How to remove wrinkles in forehead and between eyebrows exercise, massage, masks, creams and salon techniques

People with active facial expressions often wonder how to remove wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. It is necessary to understand the causes of bad folds on the face to choose the right way to get rid of them. A variety of masks, massages, systems of facial gymnastics or salon treatment will help to re-look fresh and young.

Age is not always main cause of the appearance of wrinkles on the face, so with this problem facing young girls. Most often this affects the emotional people because they use facial expressions unconsciously.

Value of wrinkles: physiognomy

Physiognomy is an ancient Chinese science which determines the human character through facial features, facial expressions, wrinkles and age spots. Popular provisions of the ancient researchers will help to determine what they are talking about the wrinkles on your forehead.

  • From a single point. Folds, starting at one source, talking about the complexity of the character. You only rely on their own strength, are considered in any situation, with the ability to quickly make any decisions.
  • Two identical lines. You different persistent character, commitment and confidence.
  • From the nose to the center. The wrinkle in this situation means that its holder has a balanced character, courage and great willpower. He is ready to do what he is not interested to achieve the goal in the future.
  • Arcuate line. You’re the diplomat and orator, able to think strategically and skillfully manipulate people.
  • Horizontal lines. Wrinkles, arranged in such a way, talking about kindness, intelligence of the owner.
  • Absence of wrinkles. If you are already at a Mature age, but the wrinkles on the forehead have not got you a cheerful and sociable person.
  • Longitudinal and horizontal folds. Determine which of these two you have above the eyebrows. Horizontal wrinkles indicate an honest and friendly man, a longitudinal — to a loyal friend.

Now you know what wrinkles on your forehead in your case.

Causes of wrinkles on forehead

Before starting to carry out the procedure to remove deep wrinkles on the forehead, think of how often you use facial expressions to Express emotions and learn to control it. It will not help you to get rid of the problem, but will prevent its development. Any creases on the face are a consequence of weakening collagen fibers. This is particularly evident in the glabellar area and forehead, the tissue in these areas quickly lose their elasticity.

  • You forget to wear sunglasses. The sun can not only give a great tan and a wonderful mood, but also wrinkles. When we squint, facial muscles automatically tense up, therefore, the tissue to deform and lose their elasticity. Always carry sunglasses. They not only protect eyes from the bad influence of ultraviolet rays, but also will keep your face smooth.
  • You don’t control your facial expressions. You wonder, laugh, wary, worried — all of that shows in your face. It is impossible to constantly pay attention to how this changes facial expressions, but try still stands. If the forehead during your focused work frowned upon, it is the main cause of creases between the brows in your case. To get rid of this habit, the first time to control their facial expressions and relax the muscles of the face. Because of this you not only save yourself a lot of wrinkles, but also make the face more friendly to others.
  • You use a lot of cosmetics. A large number of Foundation and powder contaminates the pores, thereby not allowing skin to breathe face. As a result, you will long to think, how to remove wrinkles on the forehead even at a young age. If you have problem skin and frequent rashes on his forehead, before applying makeup, use moisturizers loose base (natural oil or lotion) and then apply the BB cream, which will hide flaws, but won’t clog pores. It is a great replacement tonal cream, because it is not as dense, and the effect of its use in better times.
  • Age factor. With age, the skin loses its elasticity. After 30 years, women begin to suffer from wrinkling. To the maximum extent possible to postpone the time when the tissue starts to become less elastic, it is recommended to make regular exfoliation and scrubbing of the face. This will not only improve skin, but will prolong her youth.

Methods of struggle in the home

To fight wrinkles on the forehead and glabellar area should start as early as possible. There are several methods that will help you to forget about the folds on the face. Some of them you can use even in public places. If you are not able to completely smooth out wrinkles on forehead at home using these procedures, then just reduce their depth.

  • Gymnastics of the face. The method is effective, because to engage in “exercise” to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows, can be anywhere. As soon as you have spare time, do 5-10 minutes of simple exercises from wrinkles on a forehead.
  • Patches. Using them is very simple, you just need to stick to the desired area of the face and keep for 2-3 hours. The patch can be bought at any pharmacy. He will stretch the leather and restore the fabric, making small folds will disappear.
  • Massages. Improve blood circulation and restore the elasticity of tissues. This procedure will help to increase collagen levels, and thereby to get rid of facial wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows.
  • Creams. In stores and pharmacies sold a variety of means from wrinkles on the face and between the eyebrows, but many of them are very harmful to the skin. Some chemical ingredients may cause you allergies. Therefore, before applying to face to check the composition on the delicate skin of the wrist.
  • A homemade mask. Components for preparation of the mixes you can buy at any store or pharmacy. Make masks from wrinkles on a forehead is very simple, and the result definitely will please you.

A set of exercises and massages

Find out how to get rid of forehead wrinkles with exercise. It is recommended to perform the exercises in front of a mirror to visually see whether you’re doing it, and whether the result. Do not press on the skin to form a hematoma.

