How to select the built-in dishwasher?

What woman does not dream to have in his kitchen assistant who would wash all the dishes? Would be on hand at the women of Fedora from the famous fairy tale by Korney Chukovsky “fedorino grief” dishwasher, dirty plates, spoons and pots never ran away from her.

In fact, as a joke: “Unwashed dishes is a constant. Its amount is limited by the height of the crane”.

To sink with the dirty dishes was not a big Tetris, the women’s website “” will help readers to select the built-in dishwasher.

Consider the main options of choice to find out what built-in dishwasher you should choose.

As it is embedded?

Built-in dishwashers are divided into two types:

  • Pornostream — those that fully fit harmoniously into the kitchen, hiding behind the furniture facade and not see them. This option is ideal for kitchens with thoughtful design solution.
  • Partially built-in dishwasher do not hide buttons neat panel on the outside. It is convenient and practical. Manage built-in dishwashers of this type is much easier than paleostriatum.

Capacity and compactness

The size of the dishwasher depends on how many at a time (for one cycle) of dishes she can wash. Therefore, those who selects what size built-in dishwashers to choose for your kitchen, you need to focus on the capacity of the device.

Determined by this criterion the maximum number of kits that are placed in the machine to wash. One set is the number of dishes that the average person needs to use food for 1 time: two plates (deep and shallow), a spoon with a fork and a Cup with saucer.

You can select the built-in dishwasher, which accommodates up to 17 sets.

  • So, for small families (up to 4 people) will be enough to pick up the car on 4 – 6 sets. This dishwasher is ideal for those who are looking for how to choose a built-in dishwasher for small kitchen. Dishwashers for 3-4 sets is compact and practical to use. Their sizes small 45 cm wide, 50 cm high and 50 cm in depth.
  • A lot more selection of washing machines bigger capacity (8 to 10 sets). This dishwasher is considered to be the best option for families in which there are more than 4 people. Dishwashers the capacity is slightly higher for small cars is 80 cm, but the width and depth are about the same – 50-60 cm Is the most popular version of the dishwasher for the home.
  • For many families the perfect will of the dishwasher with large capacity – from 11 sets. Their dimensions differ very little from machines-dishwashers are medium in size, but wash the dishes for once they can do more.

Please note, in some dishwashers the large size provides a partial (half) download, very practical and convenient. You can load the dishwasher is only half full and not wait for a large number of dirty dishes.

Positive reviews of embedded dishwashers with half load got model Bosch SMV53L30EU, ZIM606H Hansa, Hotpoint-Ariston LST 5337 X etc.

Advice from for those who doubt what to choose built-dishwasher: a small, medium or large, we advise you to consider the fact that the utensils in which the food is cooked (pots and pans), are not considered in sets.

Therefore, if possible, it is better to take the dishwasher to the large size to again wash the dishes after eating, and the dishes in which these foods were prepared.

Modes of washing and temperature

Every model has at least 4 main modes for washing dishes, which is enough for daily use:

  • Normal (daily);
  • Intense;
  • Fast;
  • Preliminary (soaking).

But most often manufacturers add a couple of modes, among which are:

  • Glass or delicate cycle (for washing delicate dishes);
  • Economy mode for low contaminated utensils;
  • Bio-mode, which means you can wash the dishes even at a low temperature;
  • Children’s tableware, etc.

You can also select the built-in dishwasher with automatic mode selection. But is it worth to pay for it?

I chose the Bosch SPV58M50RU. The small and handy dishwasher for small kitchens. Perfectly instead it is a kitchen Cabinet. I chose the most minimal amount of features. To avoid confusion and not to overpay, choose a dishwasher: consider the model, starting from the bottom of the proposed range. As a rule, the more features, the higher the price. Enough main 4 modes of cleaning. And be sure brand see. I had Ariston – awful, as bad a dish! Tatiana.


Also for those who want to choose a good dishwasher, I advise you to pay attention to the amount of the proposed temperature hot water – what will be more, the price will be higher. Standard temperatures of 40, 60 and 70 degrees. There is also a car mode for automatic selection of temperature from 40 to 70 degrees.

The consumption of water and electricity

Buy dishwasher built-the machine is cost efficient it can save you a significant amount of water consumed for washing dishes, and most importantly – time!

Choosing built-in dishwasher, pay attention to the amount of water it consumes for washing dishes.

