How to save the figure at the feast: how to eat on holiday

The holidays are not only the New Year. On the nose we have Valentine’s Day, Fatherland defender’s Day, March 8,… Probably each of us thinks about how to keep your figure in this series of events. Today women’s site will tell you how to prepare for the feast and how to eat on holiday, not to gain weight.

Food before the holiday: prepare the figure

Of course, it is impossible to maintain your figure on holiday without taking care of it BEFORE the holiday. To have something to save, eat at least 2 weeks according to this scheme:

The 80% rule

This rule came to us from Asia. It States that you should eat until you feel full 80%. Oddly enough, hungry you will not go. And once again feel an attack of hunger, again it will eat until you feel 80% full.

Moreover, it does not mean that your stomach should be filled with 80% — it’s just your own personal perception of satiety. Remember this rule when you eat at the festival!

Eat with a small blue plates

This advice is given to dieters very often, and it works! Take a small shallow dish is great, and you feel that you ate already enough, but you will eat less. A blue color will dull the appetite.

This technique you can apply when you will eat at the feast, not to eat too much.

More flavorful food!

Spices work wonders! Aromatic food increases the pleasure of eating. We do not need to eat huge portions to enjoy!

So add to food parsley, rosemary, oregano, dill, Basil and other aromatic herbs.

Keep in mind that eat

The easiest way to do it, if you start to keep a food diary. There you will make everything: what eat in a moment of sadness, and the fact that at the time of acute hunger. A diary will answer you as honestly as you eat.

In addition, knowing that you have to be accountable to someone (even ourselves), you will be more careful about what you put in your mouth.

Watch out for salt

Experts recommend: to lose weight and look younger for 7 years, you just have to… 7 days of not eating salt!

Indeed, the excessive consumption of salt (e.g. snacks, chips, crackers, and so on) leads to edema, and you look at the feast of bloated, puffy and old. So try a salt-free diet.

How to eat right before a holiday?

The feast is tonight! For example, you meet in a café with friends, go to a restaurant with your beloved or receive guests at home. Need to look your best, especially around the waist. A few tips from will help you!

Don’t allow hungry faint

The day before the holiday to eat a must! Don’t think just to tide you over until the evening – and there can fill the stomach and rest. Believe me, a lot at the festival, you will become lethargic, will not acquire sexy stomach, and no dancing and fun will not happen.

So the day before the feast, eat small portions of healthy food. All just ?

No gas!

Want to stay slim on holiday? Then watch what you eat during the day. There are products that can show a stomach. They do eat – and the holiday will be spoiled ?

So, beware of eating before the holiday everything gas: garlic, peas, beans, cabbage, black bread, sweets, fizzy drinks. Some of the gas from apples, raw milk and yogurt.

Before going – nuts and water

You’ve been keeping yourself, eat right and in small portions, and that’s the time out of the house. You are nervous and … want to eat. What should I do?

You will help a handful of nuts (better to take almonds or cashews) and two glasses of water. I assure you the party you arrive fresh and absolutely not hungry!

How to eat on holiday, to keep the shape?

You have arrived on holiday, sit at the table… so Much tastier! I want to try is this and that! What to do? How to cope with cravings and maintain your figure on holiday?

Put on something slinky and sexy

For example, your favorite dress, tight tight your wonderful waist. Oh, now overeating you will be difficult… and besides ashamed!

Choose a tall glass

Pure optical illusion: when we drink from tall, thin glasses, we think that we drank more and got more funthan drinking out wide.

Drinks + water

Alcohol is a satellite of overeating because it stimulates the appetite. Drunk and want to “jam”.

Therefore, in order to preserve the shape of the feast, after drinking a glass of don’t eat and drink a glass of water with ice. Then another glass of water. After this procedure, you will not wish to eat or drink, and the harm from alcohol will be less.

If the holiday buffet

Eat at the feast in the following way: select 2 courseswho would like to try. Then put on a plate plenty of vegetables and lean protein foods: meat, fish, cheese…

Bite 3 times

The cake is fantastic, but to eat at the feast properly! So when you take a piece, decide in advance what bit three times:

  • The first one to try
  • Second – to have fun
  • Third – to put a fine point on this holiday belly ?

Away from the table!

Want to chat with the guests? Stand away from the table to the distance between you and food. Then an extra piece of cake to eat on the holiday will be much harder!

The road weaknesses

Yes, that’s right! Holiday – this is the case, when we allow ourselves to relax! Each of us has a favorite delicacy – for example, I love ice cream. So on holiday I eat, leaning on the ice cream, and cakes-cakes ignored. And my figure tells me it’s “thank you”!

Mountain vegetables

Vegetables should occupy on a plate much more spacethan all other products.

Check – have you got exactly? Congratulations – you sure know how to keep your body on holiday!

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