How to remove wrinkles on the neck?

Women’s website “” tell me how to get rid of such problems as wrinkles on the neck, strengthen the muscles and make the skin is more elastic. Over time, the thin and delicate skin in the you lose subcutaneous fat, it becomes dry, it formed creases, then wrinkles.

Instead of fighting with this problem, we start wearing scarves and blouses with high collar.

Even if you have not yet touched this matter, it’s never too early to start prevention.

Cause and effect

Wrinkles on a thin skin of the neck can be not only horizontal but vertical, a little less noticeable and deep. In any case, the reason for their appearance is not only time, but also negative factors, especially the excess sunlight. The epidermal cells here secrete a little melanin, making it virtually defenseless in the UV rays.

Is the place to be and the hereditary factor. In this case, the first folds may appear at the age of fifteen.

When the problem is compounded not remain anything, except how to remove wrinkles on the neck drastic ways.

The most common surgical procedures is Botox injections and thread lifting. In the latter case, under the skin are strands of special, subsequently, the absorbable material, which tighten the epidermis, and “teach” him to stay in the desired position.

To achieve a similar effect and more natural ways.

Wrinkles on the neck: how to get rid of and prevent

  • Always try to maintain the correct posture, keep the chin a little raised, especially when reading. The computer monitor should be installed so that the head was right.
  • Don’t put the chin on the hand while working at the computer – it weakens the muscles of the neck.
  • Sleep on a pillow as flat as possible, preferably on the back.
  • In Sunny weather, apply on the neck a protective cream with UV filter.
  • Remember that the skin in any part of the body dry from a hot shower and bath.
  • Cream from wrinkles on a neck should contain retinol which promotes the natural production of collagen and cell renewal.

A warm compress anti-wrinkle

Remedy for the procedure is prepared with preheated olive oil and honey in the proportion of 50 grams to 30 grams. Soak in this mixture a piece of cotton fabric and wrap it around the neck, and the top is wrapped with a warm towel or scarf.

Stay in this “garb” for about 15 minutes, keeping your head straight, and then wash off the mixture with lukewarm water, without soap. If traces of the mask remain, blot with the skin of the neck with a paper towel.

Mask of wrinkles on the neck with natural ingredients

Effective anti-wrinkle neck mask from turmeric. This spice contains a substance, curcumin – a powerful antioxidant which also accelerates blood circulation, which in turn strengthens the skin and prevents the appearance of new wrinkles. Today this substance is produced in the form of capsules that can be taken orally, and can be done with his use of masks for the skin.

To prepare the mask will need a teaspoon of natural turmeric and dining room – dry milk. Mix both ingredients and razbaviv its non-carbonated mineral water, aiming for the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mask on décolleté and neck skin and after 10 minutes, rinse under cool shower.

This tool will help to smooth out even deep wrinkles on the neck if you use it every three days. recommends that before use, test the tool on small area of skin to understand if it will stain the epidermis.

Another effective remedy for wrinkles on neck is the juice from fresh berries of sea buckthorn. Carefully grind the fruits of sea buckthorn (about a tablespoon) and mix the resulting mush with olive oil and 200 ml of cream. The mixture should be creamy. Hold it on the skin of neck and decollete is about 20 minutes.

Wrinkles on the neck – what to do? Gymnastics!

Perfectly firms the skin and muscles of the neck complex of simple exercises, which can be combined with watching a favorite series:

  • At a slow pace (so as not to harm the muscles) tilt your head back and then tilt it forward. Thus keep the face relaxed and his eyebrows didn’t do the frowning. In every situation linger for 10-15 minutes. Three repeats.
  • Open your mouth wide, tilt your head and lock your teeth. Five repetitions. Experts believe that the wrinkles on the neck, because it effectively tightens the lower bound of the face and struggling with the second chin.
  • Slow head tilts left and right with a delay in each position for 15 seconds. The shoulders should not rise.
  • Take five smooth turns his head left and right with a delay of 15 seconds.
  • Interlock your hands into the lock, and put them on the forehead. Bring your head forward and used her hands to create resistance for about 10 seconds, then the same rest. Repeat five times.
  • The previous exercise can be done for the side muscles and the back of the neck, positioning his hands on either side of the face and neck. The housing must remain stationary. Repeat each exercise five times.
  • Three times “draw” chin circles in the horizontal plane.
  • These simple exercises develop excellent cervical spine, increase blood circulation in the skin and muscles and even cure a headache. With an integrated approach, including several treatments, wrinkles on the neck are tightened fast enough. After that, you will only have to maintain skin tone.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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