How to restore order in the closet with the clothes or in the kitchen cupboard?

Usually we seek to bring order to the closet below and the extra space to release, and the stuff in it to spread out more carefully.

And if you periodically set myself such a task, we have prepared tips will be useful to you.

How to bring order to the closet?

If you undertook the cleaning, we must act confidently and steadily. It does not matter whether it is wardrobe or you want to know how to restore order in the kitchen cabinets.

  • Go through the contents of the cabinets and sort of unnecessary. Your main task — to get rid of those things that you have not used and you are unlikely to be useful in the near future. After conducting this inventory, you will not only free up additional space inside the Cabinet, but will relate the number of remaining things with the space required to store them.
  • The next step for a person who ponders how to restore order in the closet, should be sort of things. Divide them by types. If we are talking about a Cabinet, select category, — suits, dresses, shorts. If you put things in order in the kitchen, the group separately, cereals, spices, accessories for cutting and so on. Within each type the items you can also sort by size or color.
  • Actively use the boxes and walls. With their help you can easily separate the stuff of different categories from each other. As a result, they will be better streamlined, and the storing will become more careful, which will ultimately affect the useful life of the respective subjects.
  • Use every inch of the inside of the Cabinet. If your stuff is not enough volume and take a shelf just before the half, it is possible to install them on another shelf. Don’t forget about the Cabinet doors. If we are talking about the closet, with their inner side, attach a few hooks for bags and belts. If you order the contents of the Cabinet in the kitchen, then fit it on the door special attachment for caps or small organizers for storage of spices.
  • Place the things you use often close. Let them be in the zone of free access, allowing you to reach out to them. The same items which are required to occasionally, safely go on the top shelf.
  • Update the contents of their wardrobes. You wonder how to bring order to the closet? After going through all the things in it, you will easily understand what you are missing and what requires replacement. In addition, after analysis of the items of clothing or kitchen utensils category, you will almost certainly come to the conclusion that you do not have enough paper trays for convenient storage. But once you purchase the missing baskets, crates and boxes your wardrobe is visually transformed.
  • Many of us are wondering how to quickly restore order in the closet. But completely forget about the fact that this order must also be maintained. Regularly on the shelves and in the drawers of an audit, put things strictly on the places reserved for them, time to get rid of the failed and not the desired items. Maintaining order is important in that it saves not only your time but also your strength, allowing you to stay longer in a good mood.

Some useful tricks

If you have already led your wardrobe in order, it is useful also to follow a couple of tips that facilitate its further use. That is why the website recommends that you pay attention to the following points.

  • Drawers and boxes should be labelled. For these purposes, can be used as neutral stickers and colourful themed stickers. This is particularly relevant issue for those who are trying to restore order in the kitchen cupboards. Among a large number of different cans and boxes is extremely difficult to find, especially if they are similar to each other. And stickers in this situation will be a real salvation.
  • If you ponder over how to restore order in the closet with the clothes, please pay attention to the hanging bags and racks. They can store shoes, bags, accessories, some clothing items. Placed in the area for hangers bags use the empty space of the Cabinet and thereby creating additional space for storing things on shelves.
  • For clothes and accessories use the special planners. They can be fabric or plastic, but they have one purpose — to save you from the mess inside the appropriate boxes. Let each of your accessories will be a separate cell, and you will be surprised at how convenient it is.
  • Your wardrobe will be perceived bigger and more fun, if the internal walls will be painted in a light shade. It is useful also to place inside the Cabinet a few led light bulbs, thanks to which you will be able to find the necessary things.
  • Decorate the Cabinet to your liking. Stick it on the door you find inspiring pictures, post them stickers with reminders for yourself, even try your hand at artistic painting. Make a wardrobe unique, and it will delight you daily.

So now you know how to restore order in the closet. This means that it will now always be spacious and bright, things are stacked neatly and will be easy to reach for any of them. The bigger you come to the question of restoring order, the more satisfactory and pleasant for you will be the result of cleaning.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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