How to start a child hardened: the main rules

With the onset of chilly damp autumn all mothers worry about the main issue: how to protect the child from a series of ARI and ARI, flu and other unpleasant companions cold outside? How to help the child’s immune system to successfully fight viruses? Today will tell you about one of the most effective ways to strengthen children’s immune system – hardening. So, how to begin the child’s temper?

How to start a child hardened: General rules for mom

Hardening is considered by doctors as one of the most effective ways to improve the health of the baby, therefore, begin the child’s temper is not too late at any age.

That it is important to know and remember mom?

Gradually and constantly

The most important rule of tempering procedures applicable to children of any age – the child’s temper need to start gradually and to do it constantly.

Any mother is clear — you can’t pour the child a basin of cold water, but not every mom knows that for the same reason you cannot put a baby under the sun’s rays, even of short duration.

And children with high-strung nervous system, as well as painful and weakened, tempering is necessary to carry out very tiny steps.

Tempering procedure should be conducted continuously – the organism of the child is learning adequately “answer” to the change of ambient temperature. As soon as he made a break in the hardening 5-7 days – everything you need to start all over again because of conditioned reflex had time to subside.

Against the background of complete health

Naturally, the hardening can not take place if the child is ill.

The beginning of any tempering procedure is possible only in the period when after recovery took place for at least another week.

Any acute health disorders baby – iron excuse to delay the start of tempering, even if it’s not a respiratory infection, and, say, indigestion. Begin to hardened only completely healthy baby!

If you have any doubts about tempering procedures, their impact on the health of the baby or you have very low health – you should consult with a pediatrician who, when and how to begin the child’s temper.

A positive attitude

It is important to consider the attitude of “facility hardening” process ? It needs to perceive hardening as a very positive thing.

If you are starting to temper quite little, remember that the child should be fed, rested, satisfied, he should not worry. This ensures that, for example, air baths he likes and you will be easy to gradually extend their duration.

As soon as you see that the child is worried about something, or feel that he was cold, you should complete the procedure.

For the older child it is possible to turn the tempering into a game, to explain why this is necessary, to tell how entrenched the organism will defeat the virus and microbes.

May incentive you will be that, from the child’s temper now, you create a strong immune response to all stimuli around for the next few years, and the habit of a healthy lifestyle without disease – for life.

A little bit about the principles of hardening

Distinguish between cold water, sun and air.

Fresh air – an essential element in the system of hardening children. It is air bath, which makes the newborn, walking and playing outside in almost any weather. This constant airing of the room where the child lives and humidified air at home. As you know, dry air at home, especially during the heating season, dry mucous membranes and contributes to inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract. (By the way, here we are told how to humidify the air in the apartment.)

Solar tempering should be carried out carefully, mindful of the fact that the sun at the same time represents both benefit and risk to delicate skin and fragile body of the baby.

Water tempering procedures, perhaps the most common and popular, they are suitable for children of any age. It’s all kinds of wiping, pouring, showers, and swimming and bathing.

The following article will be devoted to the specifics and tell you how to start a child hardened at different ages, which tempering procedures and to suit. wants you and your children to spend the fall and winter without a hospital! ?

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