How to remove wrinkles puppets?

No creases and bumps don’t make the female face more beautiful, but nothing makes him as a puppet wrinkles (folds of sorrow) – the groove that descends from the corners of the mouth to the edges of the chin.

These wrinkles afflict women twice, because not only eloquently reflect the age, but also give the face a sad expression. Anyone who wants to get rid of this defect, the women’s website “ invites today this page is devoted to the causes of wrinkles on the chin and the methods of dealing with them.

Why the sad face?

Cosmetologists say that wrinkles around the mouth is a result of the sagging tissues of the chin, caused by a decrease in subcutaneous fat and a decrease in skin turgor. Accelerate or enhance the manifestation of this defect can the following factors:

  • Strong weight loss. The problem is, how to remove wrinkles puppets, the most familiar women, who love to experience the different diets. Sagging and low elasticity of the skin – often the result of a sharp weight loss.
  • Low muscle tone. If muscles are weak, they are susceptible to the laws of gravity and fall down, forming an arc around the mouth.
  • Photoaging. Ultraviolet rays lead to skin dryness and loss of collagen fibers, which in turn leads to the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Smoking. This habit is a common cause of premature aging of the skin of the entire face, but especially it adversely affects the skin of the lips and chin.
  • Hormonal changes. During menopause a woman’s body is greatly reduced levels of estrogen, resulting in an overall deterioration of their skin.
  • Genetic predisposition. In some women, the nature of the skin around the mouth is very thin and dry.
  • Change the shape of the jaw. The appearance of grooves around the chin, can also be associated with the removal of 4 or 5 teeth.
  • Profession associated with the tension of the lips. Early wrinkles puppets can appear at Opera singers, flejtistok.
  • The website emphasizes correction of wrinkles puppets is a difficult process, especially if the problem started. The main prevention measures is a common skin care, balanced diet and protecting your skin from UV rays.

    If the defect on the face has already appeared, you must immediately take all possible measures to eliminate it or at least stop its progression.

    Wrinkles puppets: how to remove at home

    If the time to address the problem and a comprehensive approach to its solution, it is possible to cope with it without resorting to expensive cosmetic procedures. Homemade skin care to fight the folds of grief may include the following measures:

  • Moisturizing parched skin. The skin in the mouth area is of particular sensitivity and subtlety, so it should look almost the same as the skin around the eyes. Experts in the field of beauty will assure that in the appearance of small wrinkles-brackets have a lip, you must start to apply to the skin in this area special creams enriched with peptides, oils and vitamins, at least twice a day, can be done more often. Well affect the condition of dry skin cosmetic oils: almond, avocado, cocoa, grape seed, etc.
  • Toning the skin with ice cubes. For the preparation of cosmetic ice can be used decoctions of herbs, green tea, birch juice, mineral water. Every morning the face should be wiped in such a cube to the skin tone has improved. Besides the fact that ice helps get rid of wrinkles puppets, he removes the puffiness and make the skin fresh. But to use the “cold method” should be cautious, as it has a number of contraindications. One of them is the presence of vascular mesh on the face.
  • Peeling. The removal of dead cells from the skin promotes the rejuvenation of the skin. If there is a question about how to reduce wrinkles puppets at home, you should try to put on the face mask with the berries and fruit: their excellent acid exfoliate dead skin layers and makes skin smoother. Clean the skin at home can also use Apple cider vinegar, preferably homemade. This product contains organic acids, which not only dissolve the layers of dead skin but also enriches the skin with nutrients. To use Apple cider vinegar in its pure form should not be, because it can irritate the skin. It is much wiser times a day wipe face with a solution of vinegar, adding a tablespoon of this product in a glass of water.
  • To public budget, but very effective means of home deal with the various wrinkles include special exercises for the face.

    How to remove wrinkles puppet: gymnastics

    About exercise for the face, or hasbinding today, we do not hear only the dark, unenlightened people. For those who want to get rid of forever sad facial expressions, just need to go to the gym.

  • The corners of the mouth press the index fingers, trying to commit them to one place, at this lift the corners of the lips against the force holding their fingers.
  • Apply to the chin fingers and try to pull the skin down, creating a fingers when you do this muscular resistance.
  • Holding the corners of the lips with fingertips, try to smile.
  • Puff out your cheeks and hold the mouth the air as long as possible.
  • Roll it in your mouth an imaginary ball out of the air.
  • Pull the lips into a tube and return them to normal position. Repeat the exercise at least 20 times.
  • Much push hands to her cheeks, fixing at the same middle fingers of the corners of the mouth. Pull the lips forward as for the air kiss, but so that on the upper lip formed vertical folds. Then relax your muscles and repeat the movement several times.
  • On puppet wrinkles exercises have a strong enough impact, so after a couple of days to regularly perform the above exercises lines about the mouth significantly reduced.

    But exercise takes time, which many working women is barely enough for basic care. So a lot of them have to seek help from professionals.

    Wrinkles puppets: correction in the beauty salon

    Fortunately, modern cosmetology can offer several effective treatments. In order to remove wrinkles puppets, professional use:

  • Injections of Botox or Dysport. The procedure gives quick result as fixing the muscle holding the corners of the mouth in one position and does not allow her to fall.
  • Contour. This method allows to fill the volume lost due to muscle atrophy and thinning of subcutaneous fat layer. Quite often to achieve the desired result, the combine cosmetic contouring with Botox.
  • Mesotherapy. With the introduction in the subcutaneous layers of the nutrient cocktail skin becomes firmer, wrinkles are smoothed puppets or even disappear.
  • Laser resurfacing. The procedure helps to rejuvenate the top layer of skin and thus decrease wrinkles.
  • Myostimulation. The electrical impulses improve the tone of the facial muscles, resulting in gravitational wrinkles are less pronounced.
  • For many overweight women is an interesting question, whether removes wrinkles puppets laser liposuction, as this procedure helps to cope with the second chin, saggy and ugly “Bryl”, which pulled down the rest of the face fabric. In General to struggle with the folds of sorrow, this procedure is not intended, because they are formed not due to excess fat on the face, but on the contrary, if too thin fat layer.

    But after this operation the contours of the face are tightened, and with them, several smoothed and furrows at the mouth, and the person loses his sullen expression.

    But ladies slim laser liposuction will not help in any way.

    Thus, we can conclude that the wrinkles puppets for those who can afford the hike in the beauty clinic, is a completely solvable problem. But without the help of a cosmetologist to get rid of creases grief are also real. All you need to do to properly care for your face and regularly perform simple exercises. So find my schedule half an hour of time for yourself and stay young many happy years.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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