How to speed up metabolism?

After 30-35 years the metabolism slows steadily: dense dinner after eight PM is deposited on the hips and waist, after a sleepless night we can not as if nothing had happened, cheerfully to go to work, often feel tired and sluggish…

Women’s website “” will tell you how to speed up metabolismto be slim and toned and feel your best!

Metabolic rate is the metabolic rate or the rate of conversion of food into energy by the body. People with good metabolism is always energetic, does not suffer from excess weight,and his body efficiently uses all incoming food.

We give below a few tips on how to speed up metabolism by making adjustments to diet and lifestyle.

How to speed up metabolism: nutrition rules
1. Tightly eat Breakfast every day!

In the absence of Breakfast, your body enters into starvation mode, which further slows down the metabolism to conserve energy. The risk to acquire over time, obesity 3 times more of those people who skips Breakfast.

So if you’re wondering how to speed up your metabolism, think about it: how do you eat Breakfast usually?

2. Drink green tea

Contained in green tea substances promote fat burning. We will not unfounded: according to recent reports, two to four cups of green tea a day to burn up to an extra 50 calories. If you try to count the totals per month, or per year, you undoubtedly impress ?

3. Add iron

This important element, we lose every month during critical days. Iron provides oxygen to the muscles. So when it is lack of muscle not getting enough oxygen, the energy reserves are falling and the rate of metabolism slows down.

To replenish iron in the body is regularly eat cereals, broccoli, green vegetables, beans, fruits – pear.

4. Observe the water regime

As you know, our body without water anywhere. Water also participates in all the metabolic processes, so as to speed up the metabolism if it goes low? Repeat this truism is necessary to drink not less than 1.5 to 2 liters of clean water a day, if there is no medical contraindication.

5. Eat dairy products

Due to the contained calcium yogurt, cheese and yogurt perfectly stimulate the metabolism.

6. Add in the diet spices

Just one example – the capsaicin, contained in red peppers, boosts your metabolism, as the trainer — the tiger in the arena! It raises your heart rate and raises body temperature, and thus speeds up the metabolic processes in the body.

Add in the dishes that you cook, ginger, curry, pepper, other spices and herbs, experiment with flavors.

How to speed up the metabolism: the way of life
7. Get enough sleep

When you sleep your body produces enough leptin and ghrelin – hormones that regulate energy use and appetite. Therefore, it is necessary to sleep not less than 8 hours a day. With age, the importance of this postulate has grown significantly – because the older we are, the more damage our appearance cause lack of sleep and bags under the eyes.

8. Strengthen muscles

It’s amazing, but it is proven fact: it muscle tissue affects the rate of metabolism in your body. The more your body toned, strong muscles, the faster the food eaten is converted into energy! In this lies the main reason why with the age the metabolism slows down: because the muscles drabot and weak!

So, the answer to the question “how to speed up your metabolism”: move! Walk, run, dance, swim!

9. Spending more time in the air

Fresh air and oxygen speed up the metabolic processes in the body.

10. Useful in massage and bath/ sauna

Massage improves blood circulation and activates metabolic processes. Hot same procedures promote a conclusion of toxins from the body. So if you are a fan of massage with aromatherapy or sauna is a great way to combine business with pleasure.

To sum up the results

How to speed up metabolism, if after 30 years, he, according to scientists, is steadily declining every few years? For this you need to eat small portions, giving preference to healthy food, stay hydrated and move more. Regular exercise will strengthen your muscles, which in turn, will spur your metabolism, even when you sleep.

Again, what “sitting still” on a diet can only harm your metabolism: the body begins to conserve energy and slowed metabolism unpleasant surprise you when you return to a normal diet.

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