How to spend a weekend with your child: options for all tastes

Came the day when you are from a successful and powerful businesswoman has become a beloved wife to her husband and beloved mother for their child. How to spend a weekend with the child so that these days to rest and recharge your batteries? Today on the website “” we’ll show you several options how to spend your weekend with the child.

It’s great when the whole family gathers together! On weekdays, the child sees his parents only in the mornings and evenings, but the weekend will be different! Promise will be fun for parents and children.

Jump-jump: game on the street

Actually, the options of how to spend a weekend with the child, plenty! The only thing you need is your sincere desire.

The simplest solution that justifies the time spent is walking with the children.

Even if your child is already walking on the street alone, over the weekend, will give it the attention and go on the street with him, for example, the nearest Park to take a walk, play in the snow or skiing.

A good option will slide and move out with her must and mom and dad too! Well, where you will have the opportunity to plunge into the childhood? Don’t miss it!

In summer you can spend a weekend with the child, remembering the good old games that we loved in childhood. Hopscotch, ball games, fun relays, jumping rope…

Useful, active, interesting and fun activities on the street you provided!

How to spend a weekend with your child: where to go?
Water Park

Of course, the water Park is expensive. Especially if you go there as a family. But, as experience shows, the money spent justified the impressions received. Moreover, the water parks now offer a lot of attractions that will satisfy any visitor.

The main thing – do not leave your baby alone! While one parent flies with the kid slides down, the other bottom fun meets them and removes all on camera.

Zoo or nature reserve

You live in a city where there is a zoo or reserve? Great! When were you there last?

People from other places come to you to see the animals, and you still don’t know where to go with the child? Make sure to plan for a trip to the zoo next weekend.

Game center

If possible, visit the game center. Rides, multi-level maze, slides-trampolines and air guns will not impress your children.

Go to the guests

That was interesting to you and to the children, consider how you will spend time in the hotel.

For example, can work together to prepare a meal. Bake a cake and let the children decorate it.

You do not want on your day off to mess with the pots?

Then go to the nursery and arrange art school. Take a large piece of paper, put the paint all together and sit down to draw.

Your kids are still small? Pre buy finger paints. Response how fun to spend a weekend with the child, found.

And then start to play some games. Gradually lured children and can quietly retire to gossip with a friend!

Art lovers

Don’t forget about this option, as going to the theatre, the Museum, the exhibition, when you decide cultural to spend a weekend with the child. Interesting children’s performance will be long remembered by a small audience.

Don’t forget to buy a bouquet of flowers that a child gives to the hero that I liked him the most. Children love such moments! I am particularly pleased that the flowers do not always accrue to the performers of the main roles, namely the actor, who sunk into the soul of the child.

It is no secret that all kids love different incarnations. Of course, not all boldly tell poems and sing songs in public. Some people like to watch others perform. Play in the theatre house. Especially if it’s “non-flying” weather, that’s an interesting way to spend a weekend with the child.

Theater for kid

Of the many varieties of theatre: puppet, finger, theater of shadows… They all, without exception, to captivate the child.

Watching moving toy baby is interesting even in the first year of life.

Mom or dad perform in the role of the protagonist and engage with the kid, playing all sorts of situations.

For the very young a good will be filled with nursery rhymes which inspire to action (Pat, raise the handle up, etc.), for older kids it is possible to choose instructive situation.

If your toddler already knows how to talk, feel free to trust him one of the roles. Play the dialogue. You’ll see how fun and useful to spend a weekend with the child.

It does not matter if you have no hand puppets, play penlight theater can be conventional toys.

But if you have an old glove, then sew yourself everything you need for finger theatre. Nothing complicated: to the finger of a glove attached eyes, nose, mouth, ears, worn on the finger and the hero is ready. You can start the performance.

And how fun to play in the shadow theatre!

In a dark room at a distance of two meters from the wall is installed and turned on the lamp. Palms are placed in front of her and on the wall begin to appear the first heroes. Teach your child to do the dog, the Fox, the wolf and the dove. This is the simplest thing you can do with your hands.

We told you only about some of the options for how to spend a weekend with the child.

Time spent with children will not only entertain you but also will benefit, as joint leisure brings.

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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