nails can become weak and thin and need special care. Nail plate it is possible to recover the available funds in several stages.

    • Nutrition and hydration. Fit trays made of coconut or olive oil. Nails should be dipped in warmed medium for a few minutes. Then they get wet with paper towels. You need to wait until the excess oil is absorbed. Cosmetic procedure performed through the day to enhance the effect.
    • Whitening. After treatment with solvent, the nails can become yellowish. To lighten them by using lemon juice. In the pulp of the citrus need to submerge the fingertips for three to five minutes.
    • Strengthening. The bath based on sea salt and essential oils.

    For home use you can purchase specialized equipment to care for the nail plates. Suitable products with organic and chemical complexes. It’s pencils, basic coatings, oil and the resuscitators.

    Recommendations for care coverage

    To make the shellac last longer, it is better to try not to wet hands after a manicure or do it very rarely, to use gloves during the process of washing dishes. Fans of “long lasting” nail Polish in their reviews give three more recommendations.

    • If the nails are a bit grown. And there was an empty space at the beginning of the plate, the coating is applied to a conventional fixative lacquer or acrylic powder tools provide an attractive appearance and hide flaws.
    • If the coating begins to “move” around the edges. So, you need to apply from the top all the same finishing tool.
    • If the nails are too long. But the coating is not deteriorated, they can be treated with a nail file-buff to desired size.

    It is not recommended to use shellac more than two or three weeks. After this time it is better to remove it and apply a mask of lacquer. Such pauses will allow you to maintain your nails in good condition.

    To remove shellac from nails in the same way as with the usual is not quite right. To get rid of it “compress” or a bath of solvent not. Products that contain acetone, can damage or even dissolve artificial nails. To remove shellac at home with nails can only be in two ways — cutter or nail file. To work with the first device must have the skills, otherwise you can injure your fingers. The second option is more safe. It is suitable for sawing high rigidity. The procedure itself is rather long.

    Reviews: “Acetone is a great force, only for nails “ice””

    Actually better is a matter of trust the manicurist. If you really can’t wait, then you need to arm yourself with foil and a special tool for removing the coating. Buy professional cosmetics store. Well, then moisten the swab tool is applied to the finger and wrap with foil. For 15-20 minutes left. And you’re done! Shellac should be easy to move without damaging the nail plate. Buy this another stick of wood.


    Acetone is a great force, only for nails or ice. but one time, if the situation is hopeless will not die 🙂 technology in the cabin on a cotton wool and foil. a couple of minutes and all is well stick is removed.


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