How to remove stretch marks on the body: cosmetics and treatments to treat stretch marks on the back, stomach and arms

Although it is said that small physical flaws, no one pays attention, the appearance on the skin of bands of relief forces the girls to send the public a swimsuit on the far shelf. But do not despair: it is better to think about how to remove stretch marks on the body quickly and efficiently.

Anastasia Pavlova 01 Nov 201752

The content of the article

  • 1 stretch marks and their causes
  • 2 Prevention: 3 sessions in 2 steps
  • 3 How to remove old and fresh stretch marks on different parts of the body
  • 4 folk and professional cosmetics
    • 4.1 Scrub
    • 4.2 massage blend
    • 4.3 Cream
  • 5 Wraps
  • 6 Beauty bath
    • 6.1 Fragrant
    • 6.2 Herbal
    • 6.3 Salt
  • 7 pitfalls of home treatment
  • 8 office specialist: radical methods
  • 9 features of treatment during pregnancy and lactation
  • 10 Reviews and results

About 70% of the world population has on the body striae. To get rid of stretch marks many people want. And demand creates supply, a huge number of cosmetic products and procedures, hope for a speedy recovery of the skin. But how not to get lost in all this variety?

Stretch marks and their causes

The mechanism of formation of stretch marks, called by physicians streami known for a long time. After a break up skin fibers damaged “stapled” connective tissue, and the body appears wavy stripes with uneven edges of different lengths and widths. Why the skin fibers — elastin and collagen are broken? Scientists distinguish two factors:

  • stretching of the epidermis;
  • hormonal disruptions.

This can happen:

  • in the period of pregnancy increases when the stomach and chest;
  • with weight fluctuations — speed dial extra pounds or weight, as the skin does not have time to adapt to changes in the volume;
  • in a period of intense physical activity — the epidermis is stretched more slowly than increases lean muscle mass;
  • adolescents — active period of growth involves the transformation of the skeleton and other body changes, for which the skin does not have time (teenage adjustment as the primary cause of stretch marks on the back, and girls stretch marks can form on the hips and chest);
  • metabolic disorders — there is a failure in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the skin becomes inelastic and “breaks”.

Stretch marks appear on different parts of the body:

  • back — in adolescents and athletes;
  • on the abdomen when excess weight and losing weight, pregnant women;
  • on hand — with body fat, in sportsmen;
  • on the chest — during pregnancy and lactation, with a rapid increase in muscle mass, in adolescent girls, for excess weight;
  • on the thighs and buttocks — the sudden change in weight, athletes in adolescence, and rarely in pregnancy.

Prevention: 3 sessions in 2 steps

It is easier to prevent the appearance of stretch marks than to deal with them. Stretch mark prevention is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • hydration of the skin;
  • providing the epidermis with nutrients and vitamins;
  • acceleration of regeneration processes;
  • intensification of microcirculation;
  • stimulation of the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

To solve these problems, you can do all three routines, which can be done in two steps.

  • Contrast shower. To start the session you should with hot water and finish with cold.
  • The application of nourishing products + massage. RUB between the palms cosmetic product intended for the prevention of stretch marks, and massage and pinch and Pat the areas of the body prone to stretch marks.
  • As a prophylactic drug can be used:

    • cosmetics to nourish and moisturize the skin of the body;
    • cosmetics for the prevention of stretch marks;
    • vegetable cold pressed oil (e.g. olive).

    To enhance the effect of times a week, it is desirable to develop stretch areas of the body scrub. The product is available for purchase, and you can do with your hands, mix two tablespoons of ground coffee beans with an equal volume of olive oil or shower gel.

    Skin tone depends on the state of the muscle corset, so rational physical activity is an important step for the prevention of stretch marks. It is necessary to choose a feasible exercise for those areas of the body on which striae can appear regularly to follow them.How to remove old and fresh stretch marks on different parts of the body

    Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks on the body, if not able to prevent their appearance? Despite the fact that the answer to this question is affirmative, you should consider a few things, if we try to cure striae.

    • To act without delay. Pink, red-bluish, purple striae are considered to be fresh — they can be eliminated quite easily. After about six months, the pale bands on the body due to the natural dying out of the capillaries. To remove old stretch marks completely does not work: it is possible only to make them less noticeable.
    • To combine different methods. The use of several methods to combat striae, greatly increases the chances of success.
    • Don’t stop. The elimination of stretch marks is a long process, so you should have patience. It may take a few months to achieve visible results. The procedures should be used regularly, not from time to time.

    Folk and professional cosmetics

    Treatment of fresh stretch marks on the skin can be done at home. For stretch marks can be influenced by the use of cosmetics. The easiest way to go to the store and purchase specially designed to combat stretch marks product. Judging by the reviews, it is well established following products:

    • creams — Mama (Son), 9 mois (Mustella), “Bepanthol”;
    • lotion — Palmer’s;
    • oil — Weleda, Frei;

    Effective against stretch marks, and folk remedies.


