How to remove stretch marks on Breasts: during pregnancy, after childbirth, weight loss and adolescents + reviews

Stretch marks on Breasts not harmful, but unsightly covered with uneven strips of leather forced to find a solution to the problem. Modern beauty industry offers a number of methods of struggle with streami. But how to choose a suitable in your case? And how to remove stretch marks on Breasts fast and safely?

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  • 1 Why do I get ugly stripes
  • 2 Role of prevention
    • 2.1 Beauty treatments
    • 2.2 Food
    • 2.3 Sport
    • 2.4 the Right bra
  • 3 How to remove stretch marks on breast: basic techniques
  • 4 Special funds
    • 4.1 the Purchase…
    • 4.2 … and with their hands
    • 4.3 note for pregnant and nursing
  • 5 “Heavy artillery”: the methods of aesthetic medicine
  • 6 Who we helped: reviews

For some women stretch marks on the savory parts of the body that is hidden under clothing, do not cause much concern. However, for ladies who prefer open swimsuits and deep cuts, stretch marks on Breasts cause feelings. But don’t despair, there are several ways to solve the problem.

Why do I get ugly stripes

Striae, or stretch marks, atrophic scars, which are formed after the rupture of dermal fibres. Such education look like stripes of different width and length with jagged edges. First, they can be red, red-bluish, purple or blue, then whitish — such extensions are considered chronic.

Skin fibers are damaged as a result of:

  • stretching of the epidermis;
  • hormonal changes.

Striae on the savory parts of the body can occur after increasing the size of the breast, namely:

  • during pregnancy and lactation — because of the inflow of milk;
  • when weight gain is due to fat deposits in the breast;
  • when losing weight — skin “zalamyvayutsya” due to the reduction of the volume of the breast;
  • with intense sports due to the increase of muscle volume;
  • in the period of puberty in adolescent girls because of the age increase in size of the Breasts.

Some girls notice that appeared on his chest stretching itches. This is normal: so the body signals the damage of skin fibers.The role of prevention

Easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the breast than to deal with striae. To prevent the tearing of skin fibers can help correct care.

Beauty treatments

The first step towards a beautiful skin of the breast included in the daily routine a pleasant cosmetic procedures, the tasks of which are:

  • to maintain the firmness and elasticity of the skin;
  • to nourish and moisturize the epidermis;
  • to intensify the process of regeneration;
  • stimulate blood circulation.

Breast care should include the following minimum procedures.

  • Cosmetics. It is recommended one to two times a day to treat the breast skin nourishing or moisturizing lotion, cream a special purpose. You can use vegetable oil cold pressed small olive, almond.
  • Contrast shower. The procedure tones the skin of the whole body. To start the session is recommended with hot water and finish with cold.
  • Massage. Moisten with olive oil mitten made of cotton and put it on the arm. Light, smooth movements massage the breast. Repeat one to two times a week.


To maintain the elasticity of the epidermis (promote synthesis of skin fibres) to the body with the essential nutrients and vitamins. That is why it is very important to stick to the basics of good nutrition:

  • to include in the diet — more fresh vegetables and fruits, protein foods (meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, beans);
  • to minimize the consumption of fatty, fried, salted, smoked, canned, sweet food, bakery products;
  • to exclude fast food and processed foods.

It is important not to forget about drinking regime: skin hydration, and hence its elasticity depends on the water balance in the body. It is recommended to drink 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day.Sport

The skin condition is largely determined by the muscle tone of the breast. Therefore it is necessary to regularly pay attention optimally organized physical activity. Here are a few exercises that will help maintain the muscles in good shape.

  • The “plank”. You stand in the “bar” and hold this position as long as possible.
  • The “wings”. Stand up straight, feet on width of shoulders, hands along the body. To bring shoulder blades together, stand still for ten seconds and return to starting position. Repeat eight times.
  • “The prayer”. Connect the palms in front of chest, with the force squeezing the hands for five seconds. To execute eight times.

Regular swimming, judging by the reviews, is an excellent preventive measure against stretch marks on Breasts during pregnancy and after childbirth.The right bra

Choosing bra, you should consider two things.

  • Size. It needs to fit chest size: not to press and not RUB, but they fit snugly mammaries;
  • Fabric. It is important that intimate item of clothing was made of natural materials.
  • In some cases, stretch marks on Breasts appear despite preventive measures. This is due to the individual characteristics of the skin, genetic predisposition. What to do in this situation?

