How to restore hair after bleaching, at home masks, essential and herbal oils

What pushes women to a radical change of image? First and foremost, is the desire to please the opposite sex. Given that statistically 40% of men think blondes are the most attractive, hair color is obvious. But alas, to find blond curls does not mean to be a beauty Queen, because the lightening is great spoils hair. A high risk that the hair will become brittle, lifeless and dull. How to restore hair after bleaching at home?

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  • 1 How to restore hair after bleaching on their own
    • 1.1 Special cosmetics
    • 1.2 Esters
    • 1.3 Vegetable oil
    • Table 1.4 — Vegetable oil, recommended for bleached hair
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  • 2 care Tips
  • 3 Testimonials: “I developed the system”

Lightening is a huge stress for hair. Aggressive components of the coloring tools lift scales, washing out their own pigment, giving hair a new shade. The higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the composition, the more harmful effects. If we consider the bleached hair under a microscope, its texture will be crumbly. This leads to vulnerability to external factors. And even if the naked eye you do not notice negative changes, your strands are still in need of rehabilitation.

How to restore hair after bleaching on their own

If you want to conquer surrounding a radiant blonde, it is important to maintain the health of the hair. There are a number of options to restore hair after bleaching. The main thing is to use regenerative remedies regularly.

Special cosmetics

Women manage to realize themselves in work, maintain the family home, but on the time left. Wash your hair and apply conditioner — it is, at times, all the beauties have time to make for the beauty of hair. It is therefore essential that cosmetic products to restore hair after bleaching brought the greatest possible benefit. Note that in the composition there were some useful components.

  • The plant extracts. Strengthen hair, improve its structure, impede cross-section. Have a positive impact on the scalp.
  • Glycerin. Prevents dehydration of the strands, retaining moisture in cell membranes. Performs a protective function.
  • Panthenol. Restores the structure of hair, sticking flakes. Makes hair smooth and supple. Easier to comb.
  • Proteins. Make the strands flexible and durable. Nourish the bulbs.
  • The UV filters. Necessary in the summer. Protect damaged strands from the harmful effects of direct sunlight.
  • Keratin. Into the structure of the hair, restoring it.
  • Antioxidants. Improve the condition of the scalp due to removal of cell toxins. Accelerate growth of hair.
  • Fruit acids.Neutralize the negative effects of hard water on hair. Promote healthy Shine.
  • Vitamins. Accelerate growth, to improve the condition of the scalp and giving hair a healthy Shine.
  • The silicones. Create a hair protective film. Make the hair visually thicker and shiny. Not suitable for frequent use.

Judging by the reviews, it is best to buy shampoos and conditioners for damaged hair repair after bleaching in beauty salons. High price usually kompensiruet economical consumption and good effect.Esters

Essential oils are one of the most valuable components used in home cosmetology. To restore blond hair they can be used in four main ways.

  • Mask. Per tablespoon of base oil, take three drops of ether. Spread the mixture over the hair and leave for 30-40 minutes.
  • Spray. Five drops of oil, spread in a glass of purified water and pour into a container with spray. Spray on the curls after washing and throughout the day.
  • Shampoo. Two or three drops of your favorite live add to a single norm of the shampoo during shampooing.
  • Aromamassage. Drip a few drops of ether on a brush with natural bristles. Brush the curls for a quarter of an hour.
  • Aromatic esters will make your damaged hair fragrance and Shine. The action of the oils on the hair are described in the table.

    Table — effects of essential oils for damaged hair

    Essential oilHow does
    Rosemary— Fights dandruff;
    — moisturizes the skin;
    — strengthens the hair;
    — restores the structure of the strands
    NeroliIntensively moisturizes;
    — protects from extreme temperatures;
    dry flakes
    Orange— Nourishes the hair follicles;
    — improves the condition of oily hair;
    — stimulates the production of collagen;
    — struggling with a section of tips
    Sandalwood— Revives dry curls;
    — deeply moisturizes the hair shaft;
    — prevents early graying;
    — stimulates the hair follicles
    Jasmine— Prevents the evaporation of moisture from the strands;
    — gives the hair elasticity;
    — prevents cross-section and brittle
    Ylang-ylang— Gives elasticity to parched tresses;
    — stops hair loss
    Chamomile— Whitening effect;
    — adds Shine;
    — smoothes;
    — moisturizes

    The main contraindications to the use of essential oils an allergic reaction. Before applying the product on your hair apply a little bit of ether on the wrist. If a quarter of an hour you will not feel uncomfortable, feel free to proceed to the procedures.

    Vegetable oil

    What’s the secret to strong, thick and shiny hair Oriental beauties? Of course, the role played by genetics and feeding habits. But one of the decisive factors is the regular care of vegetable oils. You can apply them on the tresses in the pure form, and can be combined with other nutrients. The table contains oils that will help to restore burnt hair after bleaching.

