How to slice eggs both beautiful and delicious?

For each family it is important that prepared her meals were not only delicious, but also beautiful. An indispensable ingredient and a real decoration for many dishes will be the usual eggs, sliced in various ways.

And tricks how to slice eggs both beautiful and delicious, we share.

How to chop the eggs with a little

Usually crushed so the eggs we use for external decoration of salads, but they can also be part of many other dishes.

Cut into the same tiny eggs is a snap.

It is necessary to place them alternately in a regular ceramic Cup, then put the edge of the Cup and knife to start the eggs in a Cup “mix”. To was perfectly fine baby, you will need less than a minute.

Eggs julienne

There is nothing easier than to slice the egg into strips. To do this, just need to put it horizontally and holding with a hand, cut into plates of the necessary thickness. Then turn the egg 90 degrees and slice again.

In the end you’ll have a neat straw.

Eggs diced

If you need to slice eggs cubes, then you we can use one of the appliances. For example, to help you come food processors, meat grinders and blenders, which has the appropriate nozzle.

In addition, you can also always resort to using manual slicers. The main advantages of this device should be attributed to the affordable price and ease of use.

If no special device at hand you don’t then you can perform cutting eggs and using a regular knife. For this you need to slice hard-boiled and cooled egg into strips, then hold a knife a few times, not only along but also across the available slices.

Eggs hearts

If you want to decorate the prepared dish with nicely sliced eggs, then the best solution for you would be eggs in the form of hearts. To give them the desired shape is not difficult.

To do this, take a small piece of cardboard, a pencil and a couple rubber bands.

Fold the cardboard in half, put it between the bent parts of the hard-boiled and pre-shelled egg. Please note that the egg must be still hot.

Push the outside of the pencil and firmly fix the position of all existing items with the help of rubber bands.

Just 10 minutes and the egg will gain the necessary form. Cut it on a flat plate along and in the end we get a nice hearts.

More simple and original way to slice the egg does not come up.

The flower from the egg

Well, if you prepare a festive table, then you probably will like our next idea.

The website recommends to cook the flower from the egg. How to slice an egg for this purpose, we readily will tell. Moreover, there are several options.

  • The easiest way is to cut the egg into halves, extract the yolk and grind it into crumbs. You should then put the yolk in the middle of the dish, giving it the shape of a perfect circle. He will play the role of the core of the flower petals will be carefully laid out in a circle of egg halves.
  • More gentle chamomile happens if you sprinkle egg whites fine strips. These will be the petals of daisies, the core could again serve mashed yolk.
  • In the same case, if you want to make a professional flower from the egg, try to have a little more. For these purposes, take hard-boiled egg and sharp thin knife. Slice the egg with the pointed end up and start moving the knife in a circle, periodically venturing out, surfacing. Doresa to the end, we get a neat chamomile. From one egg you can do about 2-3 of flower. In the center of each of them you can put the yolk or carrots.

As we can see, beautifully cut boiled eggs is a snap. This means that you will be able to decorate dishes for your everyday and holiday table easily, quickly and effortlessly. It is enough just to take these tips into consideration.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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