    How to remove stretch marks on breast: basic techniques

    Stretch marks should be based on four principles.

  • Quick start. If you are not able to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, to fight against stretch marks on the chest right after they were formed. Fresh streaks of red or red-blue color permeated with capillaries and quite easily treatable. White stretch marks, age more than six months, according to dermatologists, to remove completely fail: it’s only possible to make them maximally invisible.
  • Complexity. The greatest efficiency when working with stretch marks provides simultaneous use of several methods. Thus it is necessary to combine them with proper nutrition and exercise.
  • Individual approach. In finding the right ways to treat stretch marks it’s important to understand the delicate skin of the breast and its own body in General.
  • Regularity and patience. Activities aimed at stretch mark removal, should be performed constantly, not from time to time. The only way to achieve visible results. It is important to understand that the elimination of stretch marks is a long process that takes several months.
  • Special tools

    To cope with the problem of the stretch marks, purchase and home remedies for stretch marks should contain the following basic components:

    • vegetable oils and oil extracts;
    • essential oil;
    • extracts of medicinal plants;
    • hyaluronic acid;
    • vitamins (including retinol, C, E);
    • amino acids.


    It is not easy to choose cream from Stryi on his chest: the modern beauty industry offers a wide range of tools designed to overcome the stretch marks. The table below will help to understand their diversity.

    Table — Purchased remedies for stretch marks

    Creams— Indulgent Body Cream (Avent);
    — MamaComfort;
    — Pregnacare cream (Vitabiotics);
    — Sjlaris (Dr. Nona);
    — Mama (Sanosan);
    — 9 mois (Mustella);
    — Destock (Vichy);
    — Mama (Sanosan)
    — Take a shower;
    — wipe dry;
    — apply the product on areas of your chest, covered with stretch marks;
    — wait for the absorption of funds;
    — to dress;
    — repeat morning and evening
    Lotions— Palmer’s;
    — Reviva
    Oil— Weleda;
    — Frei;
    — Mustela
    — Warm the oil in palms;
    — massaging, apply to the chest;
    — repeat 2-3 times a day
    Scrubs— Body Blendz;
    — Anti-stretch;
    — any body scrub, suitable for sensitive skin
    — While taking a shower to wet the skin of the breast apply the product in circular motions;
    to make massage for 2-3 minutes;
    — rinse the scrub with warm water;
    — repeat at most 1 time per week

    Most remedies for stretch marks for pregnant and new mothers, as it is in the period of carrying a child during breastfeeding more often and stretch marks. However, these products can be used even if stretch marks appeared because of other reasons.

    … and his hands

    Stretch marks on the breast can help and folk remedies. The table below contains information on how to easily make a drug against strii of available products.

    Table — Home remedies for stretch marks on chest

    The name meansRecipeApplication
    Cream— Dissolve 2 g of the mummy in 1-2 teaspoons of boiling water;
    — linking the mixture with 100 g of any fat cream (lotion) for body;
    — wait 20 minutes, stir
    — After shower, apply on stretch marks in a thin layer;
    after two or three hours to take a warm shower;
    — repeat once a day
    — Using a blender or grinder, grind a few leaves of aloe;
    — combine 2 tablespoons of the resulting pulp with 4 tablespoons of honey;
    — inject 0.5 teaspoon of wheat germ oil
    — Massaging movements RUB into the skin of the breast;
    — after 20 minutes take a warm shower;
    — repeat 1-2 times a day
    Oil— Melt on a steam bath 2 tablespoons of coconut oil;
    — add 2 tablespoons of olive oil;
    — to introduce a teaspoon of oil of wheat germ
    Heat in the palms of required quantity of the mixture;
    — to do breast massage;
    — to repeat one or two times a day
    Scrub— Grind in coffee grinder coffee bean;
    — 2 tablespoons of powder to combine with 2 tablespoons of almond oil
    — Take a warm shower;
    — on wet skin, apply scrub;
    to make massage;
    — rinse with warm water;
    — repeat once a week (for sensitive skin — once in 8-10 days)
    — Mix 2 tablespoons of ground Hercules with 1 egg white;
    — add 4 tablespoons of sour cream

    Cosmetic products will help to reduce red stretch marks on Breasts. Use them in combination with massage and contrast shower.Note for pregnant and nursing

    Using cosmetic products to remove stretch marks on breast during pregnancy and lactation, you need to:

    • pre-consult a doctor;
    • do not use products containing esters;
    • discontinue use if you experience the slightest of reactions;
    • read the user manual: the product must be hypoallergenic, without dyes and fragrances;
    • to prevent contact with the mouth baby.

