How to send and receive Fax

Despite the fact that modern office technology is rapidly evolving, Fax machines remain in demand around the world. People use the Fax, recognizing this way of transmitting information one of the most simple and reliable. However, not everyone knows how to send and receive a Fax.
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  • Fax;
  • -working telephone line;
  • paper of A4 format.

Instructions 1 Turn on the Fax machine. Wait until it comes in working condition and turn on the mode “stand by”. Take a sheet of A4. Locate the slot for the paper, in most vehicles it is located in the lid and insert the paper until it clicks. Make sure that the sheet is inserted correctly, otherwise incorrect operation of Fax guaranteed. 2 Prepare the desired number. Do not forget to specify the country code if the Fax is sent abroad, as well as city code. Lift the handset and dial the number. 3 Wait for a response on the other end. Introduce yourself and ask to receive a Fax. This procedure may not be necessary if the other end Fax is enabled by default. Click “Start” on the unit. Inserted sheet of paper slowly crawl inside the Fax. If the upload process there was a breakdown or technical difficulties, then paper would stop in the office. The display will show the message about the possible error. 4 If you called and asked to receive a Fax, pick up the phone. Once at the end of the line say “please Fax”, click “start”. Now wait. If the paper came out of the machine, then the Fax went OK. Please note, it is not necessary to interrupt during transmission or Fax reception. Moreover, if the transfer was important and needed to make sure everything came okay, hang on and wait for the Fax receiving side will not receive and will not switch to audio mode. Related videos Note Be careful in time to change the ink cartridges. The operation of the Fax improperly installed or dried ink will lead to the breakage of the Fax. Useful tip don’t mess with the paper. Control the sheet size and its condition. Wrinkled paper or accidentally inserted a pair of sheets instead of one will lead to a paper “jam”. Paper stuck in the Fax machine and may have to call a repair technician. A useful tip? Yes No Print How to send and receive Fax

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