How to save at the supermarket on groceries and food

You used to shop in supermarkets and rarely go on the market? Of course, as in the big chain stores always have discounts, and why go far, because here you can find everything you need!

Yes, buy in these stores is really convenient. But is it profitable? How to save at the supermarket and not spend too much? How to purchase products wisely? Read all about it in our article on

Why is there a risk of spending more?

Surely you have often noticed that you go to the supermarket for two or three products and come out with loaded bags and an empty purse. And often, coming home and seeing the shopping, we did wonder why he took a third pack of sour cream or fifth cheese?! Why is this happening?

Blame the scientific approach, called merchandising and is directed to a buyer to buy a particular product. Merchandising is a subspecies of the marketing associated with advertising and promotion of the product, and large chain stores use them very successfully.

Want examples? Please!

How the supermarket manipulates the psychology of the buyer?

If you are not familiar with the above network of shops, you are unlikely to save money at the supermarket. Have you noticed that the food of the first necessity always located in the most distant corners of the trading floor meat in one end, bread in another, milk in the third. While you move between them, your eye catches the many other alluring products, do not take that off the shelf so hard!

Yes, and the most expensive items are always at eye level, but cheaper products — usually at the lower or the upper shelves.

What can you say about discounts, sales and promotions of the type “take one — get three”?

And we take, do we take from the shelf not so and we need a product just because it is, at first glance, is beneficial. And when he got home, we understand that he quite unnecessarily, and besides, he will soon run out of shelf life.

These and many other like them above carefully in advance of experienced marketers and merchandisers — what prevents us to save on purchases in the supermarket.

How to save at the supermarket: we went around trick store

But forewarned is forearmed. And now the site will tell you how not to fall into the trap of experienced craftsmen sales.


Have you noticed that the entrance to the trade hall is usually located on the right, and exit (cashier) on the left? This is necessary because buyer, moving always to the right side to the shelves, can easily take their products. If you bypass the trading room from left to right, you will feel some discomfort, but do not be tempted to take the first available product to which stretched right hand.


Search for a product on all the shelves, avoid foods at the ends of the racks. Usually at the ends of a goods that are offered as “bestsellers”. In fact here is the so-called illiquid — what is sold is not very active.

Do not be lazy to look at the bottom shelf, or stretch and look at the top — maybe there’s something you want, but at a more attractive price: it will help you save on products in the supermarket.

The price tag

Look carefully at the price tag, especially for those products that are already packaged and weighed. Here it is necessary to pay attention not to the final price, and the price per kilogram. Also pay attention to the prices in the framework of the stock — they are bright and highlighted to catch the eye. In fact, it may happen that the price was not lower, it just highlighted for attracting attention.


Do not give in to the artificially created shortage. Sometimes supermarkets are such a trick: on the shelves, completely filled with goods, there is empty space, with only a few samples of the product. The purchaser seeks to acquire the “last”, thinking that the rest of sold out people who know. And item also in several pieces, continues to appear on the shelf.

Besides, this product you may not need.


Do not buy goods on the checkout, it will not help you save in the supermarket. According to statistics, here is products, the margin on which is 300-400%. Accordingly, the supermarket earns it the most.

A similar product (gum, chocolates and condoms) can be found on the shelves in the back of the store much cheaper.

How to save at the store: General guidelines

In addition to the above the supermarket, we often make mistakes that cause us to take more unnecessary products, spend large amounts of money and not save on, what to save is simple. Here are a few “commandments” for buyers, these ways to save at the supermarket will suit everyone:

  • always make a list, even if it will consist of 3-5 paragraphs — write down the products that you want to purchase.
  • never go to the supermarket on an empty stomach — so there is a risk to take twice as needed;
  • try not to go to the store with the kids, especially if you need to buy a bit — this entails unnecessary waste;
  • buy loose goods by weight, not in packages (any package will have to pay!);
  • to save money at the supermarket, use the discount card, try not to forget it at home before going to the store or to carry;
  • although it seems a trifle, bring packages from home, and not buy new at the checkout — so you make your contribution to environmental protection;
  • pay with cash, not card — you will be able to fully control the amount spent, and cash is subconsciously always want to save.

Here these tips on how to save money at the supermarket and avoid the tricks marketers, today we have shared with you. If you remember them, you will not fall into the trap of advertisers and will be able to achieve significant savings for your family budget.

Author – Tatiana Maltseva, site

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