How to remove stretch marks on butt, thighs and legs: folk and professional tools

The need to appear in a swimsuit makes you wonder about how to remove stretch marks on butt and thighs — parts of the body that are usually hidden under clothing. What workarounds are there?

Anastasia Pavlova 01 Nov 2017108

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  • 1 How to avoid the appearance of unsightly streaks
    • 1.1 Cosmetic procedures
    • 1.2 sports
  • 2 3 pillars of effective stretch marks
  • 3 How to remove existing stretch marks on the butt: fresh and old
    • 3.1 External funds
    • 3.2 Wraps
    • 3.3 Water treatment
    • 3.4 Methods of aesthetic medicine
  • 4 Reviews: “They have not disappeared completely, but become much less noticeable”

On the hips, buttocks and legs stretch marks occur infrequently, but it happens. Why is this happening? Doctors call stretch marks striae and note that the embossed stripes on the body are not the disease: they do not cause pain and does not affect the functioning of the body. Stretch marks are formed due to the rupture of dermal fibres. Damaged areas of the body “repairs” by building connective tissue. Outwardly, it looks like bands on the body in various lengths and widths. Scientists name two factors that cause the rupture of dermal fibres:

  • stretching of the epidermis;
  • hormonal disturbances.

The main causes of stretch marks on butt and legs:

  • weight gain — the skin is stretched due to fat deposits in the buttocks and thighs;
  • weight loss — fiber rush, wringing the folds;
  • intense exercise — the body volume increase due to the rapid growth of muscle mass;
  • adolescence — leather “has no time” for active changes in the body (most often stretch marks on the buttocks and thighs appear in adolescent girls because of the age transformations of the hip bone);
  • pregnancy in women increase in the volume of the thighs and buttocks, that provokes the appearance of stretch marks, but most often during childbearing and lactation, stretch marks are formed in the abdomen and chest;
  • diseases associated with metabolic disorders — metabolic disorders fails of the synthesis of skin fibers.

How to avoid the appearance of unsightly streaks

Stretch mark prevention is the most effective method of dealing with them. In a set of preventive measures includes: the use of special cosmetics and beauty treatments, the correct exercise.

Beauty treatments

Maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the buttocks and legs, can prevent the emergence of stretch marks. Each method of exposure specified in the table solves the problem. Their combination has a more pronounced effect.

Table — Beauty treatment for the prevention of stretch marks

The use of cosmetics— Hydration;
— amount of vitamins and nutrients;
— intensification of regeneration processes;
— stimulate the synthesis of elastin fibers and collagen
— 1-2 times per night to treat the skin with special creams, lotions, oils (homemade and store-bought)
Douche— Normalization of microcirculation of blood;
— acceleration of metabolic processes;
— increased tone
— Take a contrast shower
(starting with hot water, ending with cold)
Massage— Intensification of regeneration processes;
— stimulation of blood flow
— Regularly massage the skin susceptible to stretch marks, pinch and Pat (use vegetable oils cold-pressed)

All three procedures together: after a contrast shower you can handle the skin appropriate cosmetic medium, combining its use with massage. Among the store of drugs for the prevention of stretch marks popular: Indulgent Body Cream (Avent), Mama (Son), 9 mois (Mustella), “Bepanthol”. Also suitable for this purpose, olive, almond, peach oil.Sports

Skin tone depends on the tone of the muscles, to support which will help optimally organized physical activity. Here are some simple but effective exercises for the muscles of the lower body.


  • Stand straight, feet together, hands on hips.
  • Bending his right leg to make a step forward, stand still for 10-20 seconds and return to starting position.
  • Repeat for the left leg.
  • Make five to ten times.
  • Squats

  • To put feet on width of shoulders, hands to link behind his head.
  • Slowly squat as long as the legs are bent at a 90°angle.
  • To occupy its original position.
  • Repeat five to ten times. Perform two to three sets.
  • During the movement of the calf to keep fit, to enhance efficiency.
  • Leg lifts

  • On his knees, to rest your palms on the floor.
  • Pull the right leg and lift it parallel to the floor.
  • To take the starting position.
  • Repeat on the other leg.
  • Do five to ten repetitions.
  • Leg swings

  • In a vertical position keep hands on waist.
  • Perform five to ten swings each leg alternately.
  • Not bent at the knee.
  • The first thing to do swings forward and backward, then sideways.
  • Jumping rope will also help to support the muscles of the legs and buttocks in shape.3 pillars of effective stretch marks

    Is it possible to get rid of already existing stretch marks on legs and hips? Yes, but to eliminate stretch marks should be based on three positions.

  • Timely initiation of treatment. First, on the buttocks, thighs and feet appear red stretch marks. They then become purple, blue or pink these stretch marks are easiest to rid of. About six months later, after the death of the capillaries, the lines whitish and are considered chronic. Treatment of white stretch marks on the butt, legs and thighs long, to fully correct the defect, as a rule, fails. It’s only possible to make stretch marks unnoticeable.
  • The use of multiple methods. Only the complex of measures will help to achieve good results in the treatment of stretch marks.
  • Regularity. Stretch marks requires a systematic approach: resorting to the following ways from time to time, do not count on a good effect.
  • Quickly remove stretch marks on thighs, legs and buttocks will not work: it is a long process, so you need to be patient.How to remove existing stretch marks on the butt: fresh and old

    Fresh stretch marks on the buttocks and thighs can be removed at home. This is evidenced by numerous testimonials from those who managed to restore skin smoothness.

    External funds

    To eliminate stretch marks can use to purchase products specifically designed for this purpose. To use any means necessary, following the instructions. Most often, the use of such products is subject to the algorithm of three steps.

