How to spend holidays and where to go with kids?

New year holidays in my family until last year were the same. Before I wondered how to make sense that the holidays have passed in vain, I never came back.

I did it! Today women’s site “” I’m ready to share great ideas on how to spend the new year holidays. Especially this version, as not to lose time for the holidays, making those who live in small towns or villages.

As I have matured ideas?

My conscience has always started after forums for moms appeared first records of urban residents about how they are variously spend the Christmas holidays with children: the Christmas tree went, the exhibition of ice sculptures is called for, a show got tickets, just on the Central square went.

And what you see in the Christmas holidays my children? Where they can go if the “Finance sing romances” or work plan for a long winter trip does not work?

Everything in life looked like this: there was an active preparation for New year’s eve (window decorate, toys make (if mom has time, at least for this short), trimming the tree, a holiday waiting! And once the New year comes a sense of desolation: elegant tree is not so happy, the smell of Mandarin is not associated with the New year, and Christmas delicacies already on the table not what not happy, and annoying! Familiar?

And I still have a feeling of guilt towards her children is: a lie and watching TV all day or sit in the computer. You need to decide something and figure out how to spend winter vacation with the children so that it was interesting, and we were not inexpensive. But where them to go, if go we got nowhere?!

To solve the problem I helped you see the idea of the advent calendar. With this assistant, I planned where to go with children and how to make use of all holidays.

Advent calendar – expectations

Catholics are called Advent, the period before Christmas, when all Christians prepare for this great occasion. If to smooth out the religious overtones, the Advent can be called pre-holiday days (those when you don’t have the time).

The advent calendar is a calendar that helps parents not to forget in the new year’s vanity, that they have more children who are waiting for this holiday more than them. The essence of the calendar is as follows: made a few cell-pockets (on the number of days before the holiday and afterwards) in which are placed the notes with the task, which must be related to Christmas or winter theme. Also, the pockets are placed different get lucky fortunes or quotes-gifts.

  • For example, on December 15 cut Christmas garland and watch something animated about New Year or go with the kids to the store and buy everything for applique and crafts (with a surprise tangerine);
  • December 16 – learn a poem about the New Year, winter solve mysteries, (surprise – chocolate) etc.

The idea of the advent calendar, I think you understand: every day until New Year or Christmas should be and to prepare the child for the holiday. I decided this idea to bring to life and extend the Ministry of the advent calendar is not only new year’s eve, but all winter break. Thus, all new year’s vacation plan, rich and useful.

Advent calendar with sewn pockets

What to do the advent calendar?

Cells for the advent calendar can be very diverse:

  • You can take the canvas top and sew a lot of pockets. On each of them to place the numbers that correspond to the day on the calendar. In the pocket every day to put a note with the task on this day.
  • You can make panels in a herringbone pattern where the new balls will hide the job.
  • You can sew some boots made of felt or bags in which to put job.

All this for those who knows how to sew. From my seamstress, as of elephant ballerina. So for people like me, there are easier ways:

  • You can make advent calendar out of the box. It is necessary to gather up a lot of boxes, decorate them with stickers or adhesive, to bond with each other, and get a kind of Christmas chest. The festive box is opened, and the children get a morning job for the day. In the same box (if allowed) is a surprise or a note about where to find the sweetness.
  • You can buy a ready-made advent calendar. Some options now on the shelves. By the way, it is inexpensive.
  • And even easier to make a few envelopes that need to hang in the room. By the way, envelopes can also be decorate with children – to spend a winter evening.

The main thing is your desire to make the holidays with children interesting.

Ideas for jobs

Further we will talk about ideas, what tasks can be in the advent calendar. Performing them, the children will spend the winter holidays with benefits.

  • Where do without letters to Santa Claus? This is one of the first tasks: “Write a letter to Santa Claus”.
  • Christmas coloring, hatching, applique, crafts (you can buy ready-made coloring pages or print the ones that you will find on the Internet).
  • Make a snowman out of modeling clay and if you are lucky, you have snow, of course, of snow. Don’t forget the fortress of snow, houses and figures.
  • Cut out a snowflake to decorate Christmas ball and so on.
  • Decorate Windows for the New Year.
  • Every day or every other day to watch one Christmas movie or cartoon (lists popular and interesting can be found online).
  • Highlight the days when you and the children you will be glued Christmas garland or to decorate the apartment (house).
  • You can read books and stories about the New Year, to discuss their (lists can also be found on the Internet).
  • Don’t forget to teach Christmas poems and songs. You can arrange a Day of winter karaoke.
  • Dedicate one day to baking Christmas gingerbread who love to paint children.
  • Be sure to schedule at least one trip, even if you live in a small town or village — find a way to go somewhere.
  • Visit on a winter day ice skating rink or Christmas presentation. Believe me, you will not regret that you took the time and chose a place to go on winter holidays together with the children.
  • If you have children of primary school age will note the training notebook, “Helpful winter holiday.” There for each day of the holidays for children picked up simple tasks, the child will not forget what was taught in school, and with the benefit of time.

Well, if you live there, where to eat, where to go during the new year holidays. Take advantage of these opportunities and visit with the children as much as possible trees. After all the childhood so quickly passes! And your children will only have vivid memories of the winter holidays.

  • On the weekend you can go with the kids for a walk in the Park or to go to the forest outside the city. Impressions and positive emotions must be the sea!
  • You will not regret if with children will find the time to go to the hill to toboggan. It’s so great to relive your childhood.

Tasks in the calendar should be varied: DIY hands, Hiking and games, quiet evenings watching family movies or even noisy new year’s disco with friends at home.

A very simple advent calendar is for those who have not mastered a difficult DIY


Job assignments, but that’s not all. For their embodiment the kids receive a prize. Most often it is sweets. As a sweet gift can be:

  • Tangerines
  • Chocolates
  • Candy
  • Mermaids
  • Askorbinki
  • Cookies
  • Dried berries and fruit
  • Hematogen, etc.

Of course, you can vary the gifts and buy all sorts of knick-knacks instead of sweets, stickers, pens, hairpins, pens, notepads, etc. Believe me, it’s inexpensive, and the joy of the children of the sea.

How to diversify Christmas holidays to those who live in the city?

If you’re tired of every year to take his kids to the Christmas tree and on the contrary you are looking for, where to relax from the hustle and bustle during the holidays, spend the holidays away from home! For example, you can go to the village!

A house in the village

What could be better than clean air and white snow? But what about the bathhouse? Snowmen and ride a roller coaster? Find a house in the village and remove it on all holidays. Cost is cheap, especially if pre to go right into the village and ask a local, who can pass the house or the area on vacation. Just don’t forget to stock up on products and heaters, if can not or do not want to light the stove.

Believe me, you will have a rest from daily life and enjoy the silence. Or maybe plunge into your childhood and remember those times when you at all the holidays were sent to the village to the grandmother?

If there is a forest, then you can even for a tree to go or to decorate a tree in the woods and to arrange celebrations on winter vacation for adults and children in the New year’s eve.

Try this variant of the winter holidays with the kids! And suddenly it will fit and will become a tradition in your family?

A trip to neighboring countries

Try to find low cost options, where you can go during the holidays for families with children. On the forums say, what a wonderful place to spend the Christmas holidays not only in Russia, but also to visit memorable places in Belarus and Ukraine. Only to prepare for such visits in advance of need, to you get a good place cheap, and the area had many attractions.

We are confident that we can help you select the options for how and where to spend new year holidays with the kids. Have a good winter mood!

The author – Julia Spiridonova, site

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