How to remove visceral fat?

You have tried all ways of struggle against excess weight in the abdominal area, followed the exercises that are recommended here, and the tummy remained in place? So, you have accumulated not only subcutaneous fat but also visceral – internal.

Women’s website “” will tell you where to hide internal body fat and how to get rid of them.

Why the body needs visceral fat?

The fats that accumulate under the skin and around the internal organs we need to survive — they help the body to endure hunger and cold. Importantly, fat is not accumulated in excess, otherwise it will begin to settle down, not only under the skin and in the omentum, surrounding the internal organs.

This fat is called visceral or internal. As it is formed in the body?

The omentum is a fold — fatty apron. One edge it is attached to the stomach and hangs down over the internal organs. Internal fat deposited on the omentum, like Christmas toys, wrapped in paper for better storage, begins to envelop the internal organs.

What makes this “package” of fat our bodies?

  • First, visceral fat warms the internal organs.
  • Second, it creates around the organs soft cushion that supports their position.
  • Third, visceral fat softens the shaking of the internal organs when we move.
  • That is, the usefulness of visceral fat for internal organs is huge – he protects.

    For the body it is important that the amount of visceral fat was normal, which is 10% of all fat accumulations in the body, 90% belongs to the subcutaneous fat.

    • If there is a lack of internal fat, even a small intra-abdominal pressure (sneezing, coughing) may cause prolapse of the kidneys, liver, spleen, intestines, gall bladder.
    • The excess of internal fat is no less dangerous than its lack. Just imagine how can feel internal organs compressed on all sides by fat? If you cause trouble just sagging belly, your heart, liver, spleen, in the literal sense of the word choking in the arms of the internal fat and the blood “feeds” the fat leaked into the bloodstream. Hence, high cholesterol, heart attacks, shortness of breath, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases.

    As I have visceral fat?

    Before you look for ways on how to remove visceral fat, you need to decide whether you have the surplus? There are several ways that help you to understand you have visceral fat in normal or in excess.


    The most reliable method of examination using magnetic resonance imaging. The photographs will be clearly visible accumulations of visceral fat.

    But it is unlikely there are many who run an MRI to find out the number of visceral fat on the organs. We need more simple ways which will help to determine the rate of visceral (internal) fat.

    Special scales-analyzers

    To measure the amount of visceral fat by using special scales, which are often installed in professional fitness clubs. A special system of scales allows you to measure body weight and calculate what amount of fat is internal.

    “Lifeline” at the waist

    If your waist is the first to notice the appearance of excess weight, this may indicate that you have accumulated visceral fat in the omentum. He begins to put pressure on the abdomen, there is a sagging belly and legs are thin.

    Once you start a diet, waist circumference immediately reduced, and the weight goes on. You lose subcutaneous fat, whereas visceral is securely seated on the internal organs.

    In men visceral belly fat accumulates faster than women, but they lose it better than women. Noticeable “beer belly” in men – a clear sign that says that the bodies are shrouded in fat.

    As soon as a man begins to fight obesity, visceral fat releases his internal organs, and the weight goes down, the volume may change slightly.

    Visual inspection: an Apple or a pear?

    Your figure resembles an Apple? The stomach protrudes forward? You are at risk. Post-test that will help determine how much fat is on your internal organs.

    Most women figure type resembles a pear. The bulk of the fat accumulation is distributed on the hips, buttocks, the part settles in the stomach. In this the role played by the female hormone estrogen, which prevents to accumulate fat in the abdominal area.

    But with obesity the amount of visceral fat increase even in women with type figure “pear” estrogen is not doing its job. It is important to monitor their body mass index (BMI).

    A BMI of 25 is the first warning that you have excess visceral fat, and figure 30 suggests that you already have to make the effort to remove internal fat.

    Women with overweight and obesity it is important to know methods on how to remove visceral fat.


    To determine the amount of excess internal fat is possible with a simple test.

  • Measure the waist.
  • Measure the hip.
  • Divide the waist size on the size of the hips.
  • For women the norm of visceral fat to 0.88 for men to 0,94.

    For example, your waist – 76 cm hips – 100 cm 76 divide by 100, we get 0,76. In normal fit. If the figure is above 0.88 – you are at risk and you need to look for ways to get rid of visceral fat.

    Of course, this method is not very accurate, but if performance significantly exceeds the norm, then there is a problem.


    Another way to find out how much visceral fat accumulated in the body, for those who have the opportunity to visit the pool.

  • Lie on the back with an asterisk.
  • Exhaled.
  • Wait.
    • If you go to the bottom right – you don’t have excess visceral fat.
    • Begin to take 30-40 seconds? The amount of visceral fat you have is normal.
    • By the way, if your husband also decided to conduct the test and began to take in water for 15 seconds, it doesn’t have excess visceral fat. For men the norm of visceral fat is higher than for women.
    • If you hold on, like float, and slowly immersed in water or even drown, then have to disappoint you – your organs are surrounded by visceral fat, which keeps you afloat. You need to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations on how to remove visceral fat.

    Comprehensive control of

    To get rid of visceral belly fat isn’t very simple for both men and women. Approach to solving problems require an integrated approach.

  • Do not sit on diets. Diet, as we mentioned on is a stress to your body that gives the signal that falls on hard times, and it’s time to stock up on fat. It is the inner fat begins to accumulate on the organs in the first place.
  • Be sure to balance your diet. Reduce or eliminate completely from the diet of complex carbohydrates. Add in the diet foods rich in chromium content. It helps carbohydrates to get inside the cells of the body to further breakdown and not to settle on the outside walls in the form of fat. The lack of chrome even thin people can notice the sagging belly. Therefore, brewer’s yeast, beef liver, barley porridge, whole grains, mushrooms, green beans should be included in the diet of those who decided to fight visceral fat.
  • Spend cleansing of the liver and intestines. Either way – cleansing enemas, pharmacy fees. Using the procedure of cleansing, you will derive the decay products from the body. Abuse cleaning procedures is not recommended. Don’t forget that you can wash the intestinal microflora.
  • Be sure to eat at least 1.5 liters of clean water a day.
  • Avoid nervous shocks. Once you start to get nervous, the brain signals – there are times you need to be fat to obtain additional energy source in the future. The gland begins to accumulate visceral fat, which is then droops at the waist.
  • Those who are looking for how to remove visceral belly fat with exercise, you should know that the AB crunches, bends and squats you will not save the situation. Such exercises will help to remove the subcutaneous fat, but not internal. To remove visceral fat help only active sports: walking (Nordic walking), running, Cycling, swimming, tennis, soccer, as well as advertising companies. And cardio should last at least 40 minutes, as after 20 minutes the body begins to burn fats.
  • If you have no problems with the endocrine system, the visceral fat will go away along with subcutaneous when you lose weight, combining the principles of proper nutrition and exercise.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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