How to remove wrinkles above the upper lip at home (exercises, masks) and beauty salon

With aging appear purse-string wrinkles, vertical wrinkles above the upper and lower lip. They become visible by the age of 40, and with the beginning of menopause manifest “in all its glory”. To get rid of wrinkles above the upper lip can be done through different measures and procedures. But amidst all their diversity is very important to choose what suits you.

The facial skin is aging along with the entire human body, and the menopause, which occurs at the age of 47-50 years, only accelerates this process. Intense cluster of lines around the mouth due to its natural facial expressions. Circular muscle that serves all the movements of the lips, mounted their heads not to the bones of the skull, which is typical for other muscles, but directly to the face. Each contraction of the circular muscle causes stretching of the skin around. The epidermis here by nature drier than in other areas, it contains sebaceous and sweat glands — this causes the appearance of wrinkles in the lips.

Methods for smoothing wrinkles at home

In addition to the General aging of the skin and natural the lip have the value and other factors — quality skin care, the number of hours spent under the scorching sun throughout life, the total mobility of the face and individual facial habits.

In humans, which is characterized by knit the brows, vertical crease above the bridge of his nose appear and deepen faster. For those who are accustomed to critically preloading the lip, the wrinkles around them will appear before and with the years become more noticeable.

Exercises to maintain the tone of the lips

You should not smooth out wrinkles above the lips hands or fingers, mimicking the Ironing, since such movements will only lead to even stronger stretching of the skin between nosogubnye pleats provoke her reddening, coarsening, and other unpleasant consequences. Instead, we will achieve the desired effect with the help of gymnastics.

  • Make every night a light massage of the area around the lips. Circular muscle of the mouth is reduced and decompressed during the day while we are awake, retains some activity even during sleep. Naturally, she gets tired as other muscles. So before going to sleep the area around the lips should massage the barely perceptible pressure, with circular movements of fingertips.
  • Refrain from habits the lips tight. This facial visibly reduces the size of the lips. Negatively perceived by others, because it gives your negative emotions. Its direct consequence is the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth. So keep the lips in a relaxed state. You can even just lift their tips, mimicking a slight smile — it will brighten up and rejuvenate your face better than any makeup.
  • Give up Smoking. It can play a significant role in the emergence of purse-string wrinkles through the fault of the hot smoke, which swirls over a cigarette in the vicinity of the skin of the lips. In addition, the smoker squeezes the mouthpiece or the cigarette filter, and is tightened, compressing the lips with a new force. Therefore, ideally it is better to quit Smoking. But if this is not possible, to abandon the female model of cigarettes and mouthpieces is a long, narrow, hard-to hold lips when Smoking.
  • Arrange the circular muscle of the mouth a little workout. All muscles of the body have the ability to automatically retain those provisions in which they are more often and longer. This explains the inability to relax the lower back and shoulders after a day on the feet. Warm-up lip helps to deal with such familiar provisions of the circular muscles of the mouth.

During the day, when I have the chance, you need to repeat the following exercises.

  • To smooth out wrinkles above the lip, pull a few times lips, immediately returning them to the starting position.
  • Teach your lips to take a non-standard position — this is very useful for the functioning of their system of innervation, which is responsible for the tone. Fold lips “bow” that greatly involve the cheeks, in turn, try to pull ahead only one trying to keep in normal position another.
  • Alternately make your upper lip over the lower, and Vice versa. After this exercise, you will need to restore the makeup of the mouth, and begin to need it, do not forget to get the lipstick off.
  • Take the mirror several times and smile widely to yourself “behind the curtain” exercises. Thus it is necessary to press the finger in the middle of both lips, as if showing a “T-s-s-s!”
  • Glassblowers, musicians playing wind instruments, is susceptible to early appearance of the purse-string wrinkles are no less fans whistling the songs at your leisure. Therefore, if your professional responsibilities require frequent and tight squeezing of the lips, don’t forget to compensate for this load after hours.

    To quickly remove wrinkles above the lip, combine the facial exercises with the following measures:

    • light tapping with fingertips on the cheeks after exercise;
    • the bombast 2-3 times in a row.

    These additional methods work as stretching for other muscles of the body help to relax the fiber, to relieve spasm and improve blood circulation violated them in some areas.