  • Before the complex wash your hands with soap or treat them with antiseptic alcohol. Sit up straight, rest on the back of a chair or sofa.
  • Place your thumbs at the nape, and middle — forehead. Then start to raise eyebrows and at the same time pull the skin of the forehead to the temples. Hold this position for 3-6 seconds. Lightly press down on the skin to avoid any painful sensations. Repeat 5 times.
  • Index finger start to pull the eyebrow to the temples. At this time, close and maximum squeeze eyes. In this condition will sit 6 seconds. Through this exercise, the creases will quickly disappear, but to repeat it only 2 times a week, 4 sets, so as not to form wrinkles on the movable century.
  • Frown with your eyebrows and at the same time pull the skin of the forehead to the temples. Thus smoothes shallow wrinkles on the forehead. Repeat 6 times.
  • This exercise should be performed as quickly as possible. First, much frown, and then lift your eyebrows as high as if you something very surprised. Alternate these movements, gradually increasing the speed.
  • In addition to the gymnastics required to make regular massages.

  • Pat walk across the frontal and glabellar area. Do it quietly, no need to beat, but “iron” also is not necessary.
  • Gently posypaete the skin. Ohvatyvaya very small plots, so as a result, you felt a light “mosquito bites”.
  • Now grab the large areas of skin. Put your index finger on the brow arch and the large — area light effect (under the eyebrow). Squeeze, gradually squeezing harder and harder. So walk across the brow from beginning to end.
  • Doing the exercises and massages, a week later you will notice results. And in combination with masks, folds and wrinkles disappear.

    Recipes effective masks

    How to remove wrinkles on the forehead between the eyebrows with masks homemade? There are many recipes for each skin type, select a composition, suitable for you and guide the course of procedures (from four to eight weeks).

    Before applying to the face of the prepared mixture, test a small part of the spread on the delicate area of skin if within half an hour there is no redness or itching, you can use the recipe for their skin.


    This mixture will help to saturate the skin with vitamins to restore tissue that has lost elasticity, and replenish collagen. To prepare you will need egg, vitamins A and E, which you can buy at the drugstore, lemon juice and parsley, and grapefruit oil.

  • Mix the yolk of 1 egg with a teaspoon of vitamins A and E.
  • Add 10-12 drops of lemon juice.
  • 5 drops of grapefruit oil and a dessert spoon of parsley juice, stir and add to the mixture.
  • Apply on the forehead and glabellar area on all night.
  • Avocado and flax

    To prepare this mask you will need one avocado, flax oil and grapefruit juice. Together, these components help to restore skin cells and prevent loss of elasticity, as they contain large amounts of vitamins.

  • Peel the avocado, we will only need a tablespoon of pulp. Add to the bowl a teaspoon of grapefruit juice.
  • Blend the mixture with a tablespoon of flax oil.
  • Apply on the desired areas for a few hours.
  • Fruit

    This mask will help to get rid of wrinkles on forehead at age 20, and nourish the skin with vitamins. Because of the huge amounts of protein collagen fibers regenerate with greater speed, and the wrinkles disappear.

  • Mix equal parts mashed banana, the flesh of the avocado, chopped kiwi and milk.
  • Apply to the upper part of the face for 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure twice a week.
  • Cream for skin elasticity

    The elasticity of the epidermis will require a lot of time, so for faster result, in addition to a masks to put on a night cream made with honey, egg yolk and oat flour.

  • Tablespoon of honey mixed with egg yolk of one egg.
  • Add a teaspoon of flour and mix thoroughly.
  • Apply a thin layer before bedtime. Do not rinse.
  • In the morning wash with warm water and soap.
  • Salon methods

    If home remedies do not help, but you still decided to fight forehead wrinkles, contact the professionals. Beauticians suggest procedures that will restore the tissue of the epidermis and even smooth out the transverse wrinkles on the forehead.

    • Botox. Today, neurotoxin is the most effective and popular means for getting rid of folds not only on the forehead, but also on other areas of the face. The principle of action of Botox is to “freeze” muscles. In this regard, they do not shrink and stop working. During this time, the wrinkles, and the skin is restored. This procedure is better not to use at a young age, the years may change facial symmetry.
    • Contour. The principle of operation is that the space between the upper layers of the dermis are filled with a special acid. After the muscles are relaxed and wrinkles are smoothed out automatically.
    • Laser therapy. Removes dead skin areas of the epidermis, while reducing the depth of wrinkles and improves the elasticity of tissues. Marks on her face from this procedure will remain. Unlike Botox, it is non-addictive, and gives a permanent result.
    • Lift. This method allows you to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows and on the forehead forever. Folk remedies will never give such result, as such an operation. You can choose endoscopic or open forehead lift, depending on the result you want to obtain. Because the procedure is dangerous, before you go to the clinic, read the reviews about the clinic and the surgeon.

    Remove wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows is easy, especially if they are shallow. But in any case it is better to seek the advice of a professional who will suggest the method of treatment. Don’t forget that some components of drugs can cause unpredictable reactions, so before beginning the procedures it is advisable to take the tests and do Allergy tests.

    Now you know what to do at emergence of the first wrinkles on the forehead. Combining multiple methods, you can not only quickly get rid of the problem of wrinkles on the face, but forever to forget about them. Remember about the benefits of healthy sleep and good nutrition. Wear glasses or lenses if you have eye problems and less sorites, and then no lines you will not be afraid.

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