  • Mix in equal proportions of sea salt and finely ground cane sugar.
  • Add as much olive oil to the resulting mass had the consistency of paste.
  • Apply to wet skin with stretch marks and massage it, after two-three minutes rinse with warm water.
  • Repeat once a week.
  • Massage blend

  • Melt on a steam bath and a tablespoon of Shea butter.
  • Mix with a teaspoon of oil of sprouts of wheat and a tablespoon of almond oil.
  • Used to massage the problem areas.
  • Cream

  • Dissolve 4 g of the mummy in a tablespoon of boiled water and combine the mixture with 100 g of baby cream (will fit any body lotion).
  • Let stand quarter-hour and stir.
  • Apply to problem areas each evening after a shower.
  • Wash off after two or three hours.
  • Wraps

    Quickly remove stretch marks on arms, thighs and stomach will help wraps. As a therapeutic mixture, you can use:

    • any unrefined vegetable oil is cold pressed;
    • cream with mumie (see recipe above);
    • diluted with water or oil to the consistency of paste cosmetic clay;
    • liquid honey.

    To enhance the effectiveness of the mixture for the wraps can be enriched with essential oil (one-two drops in two tablespoons of the composition). In the fight against stretch marks well established aromatic extraction:

    • lavender;
    • neroli;
    • Mandarin;
    • rosemary;
    • juniper;
    • incense.

    Also for the procedure will need a roll of plastic food wrap, loose clothes and a warm blanket. The procedure is performed in eight stages.

  • Take a warm shower or bath.
  • Massage the problem areas with a scrub or a hard sponge.
  • Rinse with clean water, wipe dry.
  • Areas of the body with stretch marks lubricate the prepared composition.
  • To wrap the treated areas with cling film.
  • Wear loose clothing and lie down for 40-60 minutes under a warm blanket.
  • To take a shower.
  • Lubricate the skin of stretch marks cream or any other nutrient.
  • The full course includes body wraps 12 sessions, to resort to which are recommended through the day.

    Beauty baths

    Relaxing treatment will improve skin elasticity and speed up the process of eliminating stretch marks. Duration of procedure — 15-20 minutes. The most effective cosmetic courses bath, consisting of 10-12 sessions, conduct which is recommended in a day.


  • In warm water bath add five to eight drops of essential oil, suitable for fighting with streami.
  • Pre-scented product must be mixed with a tablespoon of sea salt, honey or milk, or oil will not dissolve in water.
  • Herbal

  • Tablespoon of peppermint pour a liter of boiling water and stand on a steam bath for ten minutes.
  • Filter and pour into a warm water bath.
  • Salt

  • To prepare a salt bath, you need to mix 500 g of sea salt with 100 ml of any vegetable oil is cold pressed.
  • Brewed with 200 g of dry kelp liter of boiling water, after a quarter of an hour to filter.
  • Infusion along with salt mix to dissolve in the warm water tub.
  • Remaining after manufacture of infusion kelp wrap in small piece of cheesecloth and also lower into the water.
  • The pitfalls of home treatment

    Despite the fact that homemade methods of dealing with stretch marks are considered safe, you must observe safety precautions.

    • To consult a doctor. To exclude contraindications to the procedures, especially in the presence of chronic diseases, skin disorders.
    • To hold allergotest. Before applying you should check the skin reaction to a cosmetic including the composition for body wraps. For this you need to apply a little product onto the crease of the elbow. If not found adverse reactions (peeling, burning, irritation), you can use it.
    • To consider possible contraindications. In some cases, the use of cosmetic procedures dangerous for your health. It can intensify symptoms of existing diseases, exacerbate.

    At the table, you can determine the list of contraindications for the use of certain procedures.

    Table — Contraindications home treatments against stretch marks

    Wraps— Individual sensitivity to the components of the composition;
    — pregnancy and lactation;
    — high temperature;
    — poor health;
    — diseases of the vessels and the heart;
    — gynecological diseases;
    — critical days;
    — dermatological diseases;
    — Oncology;
    — varicose veins;
    — diabetes;
    — hypertension
    Beauty baths— Individual intolerance to medical additives;
    — fever;
    — poor health;
    — cardiovascular diseases;
    some dermatological and gynecological diseases

    With caution and only after consulting a doctor: pregnancy and lactation

    Taking a bath to stretch out, to make sure that the chest was located above the water level.

    Office specialist: radical methods

    Old stretch marks can be dealt with at home, but severe cases have to go to the beautician. Modern medicine offers several methods that can make stretch marks unnoticeable.

    • a chemical peel applied to the skin acids “eat away” the damaged epidermis and stimulate the processes of regeneration and production of elastin and collagen;
    • ozone therapy — using the injection of ozone-oxygen compound that stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells, helping it to recover;
    • laser resurfacing — laser beam “burns” atrofirovany cells and stimulates the growth of new;
    • mesotherapy in problem areas of the skin are introduced (often injecting) a biologically active substance that triggers the process of skin renewal;
    • microdermabrasion — a kind of mechanical grinding, by which the removed tissue destructive.

