How to remove the yellowness from the hair after dyeing: a review of national and professional tools

To turn from the burning brunette to delicate blonde, though not easy, but possible. However, often hard-won “platinum” color is yellowish and turns into “something”. How to remove the yellowness from the hair after dyeing, to get rid of the pesky “chicken effect” and to achieve the perfect shade blond style?

Alena Emets 13 Aug 2017252

The content of the article

  • 1 4 causes of yellowing
    • 1.1 Bad paint
    • 1.2 Errors in the procedure
    • 1.3 Improper rinsing
    • 1.4 Native dark color
  • 2 How to remove the yellowness from the hair: 10 secrets of the people’s
    • 2.1 Honey mask
    • 2.2 Yogurt mask
    • 2.3 Revnivaja mask
    • 2.4 Citric-acid mask
    • 2.5 Tea rinse
    • 2.6 Soda mask
    • 2.7 the Mask of onion peel
    • 2.8 the Mask of hydrogen peroxide
    • 2.9 Mask with aspirin
  • 3 7 professional
  • 4 Reviews: “If you want to lighten one or two tones — drugstore peroxide!”

The same paint, the same master — and the result is different the girls are completely different. What is the problem? Human hair contains a unique natural pigment. To predict what will be the reaction of the pigment to the dye, it is impossible. So the hairdressers before lightening or bleaching always warn: “in Order to obtain the desired color, you may need not one, but several staining procedures”. One painting can get rid of is that natural blondes with the help of a salon, I just want to correct natural color, give it some shade. All the rest are doomed to the search for effective tools and techniques, removes the yellow tinge from the hair.

Natural blond on Earth is extremely small — only 1.8% of the total population of the planet. They can be found among the representatives of different Nations and races. But the “rich” blondes are considered Europeans.4 causes of yellowing

Before — literally and figuratively — to plunge into the study of the ways of dealing with the “chicken effect” on his own hair, you should understand the reasons for its occurrence. This is, firstly, to avoid mistakes in the future. And secondly, will help to choose the most effective method of solving the problem. The reviews of those who were faced with this complexity by narrowing the search to just four points.

Bad paint

Why is the painting in the cabin, as a rule, ends with the appearance of the desired color on the hair, and lightening in the home almost always ends on a shameless victory yellow? Because home coloring girls choose amateurish funds and commit grave mistakes:

  • don’t look at the shelf life of the paint;
  • buy cheap tools;
  • do not read the composition and the manufacturer’s recommendations on the packaging.

Not to seek an answer to the question of how to bring out the yellowness from the hair, its better not to skimp on the paint. You should consult with a professional even if you stubbornly going to turn into a blond beauty not in the Studio, and at home in the bathroom.Error in procedure

Adherence to the algorithm of coloration, and timing of each individual step has not been canceled. For example, the duration of the staining in each case is different. It depends on what your original hair color. But homegrown artists often do not attach much importance to these requirements. The result is sad: instead of ash or Golden brown color on the head there one which wants to get rid of.

Improper rinsing

Hard to imagine, but improper rinsing may cause unsatisfactory result. Immediately after the procedure, our hair becomes defenseless. At this point, the hair is stronger than ever, influenced by external factors. In the process disclosed in rinsing the hair scales can get dust and other impurities contained in the water from the tap. Once inside the hair structure, they enter into chemical reaction, which leads to the fact that even a properly painted head after shampooing will find unexpected color.

Not to think about how to remove the yellowness from the hair after bleaching should
wash off the paint with exceptionally clean waters. It may be mineral or filtered.”Native” dark color

Most often with the problem how to get rid of yellow hair after bleaching face those who before staining was dark (or even black). Dark pigment differs unprecedented power. It is extremely difficult to defeat: often with yellowness, the resulting clarification of dark hair, not able to handle even the most efficient professional and folk remedies.

Therefore, the brunettes definitely need to consult with a specialist. And if the hairdresser will give the nod to the transformation, you need to ask in advance, what kind of paint will have to remove the yellowing at the roots when hair will start to grow. If you choose to use at your discretion, the base of the hair can change shades from red to lemon.

It is important to understand that dark hair turn into hair color blond reusable by lightening. Here the repeated bleaching leads to damage the hair structure:

  • hair is depleted from the inside;
  • strands begin to fall;
  • changing the type of hair.