  • Take a shower and wipe dry.
  • Lubricate the skin with stretch marks drug.
  • Wait for complete absorption.
  • Repeat two times per night for several months.

    Instead of store-bought products you can use self-made tools, the recipes for which are given in the table.

    Table — Folk remedy for stretch marks

    Massage oil— On a steam bath to combine coconut oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter (2 tablespoons);
    — stir in a teaspoon of oil of wheat germ;
    — to enrich the composition of the 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil
    — After a shower to massage the buttocks and thighs, rubbed between the palms with a little oil;
    — after 20-30 minutes again to take a warm shower;
    — repeat 1-2 times a week
    CreamTo connect with 50 ml of aloe juice with 100 ml of olive oil;
    — enter 4 capsules of vitamin E and 6 capsules of vitamin A
    Daily to treat areas of skin with stretch marks
    Scrub— Mix 2 tablespoons of cane sugar and ground coffee beans;
    — add 1 tablespoon of almond and olive oils;
    — to introduce a teaspoon of oil of wheat germ
    — On wet skin, apply and massage;
    — leave on for 2-3 minutes;
    — rinse with warm water;
    — repeat once a week

    Before using any means necessary allergotest. Need to apply a little product on my elbow. If the skin is not found adverse reactions (dryness, peeling, irritation), the drug can be used.


    Thinking about how to get rid of stretch marks on butt, thighs and legs, do not forget about the simple procedures that can easily be done at home. For example, many girls are practicing wraps with a variety of therapeutic compositions:

    • vegetable oil — cold pressed, heated on a steam bath;
    • the mixture of oils — vegetable (two tablespoons) and essential (two or three drops) of oil;
    • clay paste — two tablespoons of cosmetic clay powder mixed with equal quantity of water;
    • Apple cider vinegar — diluted in the ratio 1:1 with water.

    When the body pack is ready, you can begin the procedure. It consists of six steps.

  • Take a shower, after massaging fully problem areas with a scrub or a hard sponge.
  • Apply on buttocks and thighs the prepared mixture.
  • Wrap treated area with plastic wrap.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Soak 40-60 minutes under a blanket.
  • Take a warm shower, apply to skin and leave drug from stretch marks.
  • If the composition wrapping is an essential oil, the duration of treatment should be no more than a quarter of an hour. Repeat the procedure recommended through the day. Full course — 12 sessions. For the treatment of stretch marks will need as far as courses.

    Wraps is contraindicated in the following conditions:

    • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
    • varicose veins;
    • pregnancy and lactation;
    • individual intolerance of the components of the composition;
    • high temperature;
    • unwell;
    • gynaecological pathologies;
    • diseases of the skin;
    • infections;
    • Oncology;
    • diseases of the endocrine system.

    Water treatment

    Skin tone and resilience of the epidermis will enhance the bath.

    • Fragrant bath. In a tablespoon of honey, sea salt or milk to introduce five to eight drops of essential oil of peppermint, lavender or juniper. Dissolving the mixture in a warm water bath.
    • Salty bath. Mix half a Cup of Himalayan, English, and sea salt, add half Cup dried herbs (lavender and calendula, mixed in equal proportions). The composition put in a cloth bag and dipped in warm water.

    Bath from stretch marks it is recommended to take 15-20 minutes, carrying out the procedure every day. Be sure that during the session the chest is located above the water level.

    Massage and contrast shower in combination with other procedures will also speed up the process of getting rid of stretch marks. But the massage should not be too intense, it will only exacerbate the situation.Methods of aesthetic medicine

    In severe cases, to cope with the old streami will help radical methods, which is impossible to do at home. Below is a brief overview of the most popular procedures:

    • mesotherapy subcutaneous administration of biological agents that accelerate the synthesis of collagen and elastin and stimulating the regeneration;
    • laser resurfacing — affected areas prizhivayutsya laser, the skin gets a burn that starts the process of recovery of the epidermis;
    • chemical peel — the affected areas are treated with an acid that activates the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates the regeneration;
    • ozone therapy — injection ozone-oxygen mixture, stimulating skin renewal.

    Methods of aesthetic medicine have contraindications, including pregnancy and lactation. Such procedures can cause side effects. They are traumatic, therefore prior doctor’s consultation is required.

    To fight with stretch marks on legs, thighs and buttocks in different ways, both in the home and in the office of a cosmetologist. The choice of a suitable method should be based on the individual characteristics of the skin and body as a whole.

    Reviews: “They have not disappeared completely, but become much less noticeable”

    Guys, this problem I am also affected, the first stretch marks appeared at the age of 12 and 14 tried to bring them conducting a course of ampoules Lierac, though smeared not every day, initially the result is not particularly noticed, then in the summer tried to get a tan (stretch marks were located on the calf), by the age of 16 stretch marks are completely gone, not smoothed out and it disappeared, legs became clean, nice, in 18 years, a pregnancy, 6 months have gone stretch marks on the thighs and on 8-month calf was covered with a lot of streami Burgundy-purple color! Beginning urgently to smear legs concentrate Mustela, wiped out about 6 puzyrikov, what can I say, I think the result is not worse than any dermabrasion and peels, but they did not disappear completely, but become much less noticeable, but as it turned out this is only valid for the calf, but the thighs… absolutely nothing, just white, and the size is the same =((


    After pregnancy, stretch marks appear on buttocks and thighs! went for a massage and did a wrap. Yes, it took volume, the skin became firmer, cellulite but no stretch marks this does not work, as it was and left! the second test was mesotherapy and peeling the result is the same-the skin is good for stretch marks-nothing! and the last thing was the laser! almost 100% removed stretch marks what is left is actually only visible to me!!! so do yourself a favor, go immediately to the laser!


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