    Table — oil, recommended for bleached hair

    Olive— Adds Shine;
    — eliminates dryness;
    — prevents breakage;
    — struggling with a section;
    — facilitates combing
    Burdock— Soothes the scalp;
    — fights dandruff;
    — provide nutrition to follicles;
    — gives the hair elasticity;
    — accelerates hair growth
    Almond oil— Thickens the hair structure;
    — accelerates the growth of hair;
    — prevents breakage;
    — protects from ultraviolet radiation
    Coconut oil— Adds Shine;
    — smoothes and aligns the strands;
    — prevents cross-section;
    — creates volume
    Argan— Seals the scales;
    — strengthens the roots;
    — fights dandruff

    Known in Medieval Europe perfumer Jose de Mal invented for his beloved elixirs for hair. In it consisted of oil of tea rose and grape seed.Mask

    At home you can prepare an effective mask to restore hair after bleaching. Suitable regenerating means recipes that are easy to cook with their hands, are gathered in the table.

    Table — Recipes home masks for hair restoration after bleaching

    For smoothnessColorless henna;
    — water (to bring the tool to the consistency of sour cream
    30 minutes
    For volume— Egg yolk;
    — teaspoon of honey;
    — the same amount of brandy
    1 hour
    Moisturizing— Heated yogurt1 hour
    From yellowing— A tablespoon of mayonnaise;
    — teaspoon of olive oil;
    — the same mustard oil;
    — same amount of lemon juice
    40 minutes
    For softness— Tablespoon of aloe juice;
    — teaspoon of honey;
    the same castor oil
    30 minutes
    For Shine— 2 egg yolks (whisk to foam);
    — tablespoon of vodka;
    — the same oil vitamin A
    1 hour
    FirmingMustard powder;
    the same green clay;
    — the same olive oil
    15 minutes
    For rapid growth— Lemon juice;
    — same amount of onion juice;
    — as much garlic juice
    20 minutes
    Protective— Teaspoon of gelatin;
    — tablespoon of warm water (to dissolve gelatin);
    the same number of hair;
    — egg yolk
    1 hour
    Nutritional— Mashed avocado;
    — mashed banana;
    — 2 tablespoons of yogurt
    30 minutes
    For elasticity— Tablespoon of burdock oil;
    — same amount of castor oil;
    — a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar;
    — egg yolk
    45 minutes

    Before applying the mask on your hair gently reheat the composition. During the session insulate the head wrap and hat. These actions will help the components of the mask to “open up” to the maximum.

    Care tips

    Restore hair after bleaching — it’s hard work. To your efforts as soon as possible paid off, stick to the eight major recommendations for the care of blond curls.

  • Masks do courses. Apply to tresses nutritional folk remedies have at least once a week if you have normal or oily hair. If you have dry hair, you will need two or three sessions. The full course is three months.
  • Alternate funds. Every two to three weeks to change the composition of for power curls. So, an egg mask with honey is good to combine with warmed yogurt.
  • Protect tresses from the sun and frost. Both winter and summer need to hide the bleached strands under a hat, to prevent their splitting and breaking.
  • Give up the reasonable to combine thermo procedures. At least the first couple of weeks after bleaching using Hairdryer, hair straightener and Curling irons should be deleted entirely. Their further use is possible only in case of emergency. Do not forget about the means with the effect of the heat shield.
  • Trim the ends. Periodicity — once a quarter. This will refresh the hair, and will also allow more efficient use of own resources and nourishing ingredients masks.
  • Correctly wash your hair. The water should be warm. To complete the procedure you need cold herbal rinse to scales closed.
  • Use professional tools. Regularly apply on the ends of a moisturizing serum.
  • Nourish strands from the inside. Eat right and take Supplements. Positively affect the condition of hair brewer’s yeast and fish oil.
  • The number of natural blondes in the world is steadily reduced, because the gene for dark hair people dominates. Only over the past half century, their number has decreased twice. Scientists estimate that in 200 years people with natural blond curls and does not remain. Fortunately, modern cosmetics are able in minutes to turn the burning brunette in a Golden-haired blonde. It is important to know how to treat hair after bleaching, so as not to spoil the hair in the pursuit of beauty.

    Reviews: “I developed the system”

    Also used to melirovanie and very messed up hair. Hairdresser advised only after each wash hair using shampoo and everything. But I developed my system of hair restoration. I decided to switch to natural shampoos for hair care. Use masks and balms natural. In the end, after coloring your hair shiny and very soft to the touch, silky, not like a sponge. Goal: to restore, to nourish, to enliven the bleached hair – do this after washing the hair the whole length, apply a hair mask for 30 minutes. Then on slightly damp hair to the ends of the hair apply a serum. To ensure that the hair does not fall out and well-combed hair, apply conditioner and thermal protection, and only then dried.

    Ekaterina Kushnir,

    I mairou the hair permanently and to refuse it can not. Advised me to grease your hair with olive oil and lemon juice. I do these procedures, and I think the hair is much improved. Hair is more crumbly and is endowed with essential moisture.


    Could not to share..I dyed your hair, what I have curls, and they just began to break. A week I never touched them, and then dyed her hair with Basma, but mixed it with the brown henna, and so painted for 3 weeks every weekend and sat for an hour and a half. And now I have perfect curls, thick and vibrant hair. The most important thing that long and didn’t have a short haircut


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