    Cooling and restorative procedures

    • Every morning, several times circling the area around the lips ice cube (ice tea or juice — can be used after 8 hours).
    • Daily wash your face, including lips and cheeks with cool water.
    • Do not use for cooling lower face concentrated decoctions and extracts of peppermint — they strongly irritate the delicate skin of the face.

    Nourishing natural mask

    You need to consider that the skin in the area around the lips is prone to dryness at all, regardless of skin type on other parts of the face. To supply the epidermis is always better to use creams and masks based on animal, not vegetable fat. Our skin do not absorb any itself a vegetable oil or its components — they are digested only when it is swallowed inside. Animal fats are nutritionally very beneficial for epidermis.


    • cucumber;
    • natural fatty sour cream;
    • floral honey.

    For dry skin the cream is better to replace with thick cream. If the overall skin prone to dryness, you can try just fat plain yogurt in the form of colorant, flavouring, and fruit pieces.


  • Grate the cucumber on a fine grater.
  • Take 1 tsp. of grated cucumber, add 1 tsp of sour cream.
  • Add 0.5 tsp. of honey, all carefully stir, not whisking.
  • Thickly apply the mixture in circular massaging motions on the area from the nose to the folds under the chin, affecting also the creases in the corners of the lips.
  • Leave the mask on for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water, without the help of a cleanser.
  • This recipe is versatile, because the cucumber in it can be replaced or combined with aloe leaf, carrot, pulp avocado, 1 egg yolk raw eggs. For dry skin the cream is better to replace with thick cream. If the overall skin prone to dryness, you can try fat plain yogurt.

    As for the honey, you can add or not, to replace another component if you want to get some extra effect. For example, if your skin is prone to dryness and flaking, add to the mask of honey and 0,5 teaspoons of freshly squeezed citrus juice — lemon, orange, grapefruit. This mask will help improve skin color around the lips and a little to tighten it.

    Fruit acids not recommended for dry, sensitive and prone to peeling. Therefore, to improve its tone is better to add instead of honey 0.5 teaspoon of carefully strained, strong broth of organic coffee.

    Contraindications before applying a mask

    When choosing ingredients for a mask that helps to remove wrinkles above the upper lip of folk remedies, important properly chosen basis of animal fat — you need to absorb as much as possible. The rest of the ingredients is allowed to vary according to your taste. The only thing that should restrict your flight of fancy — no Allergy to the components that you use for making masks.

    Before performing the home treatments perform the following test to check components on an allergic reaction.

  • Apply a little of substance used (juice, pulp) on the wrist.
  • Wait. If within 20-25 minutes, the skin will turn red and the day will manifest a negative reaction. Then you can use this component when preparing a home remedy.
  • Do not forget about the naturalness of the ingredients — do not use canned vegetables, fruits and surrogate basics like packaged honey, sour cream and other questionable components.

    Wrinkles in beauty salon

    To remove wrinkles above the lips at the beauty shop several ways.

    • Lift the entire face. Smoothed and purse-string wrinkles.
    • Local injections of fillers. Inserted under the skin organic fillers such as gels, hyaluronic acid or even well cleaned of subcutaneous fat taken from the patient’s body to another location (e.g., buttocks).
    • Hardware cosmetology. Resurfacing laser, iontophoresis, chemical peels. Usually it is not considered effective when used separately from other methods.
    • Injections of neurotoxins. It is the use of natural poisons, which block nerve endings in this area. The motility of the circular muscle of the mouth is reduced and wrinkles fade. The most famous drug in this series is created based on the poison secreted by the causative agent of botulism. Therefore, anyone who resorts to rejuvenate in this way, should be at least confident in the lack of allergies to this substance and as administered.

    In pursuit of a rejuvenating effect salon beauty rarely uses safe methods or substances. But because the risk that you assume when using it, needs to be justified. For example, the extremely poor condition of the skin, high resistance wrinkle to the means available at home. Therefore, when choosing a clinic you should always first check its reputation on customer reviews.

    In most cases, a prospect to fill once a year the inventory of the botulinum toxin in the body like not all. And if you don’t consider your question, how to remove wrinkles above the upper lip is so critical, it is better to start to try to do it at home, using nourishing masks, ice cubes and facial gymnastics.

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