How to respond to cheating?

“Hello, female site Want to contact Igor. Tell me, how, in your opinion, should the girl react to the betrayal of his chosen? To forgive, to forget, to understand, to accept, to pretend that everything is fine? What kind of reaction do you think is the most adequate in the case when paired all good, differences neither in ordinary life nor in bed, and the man still changed? Elena”.

Elena, perhaps with a similar question should be addressed solely to male ? Not because women don’t understand men, I just can give You an unbiased answer. Unbiased because I’m on Your side and therefore advise that for You it is better from a practical point of view.

How bad is the pain?

I believe that the primary criterion it is a pain. How You caught cheating men? If you want to scream and scratch, well… difficult situation.

If you think that “worse thing” can’t be, the situation is close to deadlock. But You should know that this (cheating) happened to many, and a decent percentage of these many never broke up!

I want to say that this is a common sin of the male, but in each case it is necessary to pay attention not only to the fact of infidelity, but not to lose sight of other things that is important in Your relationship.

No doubt, swing version of “pretend everything is fine”. That You are cultivating the ground for relapse. Humility must also be from the category of how a person accepts what has happened without hysteria or endless complaints. But the humility of a woman who is afraid to remain one, such humility is not necessary.

And do not forget that men are often weak in terms of infidelity, while they is often a physiological act, without the emotional “consequences” to the woman they change.

It is better to preserve the relationship

Personally, I advocate to preserve the relationship. If in a couple, all good, sex is good, communication on the level, then I suggest you do as it is better from a practical point of view, not as dictates of pride and resentment.

Try to”remove” the fact of change and to look at Your relationship with a critical analysis. Most of the nuances You like? You with him okay? There is no suggestion that this is not what You wanted?

If Yes, then forgive him. Even murderers forgive, sorry if it sounds pathetic. If You are much satisfied, then You will find a lot of pleasant moments ? Because moderate emotions and show intelligence. Since You are PROFITABLE to stay with him.

Do not argue, You need a little “push” to the “replays” of his adventures. But I think you can’t have an outright scandal or extruding it. It certainly will cause a reaction, most likely hidden.

But if You quietly and calmly tell him very very love him, that you value Your relationship, but You really hurt (and tears) because of his infidelity, that, perhaps, will be most effective. Anyway, the other options I can’t see it.

So, in conclusion, Elena, from me to You talisman:

You – clean lake, in whose waters reflected the Sky itself!

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