How to spice up a boring interior?

The website “” knows what he wants, every woman is definitely beautiful and comfortable house in which every detail is in place and reflects the impeccable taste of their owners. Unfortunately, dreams often remain dreams, and the boring interior is the reality that we are forced to fight constantly.

How to spice up a boring interior?

In order to do home design more vivid and unusual, it is not enough just to buy eccentric coffee table or a bright rug in the hallway. Approach to dwelling ornament to the mind, or the interior, even the bright parts will remain boring.

Start with the global cleaning and get rid of all those things that you don’t use and that just take up precious space. Once in your home will have only the most necessary pieces of furniture and accessories, you can cast the room look and understand what he really misses.

Make a list of all your ideas and wishes. Then eliminate from it the fact that you obviously can not afford, and something that will look great in your apartment is doubtful. And only after that you can take on difficult work designed to enliven the boring and dull interior.

7 ways to freshen up the interior

Even if after much deliberation you cannot think of anything that can make the room design more interesting, you should use a couple of proven ways to make a highlight in a boring and bleak interior.


This is probably one of the easiest and most profitable from an economic point of view options, like make the room brighter and more interesting. In addition, photo Wallpapers just irreplaceable in apartments of small size, as they allow you to visually expand the space of the room.

By the way, the owners of small apartments is recommended to buy Wallpapers with the prospect — for example, city views or landscapes. A range of different backgrounds now so big that you easily will pick the one that will perfectly fit the design of your home.


Trees-bonsai has always attracted attention. These plants fit perfectly into any interior and will bring to your home a bit of harmony and tranquility.

Miniature versions of real trees look great even in rooms with minimal light and space. They promote relaxation and rest, and, of course, even the dull and grey interior changed beyond recognition. You can purchase as a single bonsai tree and the whole composition of these plants, depending on their own tastes and preferences.

We talked about bonsai in detail in this article.


As it turned out, a huge role in the design of premises can play even the most ordinary pillow. With the pillows there are as the wear and outdoor. In the latter case, they are not only decorative, but functional value, as a substitute for the Ottomans and banquettes.

When choosing cushions, try to give preference to the most brilliant colors. Let these products will be yellow, green or purple. Or one cushion in each color.

Scattered around the house, they will create the appearance of creative chaos and to revive the dull and monotonous interior.


Nothing is more refreshing design and not a sincere smile, as captured in the photo the happy faces of relatives and friends. Today, almost decided not to print the photos from electronic media, but they can decorate any wall, breathing in new life.

Try to find original and unusual frame — the funnier they look, the better the result.

Luminous garland

Who says garlands — only attribute of the holiday? After all, they can cheer us up almost every day.

They can decorate the walls or do they focus on a certain shelf. This accessory will not only make boring and dull, the interior is fun, but also a positive impact on the mood of the household.


The website sure to transform any interior capable of the most common textiles. It can be as bright tablecloth and a simple dress, posted in a prominent place.

By the way, open hangers is another way to make the home more stylish and comfortable at the same time.


Books can be a great way to liven up a boring interior. And the more they are old and worn, the better.

Displayed along shelves or stacked in a pile on the floor, they will bring to your home a bit of creativity and romanticism will make it look creative and intelligent.

Of course, to vary the design. But if you come to this with all my heart, you will soon start to better understand what your home needs.

And then create a really bright and attractive nest will be only a matter of time.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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