How to repair nails after shellac and gel Polish?

Article Shellac for nails: the pros and cons of actively discussed by the readers of “Beautiful and Successful”. Recently we received a comment: “beautifully at the beginning (after three treatments my nogotochki steel like paper) !!! It’s a shame — because I wanted pretty handles, and now even do not know how to strengthen your own!?”.

Gioja, we will dedicate to answer Your question the whole article. So, how to repair nails after shellac and gel Polish?

Every woman who dared to build up your nails with this treatment, must understand that its native, natural nails, shellac or gel Polish can be unsafe.

What can be the consequences of such artificial “beauty”?

  • Possible allergic reactions to components of these funds, which is not surprising: the composition of shellac and gel Polish includes quite harsh chemicals. However, Allergy symptoms are visible after a short time after the application of these funds.
  • It happens a fungal infection of the nail plate or surrounding skin. In this case, the skin around the nail starts to itch, redness appear, and the nail appear yellow spots. The need for treatment of fungal infection before you apply the gel Polish or shellac next time.
  • And finally, the most frequent problem faced by You, Gioja is the thinning of the nail plate, after a few treatments. Nails after removing the gel Polish will become soft, brittle, slows their growth, and touching them can be painful. This condition requires special treatment.

To restore the nails after the gel Polish in the salon or by yourself at home. For this is used as the means of industrial production and traditional recipes. Naturally, until a complete regeneration of the nail plates on the re-procedures for capacity is not out of the question.

How to strengthen nails after shellac: a salon

  • Sealing. During this procedure, the surface of the nail is applied a special tool, which is based on part beeswax and honey. After that, the nail plate is formed of a transparent thin film that protects the nails from damage and strengthens them. And look nails after sealing smooth and shiny. How to make sealing wax Polish — read this article on the “Beautiful and Successful”.
  • Paraffin baths. This procedure will help eliminate peeling of the nails (if it appears), as well as to saturate the nail with beneficial trace elements and rejuvenate the skin. During the procedure, the wax fills micro cracks, which appeared on the nails and hands in General get healthy.

Restoring nails after the shellac industry tools

Given the need to strengthen the nails after the procedure increasing, many firms have taken care to help women deal with this problem. Here are some popular and effective tools that will help to return your nails to health.

  • The Ship (Kalyon). Using this tool, you can antoniusbuche strengthen nails and stimulate nail growth. Outwardly, it resembles a white nail Polish with pearl Shine. By the way, after drying, the similarity with the varnish remains. Use it within 2 or 3 weeks every day putting on a damaged nail plate. If you think this manicure for yourself is not appropriate, use “Ship” as a base under a regular nail Polish, which you like.
  • Trind (Keratin Nail Restorer). This tool is suitable for recovery estancias, brittle and sensitive nails affected, in particular, and of the procedure increase. It includes keratin at high concentrations, which when applied penetrates into the nail plate, which helps to restore the nail structure after removing the gel Polish. In addition to keratin, the formula Trend contains moisturizing components, which also positively affects the condition of nails. But formaldehyde or oils in this product, there is his undoubted merit. Treatment composition is applied 2 times a day on clean dry nails.
  • Rejuvenating complex (IBX, Famous Names). Includes two tools: IBX Repair, specially designed base, and IBX, which is used as a varnish. The unique structure of this complex allows us to cope with nails, to restore their color and enhance the texture. The peculiarity of its use is that after applying IBX should hold the nails under the UV lamp to activate the substances in its composition. Severely damaged nails after shellac complex restores, if it is used once a week. If the nails are not too poor, only 1 – 2 applications per month.

Restoring nails after the gel Polish’s

However, there are quite effective homemade ways to recover the nails after gel Polish or shellac. “” I’ll tell you about them.


  • Olive oil. Every evening during the week, do the bath for nails of warm olive oil. The time of the procedure 10 minutes. The healing properties of this product have a beneficial impact on the condition of the nail plates and the skin.
  • Sea salt will also help to restore damaged nails. To prepare the salt baths taken 1 tablespoon of sea salt in half a liter of warm water. The procedure lasts about 10 minutes, after which the hands nourishing cream. These trays it is not recommended to do every day 2 – 3 times a week would be sufficient.


  • Lemon juice. It is known that lemon is a great source of vitamin C, helping, including, and restore the feet after applying gel Polish or shellac. For this lemon juice rubbed into the nail plate, leave for 2 – 3 minutes, then wash off with water without soap. Useful nogotochkami will and natural essential oils that are rich in this fruit.
  • Berry mask. Of course, lemon is not the only source of vitamin C, and to restore the nails you can use other gifts of nature. To help cope with the problems of nails mask of sour berries such as cranberry, currant (black and red), cranberries, chokeberry. Puree of crushed fruit is applied to the nail and hold for a quarter of an hour. The only drawback of this mask is that the hands stained with berry juice, it will be difficult to clean.
  • Mesh of iodine applied to the nail will also help to restore the nails after removal of shellac, to make them strong and healthy. You can draw it with a toothpick or you can simply anoint the nail plate with a cotton swab dipped in a solution of iodine.

We hope that you, our dear readers, will be able to choose the most effective and convenient way to return your nails healthy and well-groomed appearance.

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