Therefore, in the pursuit of fashion podumayte, and is the game worth the candle?

How to remove the yellowness from the hair: 10 secrets of the people’s

How to remove the yellowness from the hair at home? Do not rush to put new chemical blows to the head and repainted. Natural homemade mask will help get rid of the “chicken effect”, although not instantly, not the first time. Most of the proposed masks are not able to cause hair damage, so they are allowed to apply every two to three days.

Honey mask

Features. Honey mask — LP: it is applied for a period of from one hour to three. The first time to evaluate its effectiveness, you can hold the tool head 60 minute. If the effect will like it and will be noticeable, the two day procedure is repeated, leaving the mask for three hours or so — depending on available free time.

The algorithm is cooking

  • Organize a water bath.
  • Drown it to the Cup (or a little more depending on hair length) of fresh honey.
  • Dip each strand in warm honey.
  • Wrap the curls with foil to hold the mask to give the sweet remedy to drain.
  • To enhance the effect of home treatments carried out in the water for rinsing is to add the broth revnivykh leaves or lemon juice.Yogurt mask

    Features. Plain yogurt is a great clarifier, capable of multiple procedures efficiently whiten strands. To prepare the mask from yogurt will need just a few ingredients. They usually have in the kitchen, the modern housewife.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • 50 ml yogurt heat in a wide pan.
  • Add four teaspoons of vodka.
  • There also send two teaspoons of shampoo that suits your hair and which you use constantly.
  • Add to the mixture 50 ml of lemon juice in high concentrations.
  • Stir and beat one egg.
  • After obtaining a uniform mix put on your head and cover with a cellophane and warm towel.
  • After two or three hours the mask is washed off using filtered water or mineral water.
  • Revnivaja mask

    Features. Revnivaja mask — one of the answers to the question of how to remove the yellowness from highlighted hair. The tool is based on glycerin and powder obtained by grinding the dry root of rhubarb.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Using the blender grind the dry root revnivyi to have in your possession 100-130 grams of powder.
  • Raw materials pour a glass of boiling water.
  • Gradually added to the mixture of glycerol with a volume of 60 ml.
  • Cover the dishes with a future mask with a lid and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Wash the hair and put hair under a plastic cap.
  • Go for about two hours.
  • Citric-acid mask

    Features. This mask to fight yellow hair color can be prepared on the basis of a citric acid solution, and on the basis of fresh lemon juice. The second option is preferable as it is 100% natural.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Take two or three lemons (if your hair is short, it will be enough to have one).
  • Cut the fruit into four pieces for ease of squeezing the juice.
  • Skip the juice through a sieve to remove pulp and seeds.
  • Apply to dry hair saleteam some dry juice curls into a braid and wait for them to dry completely.
  • Lemon juice — a constant ingredient of whitening toothpastes. Enzymes the juice of a sour fruit lightens all that meet on your way. Interaction with dyeing hair pigment melanin also leads to the clarification of the latter. The mask of lemon juice is what is best to remove the yellowing without damaging the hair. Light from nature provided the maximum effect from the use.Tea rinse

    Features. Mouthwash green tea — a proven tool in the fight for the purity of the color. It was used in Ancient Egypt, when the professional hair colors still did not exist. To apply this method after every wash. Not only the hair change color for the better, but will become stronger, softer, silkier.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Brew a Cup of green tea.
  • Mix the tea with one liter of boiled water.
  • Allow the rinse to cool.
  • Use at the end of the procedure wash.
  • Soda mask

    Features. Soda can and should be used in order to align the colors without additional staining. Sodium bicarbonate (soda) has a bleaching effect. And is the surest way to revitalize hair adds to the hair volume and fluffiness.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Pour into a glass 50 ml shampoo.
  • Add 14 teaspoons of a tablespoon of soda.
  • Apply on hair and leave for half an hour then wash off with clean filtered water.
  • Only one month use soda mask as often as every two or three days will make the hair at least one shade whiter.

