How to start a morning right?

I suspect that now half of the readers have already decided that this article on your favorite website not written for them. What really is the right morning, when the inevitable daily alarm-Breakfast-makeover-kid-in-school-husband-at-work-late-everywhere???

But don’t hurry!

After all, you can learn how to start the morning so that it is much better to feel during the day, and at the same time in the morning to spend as much time (or even save it!)

How to Wake up?

To hear the alarm clock off, certinomis. Over on the other side, to sleep for another 10 minutes. Again to hear the alarm clock, again certinomis abruptly jump up and start in a hurry to do their morning routines.

This is the wrong way to Wake up. If you Wake up every day, there is a risk of harm to the health! How to start the morning?

First, it’s great to learn how to Wake up without an alarm clock. Alarm clock (well, any sharp sound) for sleeping is stress. In dormant the body suddenly produces adrenaline, which in normal conditions should not happen!

Man is undermined and begins to be active because it does, it’s time! Meanwhile, certain areas of the brain are still asleep, the muscles are relaxed… In this state, we drop the Cup for a long time looking for the right things, etc., and and say – “I’m not awake yet…”.

So you should train yourself to Wake yourself up. For this you need to go to bed and get up at the same time, and to measure a time of sleep that you personally would suffice.

Do not get attached to “standard” 7-8 hours of sleep – there are people, which is enough for 5-6 hours, and there are those who can’t do without 10. Before going, you need to think about myself (or say aloud): “Tomorrow I will Wake up exactly at seven in the morning!”. Not “oooy, seven again to tear your eyes, eww…”, but simply, quietly, clearly, without negative emotions. There is a high probability that soon the body he will learn to run this command!

See also a – need to “catch” the moment for waking up between two phases of a deep sleep, when to Wake up easier. There is no clear time when this happens you have depends on the duration of sleep, the time when I fell asleep and just individual characteristics. If a person is not forced to Wake, he wakes up that way! Therefore, some attention to yourself people are saying that it is easier to Wake up, for example, at half past six than in seven – as in seven of them, there is a “deep” phase.

How to Wake up in the morning? Turning moment between sleep and waking, don’t jump up sharply it would cause heart to begin active work, when it is sleeping — during sleep the heart rate is minimal. Think of something good, hug a loved man or a cat…

Try “awaken” the senses – mentally focus on different parts of his body. For example, focus on feet as they feel the bed sheet, blanket? Feet warm or cold? Muscles relaxed or tense?..

Can start to do some gentle movements – this will help to Wake up. Our natural “pothukuchi” is the most natural way to “Wake up” the muscles, cardiovascular system and brain. So pomahivaya health! Yawning – it is also the right natural mechanism: so we “awaken” to the respiratory system, because when yawning in the lungs gets more air, and their work aktiviziruyutsya! On awakening allot 5-10 minutes is the time which is spent on the battle with the alarm clock.

How to start the morning? After 10-15 minutes of waking up is not recommended, no load, physical activity and other stressful to the body situation. At this time it is useless to have Breakfast (GIT is asleep), to do exercises or take a cold shower. You can get dressed, prepare Breakfast.

If you want to shower, then let it be warm.

When and how to eat?

We will not now dwell on the question menu, healthy Breakfast (especially since the site “” already suggested recipes of healthy breakfasts). Just to say that it is not necessary to spend cooking Breakfast a lot of time in the morning-the healthiest foods can be eaten raw (vegetables, fruits, nuts) or to cook just five minutes: for example, any cereal mix can not cook, and pour the milk.

In the evening for Breakfast, you can boil hard boiled eggs, chicken breast, or fish, and in the morning to Supplement them with fresh vegetables. It is also great to have on hand a variety of ready-made bread krecany, cheese, lavash (it is possible to quickly wrap up almost everything that’s in the fridge – any salad, chicken, etc.).

How to start a morning right? Breakfast immediately after waking up is not necessary. The stomach sleeping. It is best to drink after waking up half a Cup of-a glass of warm water (with lemon), and then wait half an hour (meanwhile, altering the usual morning things).

Not a bad option to eat in the morning an Apple or a yogurt, and for Breakfast “seriously” after an hour and a half after waking up, when you start to feel real hunger! In between a small snack and a Breakfast, do exercise, do yoga or to jog (we’ve already told you how to start running in the morning).

Morning exercise: whether it is necessary?

Charging is considered to be the attribute right in the morning. Of course, movement and exercise is good, but you need to consider a few things:

  • Before half an hour after sleep charging is not useful.
  • Weight training, stretching exercises, training on simulators, etc. – it is not charging, and training. Before proceeding to training, needs a workout. Anyway, with a serious workout in ten minutes in the morning, you simply will not invest, so put it on day or evening!
  • Optimum suitable to majority of people the option of charging – this Mahi hands, turns, tilts, squats. You can consult with a trainer or a doctor – maybe you need something removed or added (for example, back problems, scoliosis, etc. diagnoses).
  • Easy morning exercises can be done in 10-15 minutes max. Start with the easiest movements, and gradually progress to the most active, maximum load, and then again come back to light.

After charging relevant douche.

Soon you will notice that the day is different – you feel more cheerful, if your morning started right!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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