    Each of these procedures has a number of contraindications, which you need to carefully read. Also it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the feasibility and safety of the chosen method.Treatment during pregnancy and lactation

    In the first months of pregnancy (and preferably for two to three months before conception), you need to start caring for skin with the help of specially designed tools. Well established:

    • MamaComfort;
    • Indulgent Body Cream (Avent);
    • 9 mois (Mustella);
    • Mama (Sanosan);
    • Destock (Vichy).

    Contrast shower and massage, as well as physical exertion should be applied only after consultation with your doctor. In some cases, even despite all the measures taken for the prevention of stretch marks after birth can still occur. You need to immediately begin their treatment. To fight with stretch marks on stomach after birth using the above home methods. However, you need to:

    • consult a doctor;
    • to abandon the use of essential oils;
    • avoid contact with cosmetics within the mouth of the baby;
    • discontinue product use if you experience adverse events.

    The above-described methods of aesthetic medicine during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated. If the time to start working with the stretch marks while they’re still fresh, you can prevent the need for recourse to the doctor-cosmetician.

    A definite answer to the question of how to get rid of stretch marks on the body as efficiently as possible, no. The choice of an appropriate method depends on the “age” of stretch marks, and the individual characteristics of the organism, and the financial capacity. One thing is for sure: define ways of solving the problem is to rely on the advice of doctors, common sense, and to examine the responses of women who were able to overcome the problem.

    Reviews and results

    With the onset of pregnancy, began to read the reviews in the Internet about a cream for stretch marks. For me the main thing that the price was not exorbitant, and that was really the effect. If something is praised, it was worth the funds for a few thousand rubles for a tube. But cream you need to use for a long time, at least from the fourth month to start, and while breast-feeding, and suggest that from the beginning of pregnancy to the skin everywhere to prepare and moisturize. This is how much money to spend on these expensive and active cream, mother dear!!!

    The cream is AVENT in this case. Really works! All the advice! Helps the skin to properly prepare and be pliable to enable it without consequences, without striae, stretch out and harden back up! Advice from experienced dermatologists and cosmetologists for this reason, it is important that the composition from the stretch were:

    1. Moisturizing oils of natural origin (preferably Shea butter);
    2. Useful to support healthy skin extracts from marine algae;
    3. If there is composed of collagen, generally excellent;
    4. Fewer chemicals if you are pregnant, ie, so it means hypoallergenic and suitable for pregnant women before and after childbirth (lactation)…


    Girls, for a start I will say that stretch marks can be defeated at home, and very quickly, checked on personal experience… I’ll Start with what I noticed, then came the stretch marks on my stomach, I was very disappointed and I decided I will lose weight, they’ll shrink and they won’t be seen.. Ha what a fool I was))) And I still barely lost weight over the year by 20 kg, but I did not bring my stretch marks turned into SOMETHING. It is clear they have already turned white, but at a glance it looked awful, and feels even more so((( I’m just not stayed, and various creams and vaunted mummy but visible results no-Cho did not give, I am desperate… And then I read the recipe wraps, tummy tuck, and the way it was written that the stretch marks will help, but I don’t really even noticed… started to do wraps and on day 3 went to the mirror…. and no stretch marks, but of course they are not lost, just compared to what it was – they were almost not visible, I am elated continued the course which consists of 6 days, and now they do not see, a pair of wide left, until the next course… that’s a wrap for the tummy tuck helped to stretch out… Sorry for the verbosity, write the recipe: Honey −1s. L. – liquid, but when it will melt, not much heat and it will lose its properties; Tincture of pepper – 2 tsp; 1 S. L. Clay – any clay, I used red, but along the way it was painted. And under the film 2 – 4 hours. Not too warmed – honey don’t love the HEAT… I HOPE SOMEONE will HELP)))

    The Valkyrie

    Last year took a course (15 sessions) ozone therapy, the main goal was to remove stretch marks left after giving birth, and they were very old more than 8 years. I had the injection in the abdomen, chest, thighs and sides. Cellulite removed very well, I postrhinal, the skin became more smooth, stretch marks on the belly declined by 30%. The procedure went 2 times a week, and all 2 months of therapy I was like inflated, constantly crunched under the skin, and due to the fact that I each stretch was introduced ozone, and even in spots was due to perforation of the skin with a needle. I was very hurt, just hurt like hell. And now a year later I decided to repeat the course, the pain is forgotten, memories of a beautiful skin without cellulite. Today decided to repeat the course, took a picture of my stretch marks, I drank a pill of Advil an hour before the procedure and took a painkilling spray. After ozone therapy has made it even mesotherapy, as saying that the effect will be better. The goal is now to reduce stretch marks on hips and the whole thing Uttagsautomat. Can’t put the top 5, because it is very painful, and secondly because only about 30% gets rid stretch marks, well try to repeat in combination with mesotherapy, sports, and collagen in.

    Natalia Allavdina,

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