    Mask of onion peel

    Features. Onion peel is not able to cope with obvious yellowing. But if unpleasant shade appeared bright and not to dark hair, tool can be very effective. The maximum effect can be achieved by leaving the mask on the hair for the night.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Brew steep a decoction of the husk.
  • Give broth to cool.
  • Applied to the hair.
  • Mask with hydrogen peroxide

    Features. Hydrogen peroxide is considered the most cheap and accessible way of lightening and getting rid of the yellow tint on the hair. This tool can be applied as frequently as required: every day up to the point when the result you finally deem satisfactory.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Dilute the peroxide with clean water in the ratio 1:1.
  • Pour the liquid into a spray bottle.
  • Sprayed on washed and slightly dried with towel hair.
  • The mixture of water and peroxide is not washed off 50-60 minutes.
  • Pure hydrogen peroxide is fraught with mortal danger. The liquid, which is sold in pharmacies in glass bottles, contains only 3%-s ‘ solution of peroxide.Mask with aspirin

    Feature. Aspirin is not only a remedy for headaches and temperature. It is also a faithful assistant home “cosmetologists” and “hairdressers”. Acetylsalicylic acid will help to bring to life the bright, slightly yellowed from bleaching hair . Perhaps, during one session, the tool will not solve the “yellow problem”. But if after the first application the effect will be visually noticeable, the procedure will need repeating after a couple of days once or twice.

    The algorithm is cooking

  • Take five tablets of acetylsalicylic acid and turn them into a powder.
  • Mix the powder with a glass of boiled water.
  • Apply liquid to hair, wrap head with a towel and wait 20 minutes.
  • Aspirin mask is absolutely contraindicated to future and accomplished moms who breastfeed.

    7 professional

    How to toned the hair after bleaching if the people’s recipes don’t work for you, and you do not want to go? There are professional tonics and masks that will help to cope with the “yellow surprise” on the hair. Overview of the most popular funds in the following table. The value of products specified on the fact of August 2017.

    Table — Popular shopping means to eliminate yellowing and toning hair

    Color FreshWella ProfessionalsTonic– Recommended by nature fair-haired girls who need to enhance the color or a certain color1050 rubles
    Color TherapyBiosilkShampooOne of the most safe means, therefore, does not require consultation with a specialist before buying1250 rubles
    Essence UltimeSchwarzkopfMask– To cope with a bad tone in just one application;
    – suitable for natural and colored hair
    450 rubles
    “The alchemist”DavinesShampoo– Does not require rinsing1600 rubles
    “Activator color”SyossTinted mousse– Can be applied without putting on rubber gloves;
    – completely removes the yellowness, if applied in tandem with the shampoo of the same series every two to three days
    300 rubles
    Forever BlondePaul MitchellShampoo– Evens and additionally takes care of the bleached strands1110 roubles
    Blond ExplosionConceptShampoo– The budget of the seven proposed funds350 rubles

    If none of the above-described means without the use of chemicals has not brought the expected result, try a professional cosmetic preparations. If they don’t appreciate the long-awaited effect, it means to think seriously about the transition to the camp of brunettes or brown hair. And let the incident fiasco doesn’t piss you off: a pledge of beauty — not white, and healthy hair. After all, to surprise passers-by loose shiny hair is much nicer than to worry about how to get the yellowness from the hair from one painting to another.

    Reviews: “If you want to lighten one or two tones — drugstore peroxide!”

    3% peroxide in the pharmacy is a gentle option clarification on one or two tones without hurting the hair. And the colors, even the most gentle type of peroxide is not less than 6% (or even more, and the percentage underestimate there, and the pharmacy if you write 3% then and there) and paint plus ammonia (even type in “bleaching powder” manufacturers incentive to lie). In General, if you need to lighten one or two tones, then the pharmacy! even funny to read how people firmly believe in the “madashell” industrial dyes and do not know the simple and obvious things… that drugstore peroxide is only 3 % (otherwise she would not pharmacy).


    Yesterday I painted on a very light tone, the tone of pearl. blond hair,turned the color of ash and a few dark. Disappointed, need to be corrected. I read about the honey and yogurt and decided, half a Cup of yogurt and 2 tablespoons of honey warmed up a few, spread on dry hair all the mixture, put a bag and a scarf, for warmth, 2 hours went, and you know the result after 1 time use, I liked the tone and really became lighter and a lot. And the hair meggie, obedient, suggest!


    My sister always wanted to have her hair shone, and her hair volume is clearly not enough. Now she makes a mask with aspirin. Even after the first treatment it became clear that the hair was better. There was a Shine and volume, and the color richer.


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