How to return to work after the decree

Women’s website “” today, I will share several secrets of how quickly and without discomfort to return to work after maternity leave. This forced break and a radical change of activity is a significant stress for the individual.

For a long time (up to three years) change your interests, priorities and routines. Psychologically, after such a “detached” from the world state it is difficult to return to past duties.

So that

In addition to overcoming the fear of a young mother in front of “new old” job, there is a new excitement for the baby that you’re going for the first time for a long time to leave. You’ve probably thought about this question, if you firmly intend to get back to work.

At Arsenal there is a kindergarten, nanny services, or grandparents. Remember that adaptation of the child to kindergarten can last from one month to one year, so to go to work it is desirable to have after the child’s habituation to the new environment.

Same thing if the baby will stay with grandma. Preferably before the first working day often leave them alone, explaining that “mom’s got important things to do”, promising to return after a certain time and always keep promises.

I’m with you!

Psychologists recommend for decree does not “run” nor their skills, nor the ability to communicate. To quickly return to work after maternity leave, always follow the news in their professional activities, and at the end of the decree take some courses in their specialty, and maybe even personal growth training.

If possible, do not stop to communicate with their colleagues, and even better – meet with them as often as possible and communicate on professional topics, leaving aside the issues of breastfeeding.

If the link is broken, be sure to find your colleagues before you exit decree, for example, in social networks and communicate.

Adapting to change

Do not panic if you decree the company has undergone great changes, for example, surveillance cameras were installed, the other rules, the rules, dress code, and, of course, there are new people. advised to meet friends, colleagues to this meeting to find out the latest gossip ?

The main thing – positive outcomes, strive to learn new things and believe in yourself again, “get in the system.

Remember your very first day on this job, you feel much the same, right? You then managed to find their way here, will be able and now!

How to ease your return to work after the decree

  • in advance to meet with the chief and confirm the seriousness of their intentions, perhaps to develop a work plan for the first week;
  • to restore order in the apartment, pay the bills;
  • to get a slow cooker, which at first will save your time on cooking, while you’re not “addicted” to the new rhythm;
  • stock up on blanks, to first not to lose his leg from inventing and cooking dinner;
  • pre-teach the kid basic hygiene and other habits, so it also saves your time ?


On the eve of the first working day after the decree of the mark for yourself for half an hour and try to just aim for comfortable access to the work. Write on a piece of their strong professional and personal qualities and think how you can apply them in the present situation.

Imagine you will be even in three years and what do you need to do.

Visualize how confident you are in the office as friendly to your new colleagues, and how glad the chief is your return ? All this will help relieve the “jitters”, and at least you’ll sleep better.

Try to drop the perfectionism, as more time will have to be paid to communication with the baby and work, not “sterile” order in the house. It’s okay if the first time you have on the table is not the ideal dinner, and quickly cooked the dumplings.

Return to work after the decree requires one more condition: learn to leave business at the office. Try all the time, especially weekends, to give the baby.

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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