How to slow hair growth after epilation?

The struggle with unwanted hair on the body tires of many women. It should be understood that the rate of hair growth after removing them genetically.

In some women the next day emerges barbed bristles, in others the process is more lengthy.

Anyway, each of us thinks how to slow hair growth after their removal to the legs and bikini area remain smooth for as long as possible.

About the different methods of epilation and depilation women’s website “” on the pages have been told repeatedly.

And today we will introduce you to what methods of recourse for women to slow down hair growth after removal. Just note that some methods can cause you to have doubts. To use these methods or to seek more gentle ways – only you can decide.

Step 1 – remove unwanted hair

Do not forget that to remove the hair, you can root (epilation) or just cut off the top (the waxing).

Agree, not everyone has the opportunity to make a costly salon procedure of hair removal or laser hair removal after which hair does not grow back for a long time. Most women remove hair at home by using a razor or special tools, or use the epilator, wax strips or sugaring make.

Attention! By all means, slow hair growth after hair removal will work best if hit the open follicle (after hair removal). But to slow hair growth on legs after shaving (depilation) is much harder than after the removal.

Therefore, it is best to remove hair with epilator (how to choose it, we are told here), or pull them by using wax or sugar strips.

So, the first step is over — hair on the affected area removed. Then pick the tool that they did not grow as long as possible.

Step 2 – select the tool

There is a whole Arsenal of tools that will help you to solve this problem. You can buy the finished product, or are suggested in the article tips and find what works best for you.


The easiest way to purchase special preparations, so-called inhibitors, which are produced by almost all cosmetic companies. These can be creams, gels, sprays, lotions, etc.

They contain any acid or alcohol that destroy the hair follicle; herbal extracts that slow down hair growth and prevent them from growing; and oil to soften the skin.

Good reviews on treatments to slow hair growth after waxing and hair removal we found these brands:

  • Skin Doctors (Australia)
  • Hair Growth Inhibitor Spray (inhibitor-spray)
  • Aravia
  • Faberlic
  • Oriflame
  • Eveline Q10+R
  • Velvet etc.
  • Gel with Arnica and aloe Vera” of brand Green Mama
  • Floresan Deep depil

The principle use of these funds, slow hair growth are identical:

  • They are applied after hair removal or depilation, then continue to treat the area of skin a few days until the pores on the skin open.

If you examine the reviews about slow hair growth, we can see that all users report noticeable results after regular use. Many say that they managed to permanently solve the problem of quick hair growth, choosing an effective cream or lotion to slow hair growth.

Recipes of folk medicine

Least popular means to slow down hair growth, homemade. We will tell you about some of them:

  • They say that with the help of turmeric make your skin smooth without a single hair, Oriental beauty. Of this seasoning and water cook gruel, which covers the places where I want to remove the hair completely. Over time hair growth slows down and they stop growing altogether.
  • You can edit the skin where you removed the hair, any sour juice, to slow down their appearance.
  • If you RUB the skin on the legs lemon, the hair will grow slower.
  • The juice of the root of hyacinth is also considered a good way to slow down hair growth.
  • You can mix 10 tsp. of sugar with half lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your feet after you have waxed. After 10 minutes, rinse with cool water.
  • A strong solution of potassium permanganateapplied on the legs after hair removal 30 minutes is good too slows hair growth. If you decide to use this method, make sure that the potassium permanganate is well dissolved and its crystals did not get to his feet. Otherwise you will get burns on his feet.
  • Some girls prepare a paste of of baking soda, slaked lemon juice, and that means rubbing his feet after waxing.
  • Morning and evening 3 days after the procedure hair removal is recommended to wipe the feet with a mixture of iodine, alcohol and castor oil, in order to get rid of hair. 40 g of alcohol diluted half teaspoon of iodine, and add 5 g of castor oil.
  • Pour alcohol walnut shells and put in a dark place for 10-12 days. This tincture diluted with boiled water (2 tablespoons water and 5 tablespoons of the tincture), it is necessary to treat skin on your feet in the day of hair removal and a couple of days morning and evening.
  • You need to mix equal proportions hydrogen peroxide (6%) with ammonia and add a tablespoon of liquid soap. To leave it on the feet for 15 minutes after hair removal.
  • These home methods allow you to stop the hair growth and in some cases completely get rid of them.

    Oil to slow hair growth

    Oil is also able to halt the growth of hair. We offer you a few recipes:

  • Very good reviews we saw about ant oil. It destroys the follicle from which the hair grows, therefore it is considered the most effective oil to slow hair growth. Put it on a certain area immediately after waxing while skin pores are open.
  • In jojoba oil add oil of peppermint (4 drops) and tea tree (6 drops). Mix well. Processing space waxing these oils to solve the problem of unwanted hair.
  • In half a Cup of sunflower oil add 6 tsp of seed oil nettle. Treating the place of removal.
  • In addition to oils, to deal with excess hair and other tools, which we describe next.


    I want to draw your attention to the completely safe tool with which you will be able to cope with the problem of quick hair growth after epilation. We are talking about the brown Laundry soap.

    How to use it to slow down hair growth after depilation and epilation?

  • Remove hair on the legs (better with root).
  • Wet them under a hot jet.
  • Soap foot soap brown.
  • Leave the soap on the feet for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • After 6 hours, again wash your feet with very hot water, the pores opened, and lubricate with acid (this can be vinegar, lemon juice, etc.).
  • The reviews say that after six months, if you do so regularly, the hair does not grow.

    • After epilation thickly rubbed his legs with bar soap, then sponge will be passed, wash away the acidic water and moisturize cream. Soap rubbed his legs as often as possible when I take a shower, and RUB them with a stiff brush. Hair grows very slowly. Well, I do waxing every 2 months, and the hair not as noticeable. Elena.

    There are also recipes that use the drugs abruptly soap. You apply them or not – decide for yourself. We are talking about alkalis and acids, which are well destroy the hair follicle. About them further

    Alkali and acid

    Forums say that using the alkaline solution is particularly hard, the fairer sex has managed in six months to forget about hair removal in General!

    The hair did not grow, it is necessary after epilation to throw the legs alkali with pH 13 pH.

    More detail about this method, which we will introduce to you.

    • I buy 1% solution of sodium hydroxide (in the store for soap making). Make a solution of water (300 ml) water 1/3 teaspoon). Get the alkaline solution with the level 13rN – what you need to destroy the hair follicle. If the level is lower it will not work, if the above – will burn skin. The pH test litmus strips. However, it’s hard to find ones that have a pH of 13-14, most often at pH 12. But I found it. Be sure to check the alkaline solution in the pH! After I waxed (I use epilator), steamed legs under hot water and sprinkled them with lye. Don’t be afraid! On the alkali soap is made, so it’s not as scary as it seems at first glance. Nothing wash. The next day repeat the procedure. The more the better. Help! Vic.
    • Using caustic soda I have ensured that the hair stopped growing on my legs. Did so. One third teaspoon of baking soda dilute in 300 ml of water. With this solution I spray on legs and bikini area after hair removal. First, the hairs become thinner and then disappeared. Then doused his feet in 2 days several times a day. Eugene.
    • To avoid irritation after alkali, do lotions of Dimexidum with water. If you want to wash the alkali from the body, and not to leave, then it should be done with acidified water. Katerina.

    What a way to slow the growth of hair would be the most effective for you is unknown. Human physiology is an individual matter. Arsenal are huge. Choose, pick and share your findings with us.

    The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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