    “Heavy artillery”: the methods of aesthetic medicine

    Make subtle old stretch marks will help to more radical methods — professional beauty treatments. Using the table, you can compare the technique of skin exposure, and contraindications to various procedures.

    Table — Radical methods of removing stretch marks on Breasts

    NameThe essence of the procedureContraindications
    Chemical peels— Skin is treated with an acidic composition;
    — the skin gets a burn, which stimulates the renewal of tissues
    — Individual intolerance to the components of the composition;
    — infectious diseases (including herpes);
    — Oncology;
    — pathology of the cardiovascular system;
    — pregnancy and lactation;
    — dermatological diseases;
    — damage of the skin;
    — high temperature;
    — the use of certain medications
    Mesotherapy— Injected biologically active components and amino acids, under the action of which aktiviziruyutsya metabolic and regenerative processes— Pregnancy and lactation;
    — Oncology;
    — infectious diseases;
    — cholelithiasis;
    — pathology of blood
    Ozone therapyIn the affected areas of skin injected ozone-oxygen compound that
    destroys fibrous tissue
    — The period of menstruation;
    therapy of some drugs;
    stroke in anamnesis;
    — epilepsy;
    — the tendency to convulsions;
    — heart diseases;
    — alcohol poisoning;
    — bleeding;
    — violations of blood clotting;
    — disease of thyroid;
    — diabetes;
    — hypoglycemia;
    — pancreatitis;
    — idiosyncrasy
    Laser resurfacingLaser destroys connective tissue in places the gap of skin fibers;
    — the site of action appears burn, after healing which the epidermis is renewed
    — Intense fresh sun;
    — pregnancy and lactation;
    — inflammation of the skin;
    — Oncology;
    diseases of endocrine, hematopoietic and cardiovascular systems
    Microdermabrasion— Perform mechanical exfoliation, in which the solid particles are fed by a jet of directed air and exfoliate destructive tissue

    Intense exposure to the breast can cause the appearance of tumors, dangerous to health. Some doctors believe the removal of stretch marks on Breasts with laser unacceptable.

    Thinking about how to get rid of stretch marks on Breasts, you need to remember that health is above all. Stretch marks is only a cosmetic defect, therefore, for its elimination it is not always necessary to go on a radical path. If you still are determined to use the tools of aesthetic medicine, please consult with your doctor, evaluate the risk of side effects, responsibly approach the choice of the clinic.

    Who we helped: reviews

    Good day, ladies! stumbled upon this topic, of interest selectively read. I drove the stretch marks laser 2 times. stretch marks on my breast, there was about 12 years old, huge, horrible! first time did Fraxel — complete nonsense, healed fast, but not particularly helpful. I was disappointed and threw it away. several years passed, and 30 I hit to bring them again (turns out the stretch marks I have are very old) I did the usual laser resurfacing….girls, it was awful!!! I had such a terrible silneyshiy burn, it’s just a nightmare! all burst, flowed the ichor, I smeared cream “bepanten” and “panthenol” — just a tube a day!!! cursing the day and hour — why I did it….and then went again to the pharmacy for another cream from the burn, and I the pharmacist was advised after laser procedures “sinolift” — production of Poland, was worth somewhere 400 rubles — it helped me so! it’s a miracle! in General, heal long 4 months, but the cream helped me a lot! though stretch marks completely I have not gone but they became much more discreet, so I advise — the main thing — then proper care of the treated surfaces.


    I did microdermabrasion a few times (skin resurfacing) and regularly contrast shower. But the best of the tested creams-gels proved to be the Cream of Collistar. Pleasant and convenient in all respects. The condition of the chest is much improved, but the way it was prior to GW, she, unfortunately, did not… good Luck to You and do all the procedures as soon as possible, because it is believed that the lines of rehabilitation of the skin of the breast 3 years after childbirth.


    Rubbed chest and stomach cream is Our Mother… the Smell is pleasant, absorbs easily.. but the result is special not see. The stomach is OK (I have it in principle, not very big), here is the right breast all the stretch marks:((. So most likely from nature is not going anywhere. But oil is Johnson’s baby and the truth I like more stretching as if shrink a little.


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