  • Optimal acquisition is a machine that is designed for consumption not more than 15 litres of water for washing.
  • Now you can also choose an ideal model in which water consumption and even less – up to 9 litres for a single cycle.
  • Those cars, which consume more than 20 litres of water per cycle, can not be called economically viable.

The amount of energy consumed for operation is directly dependent on the amount of water that you want the car to wash the dishes. If your assistant in the kitchen is economical and it takes only 8 litres per cycle, it will spend 0,62 kW of power, but for the machine, which washing takes 12 liters of water, have 0.8 kW, to all the dishes washed perfectly.

Protection against leakage

Those who are looking for what built-dishwasher choose, you need to pay attention to protection against leaks. This function controls the size of the machine with water. You can choose full or partial protection against leaks.

  • For more expensive models also offer maximum protection from leaks – this is the best choice in terms of security. A special valve will work automatically, if there is any even minor problems with the supply of water, and completely block its arrival.
  • Under the partial protection of the water flow will stop when the water will begin to flow and fill the tray of water. But such protection is also reliable and protects the machine from damage, and the home from the flood.


The majority of built dishwashers operate relatively quietly. The range of noise levels varies from 38 to 55 DB.
The most quiet models up to 45 DB. They can work even at night and not to disturb the owners to relax.

  • My machine for washing dishes BEKO DIS 5831. Works “belchick” quietly. My sister-in-law, the dishwasher rattles so, like there’s an earthquake. Valentine.
  • That works, my machine dishwashing Electrolux ESL 96361 LO, reminds me of only the beam-indicator on the floor. Irina.

Machine 45 DB cheaper in cost. They also work relatively quietly, but during the dark time of the day you can remind yourself.

Class washing and drying

When choosing, pay attention to the class (quality) of washing and the class (method) of drying.

  • For washing the ideal option would be a – class, tableware in this class of washed washing would be ideal.
  • Classes b and C allow for slight contamination, but today’s models with the class sink In and you will meet very rarely. All the modern manufacturers are designing sophisticated models with a washing class A.

While the sink class and undesirable for dishes, drying class you can choose a model with various convenient modes of drying. Most offer two options for drying class.

  • Condensation drying – after washing dishes dries out, but may remain a drop of water on it.
  • Turbo drying – washed dishes must be rinsed and dries. Dishwasher with this option drying will be more expensive and less common.

Control type

Management can be mechanical and electronic.

The first option is very convenient, but to find a dishwashing machine with a mechanical control mode today is very difficult. Easier, you will find options with electronic control – the machine will Orient the choice of the mode of washing and temperature.

Equipment and installation

The machine definitely comes with a hose attachment. Don’t forget that the device needs to connect to the mains supply (socket with grounding), water supply and sanitation. To install the dishwasher by yourself, but it is better to consult specialists.

Thought the process of installation of the dishwasher takes a lot of time. But the expert from the company where you bought the machine, did everything very quickly – from 9 am to 15.00. One and the same person, and the socket made, and a wire laid and water connected. And all this for just 700 rubles! Katya.

All dishwashers have filters that need to be removed, washed and put in place. You can do it yourself.

Additional features

  • The most popular additional feature – a timer delay. This feature allows you to start the wash mode for a certain time.
  • Most often built-in dishwasher, choose which is not too difficult, automatically heats the water, but there are some models that have a hot water connection.
  • Very comfortable as the reviews say about built-in dishwashers when there is a separate grid for washing Cutlery and knives. A trifle easier to put in such capacity, and not to rasstegivat across the machine.

To summarize

  • For a small family would be a suitable model for 6 sets or a great machine with possibility of half load.
  • For families in which more than 4 people, it is better to choose a dishwasher with a capacity of 10 sets.
  • If you have Cutlery sets of fragile glass that you use frequently, choose a model with a mode of delicate washing.
  • For those who want to save water, you need to select the built-in dishwasher not more than 8 or 9 litres water consumption per cycle.
  • Most popular dishwashers that have a lot of positive feedback, produce BOSCH, BEKO, Electrolux.
  • Negative reviews of built-in dishwashers you can find about the companies Gorenje , Kaiser, IKEA, Ariston.

Now you know how to select the built-in dishwasher. Let this assistant will greatly facilitate your daily kitchen chores.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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