How to save time, not waste it in vain and to do more?

Is it possible that by scheduling a bunch of useful things, in the end, you do not have time to do half? Start to analyze what took time – and it turns out that it went unnoticed to the little things, unworthy and pointless exercise… You will help time management (translated as “time management”). From this article on the website you know, what is save time to do more!

“Gum time”

You can compare all the things that we waste our time with food. There are delicious, but not generating, there is unappetizing, but is very useful. For example, going to a party is like pizza: tasty, appetizing, and sometimes you can afford it, but in large quantities benefits from no pizza, no parties do not happen!

But washing dishes is oatmeal: it’s a pleasure for the Amateur, but thought about the benefits of the case force us every day to eat a bowl of oatmeal and wash the dishes!

But there are things that, without causing any obvious harm, or benefit, to create the illusion of filling in time – just as the gum creates the illusion of eating.

It’s wandering around the sites, the chatter in social networks, computer games (who “Bunker”, and who harmless office solitaire), switching TV channels and watching the chaotic Mish-mash of movies, videos, TV shows, and news…

“” of course not forced to abandon the TV and the Internet! But to use the benefits of civilization ceased to be “gum time”, learn to set certain goals, the execution of which is limited in time. Send an e-mail – 10 minutes to find the information you need – 5 minutes to download the data in 15 minutes. And all switch off the computer!

For a smart TV buy a TV guide and only see specific programs, noting them in advance – so you will be able to carefully consider their choice.

Otocica the habit of running to the screen whenever it seems that you have nothing to do – it is not! Even if there is some urgent pressing matters, there are those that we forget, and remember only sometimes, with a sigh: “Absolutely nothing to save time, so don’t have time…”.

In addition to all sorts of things like sewing on buttons for the blouse, the time saved on the seat in front of the TV and the computer, is spent on the execution of old dream – to cook a very special dish, sew a toy with his hands for the child to write the conventional paper, letter non-resident elderly relative, have not learned to use the Internet… After all, all sorts of creative ideas often visit us all – so why send them a kick in the corner of her mind?

Just replace these “tasty and useful” works “gum“!

Save time, combining the different cases in the same period of time

If you again resort to culinary allegories, we want to tell one case from life.

Once my husband and I were staying in a hotel room. Dinner under the terms of the permit we weren’t supposed to, but I wanted something hot. In our disposal there was only the socket, kettle and a mug. And then my husband made a revolution in cooking – in a mug he poured water, put two raw eggs and began to heat water in boiler. Right before the boiling water he gave to the same coffee. In just 3 minutes we had two fresh, cooked “in the bag” egg and completely the victim from the neighborhood egg coffee!

What is the moral of the story? Yes, that’s great to save time you can, if you learn how to do different things in parallel – as is quite possible, as many processes actually do not require your constant supervision!

For example, in the morning, placing kettle to boil, and you can wash and brush your teeth, brew tea – even dress and hair! For Breakfast you will have time to get in full dress!

What prevents to work faster?

Another common trap time if you need to do something not very pleasant, we instead concentrate and to do it quickly, we find ourselves “otvlekli”. Not the fact that the main occupation begins to bring joy, but its execution leaves much more time – even if you do not notice!

Such distractions can be a radio or TV, open a page in the social network, where you constantly look…

Turn it off at run time, requiring concentration to the time saved can the soul to dance in front of the mirror to the radio or watch an interesting movie!

In General, to save time, often need to think about what and why you do, does it make sense, what result you want to achieve…

Soon you will learn to abandon the nonsensical activities and waste of time!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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