How to restore a reputation?

Honor, as they say, must be protected from an early age, but what to do if suddenly happened to stumble? To restore the reputation harder than her to spoil. However, the efforts expended to purify tarnished honor, will not be in vain.

Women’s website “” today will acquaint its readers with the possible ways to restore the damaged reputation.

And in the sun there are spots, or How to accept his mistake

The first thing you need to do to restore the reputation, – to cease beating myself up because of a mistake. Right to slip every person. And he who recognizes it, automatically gets the right to correct their error.

Instead of again and again to scroll in the memory of the unpleasant moment, you need to contact the advice of psychologists.

  • Before you begin to repair the tarnished reputation, is to analyze the situation. Probably in the process of revising everything that has happened be able to find a set of circumstances which justify the mistake. For example, sometimes people berating yourself for bad manners towards others, forgets that his mood was spoiled even more rude behavior of others.
  • After ascertaining the reasons for committing penalties, the rehabilitation of the good name in your own eyes, you should think about how serious was the mistake. People tend to perceive their misdeeds in a somewhat exaggerated form. The website says: sometimes that seems to be something terrible and irreparable, even around not paying attention. In order to understand how people perceive what happened, you can just talk to them. Perhaps they will be able to suggest how best to rehabilitate. And even if there is no valuable information from that conversation to not succeed, efforts will not be in vain: the people will hear about what you regret and worry. It has become a glimmer in a dark spot of your reputation.
  • If as a result of the offense someone is injured, you must bring that person apologize and be sure to compensate for moral and material damage.
  • Perhaps one of the most difficult moments in the recovery of reputation at work or in society a number of people living is a just correction of errors. About this is to talk separately.

    Work on the bugs, or How to restore damaged reputation

    Honor is one of the most important values any person, but many realize it is not quite right. Often people perceive its reputation as a beautiful veil under which to hide too conspicuous flaws. Therefore, they make efforts not to be honest and trustworthy, and to those look. Such a person has to read the article further is not worth it.

    But those who really value their reputation should understand that the restoration of the professional reputation that has been damaged through no fault of their own, will require, above all, courage.

    It is necessary to publicly acknowledge his guilt and ask forgiveness. It is hard to make, so this step is already very important as bug fixes. Out loud to announce to all of its imperfection can only the strongest. If you take this step you will be able to partially make amends.

    This does not have to make a brave face and claim that apologies are easy. You need to behave naturally, while giving out a signal that trouble, delivered them, are the reason for your strong disappointment.

    If the result of your mistake someone was harmed, you need to discuss with the victim a compensation of this damage.

    To restore a damaged reputation should also consider a number of measures which will not allow the incident to happen again. On these measures it is necessary to announce to their colleagues, clients, friends, neighbors and other people in the eyes which must once again become a worthy man.

    Professional reputation restore is not as difficult as it may seem, especially if perfect slip was negligible.

    It is only the girl with the accountant after a mistake in the calculations start to work hard, without the distraction of other conversations, like a month later her reputation will be crystal clear.

    At the same time to regain his good name after a corporate party with dancing on the chair and hot arms with all representatives of the male half of the office – a task more difficult. But to really solve.

    How to restore the reputation of the girl

    So after a hot party until the end of life is not to wear the label disbanded and half-crazy girl, you should try to work on the bugs in several directions:

  • To admit participants in a deep sense of shame that torments you with the memories of what happened.
  • To exercise modesty and restraint in everyday communication. Let around I see that the liberty party is not a typical feature of behavior. Noticed that sometimes the most casually of the leisure activities are pretty modest in ordinary life, people. Probably this happens for the reason that they for a long time unable to relax, so in an informal setting, they just lose control.
  • Be sure to visit the next corporate party and is there to monitor every step of the way, forgetting the desire to relax. In order to restore the reputation, it is important to get into those circumstances again, but behave very differently.
  • After making the error many people feel very guilty and try to avoid crowded places. But psychologists assure that you do not need.

    On the contrary, communication with people will quickly realize that ideals do not exist, that the majority of errors can be corrected, that mistake is also a valuable experience. Therefore it is not necessary to withdraw into themselves and even more so to put on a cross.

    Carefully work on our mistakes, restore the reputation without false fears – and this work will be rewarded. Remember: society is much more loyal to those people than themselves, except, of course, those who value their honor, but only its visibility.

    Author – Pelageja, site

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