How to start to learn perfectly well without stress?

The question how to start to study at school or University is good, especially strongly excites students at the beginning of the school year. So today women’s site “” I will try to answer it as deployed.

The main incentive for each student should be getting a good education, without which to find a prestigious job impossible. But such a distant goal aren’t usually well-motivated young people, and they can not gnaw granite of science with diligence and interest.

In order to sow in his heart the love for knowledge, they need better incentives.

How to start to study hard: motivation

All parents know that if you promise the kid something that he loves, he can achieve obedience for quite a long time. Similarly, to encourage discipline and the older child, and even quite an adult.

So those students who want to learn better, it is very important to devise a system of incentives. For example, for a job well done, they can afford some joy like going to the disco, going to a movie or a little shopping.

In that case, when the problem of good child care parents ‘ stronger than himself, such a reward system can be a real solution to the problem. A child’s desire to have this or that thing sometimes able to get it to work with an amazing zeal.

The correct approach to the question

It also happens that the child has such an aversion to learning and school, to compel it to fulfil its responsibilities the student is not able no gifts. In this case, it is necessary to understand the cause of the problem.

Perhaps the dislike of science in childhood sowed the excessively high parental demands. Some modern moms and dads wanting to raise my child as a successful person, making him literally memorize the textbooks, write the job a few times and scolded for low marks, oblivious to the fact that the student need to rest and chat with friends.

Besides, not all children are able to pull the school curriculum at a high level. Parents demanding good grades, not knowledge and hard skills, making a serious mistake. They solve the question of how child start to learn better in school, you need to change your relationship to him and to the school system.

Any student should know that his goal is not high-grade diploma and the deep knowledge that do not lose their value under any circumstances.

For acquired knowledge and should encourage children.

Moreover, it is not necessary to wait that the child is equally well able to understand the English language, and computer science, and chemistry, and geography. Parents should consider children’s interests, encouraging to engage in particularly active those subjects for which they have aptitudes.

How to learn better than before: the right purpose

Many pupils and students have given a pledge that in the new semester will start to learn it well.

And do to achieve your goals do a lot: read more literature, attended all the lessons or lectures, studied. But this effort still has not brought them good results, that’s why they gave up and again began to neglect the study.

And the thing that initially they had set themselves the wrong target.

Instead to learn better, they tried to learn perfect. But to reach a high level very quickly, it is impossible in any field of activity.

The website advises: for those who want to begin to learn as best you can, no need to set an overly high hurdles. Let the next goal will simply consolidate and improve the knowledge and skills that are already there. And then this database will be to expand and deepen.

The comfort of training is also an incentive

In order for the process of learning not associated with hard labor, he should be provided with comfortable conditions. There are a few main points:

  • Learning formulas, rules and laws will be much more efficient if to do this in a warm area with good lighting and comfortable furniture.
  • To as quickly as possible to learn better, it is also useful to get a good teaching materials in which the material will be presented most clearly.
  • Many adults remember how they couldn’t wait to go to the first class to quickly pick up new pencils, new eraser test, to boast of a beautiful satchel, and a bright pencil case. But all these uncomplicated items may well be a strong incentive for the matured student. All writing should be so beautiful and stylish, it brought a real pleasure.

Training mode

The question how to start to learn perfectly, will help you to decide the right regimen of study.

  • You must rest. It is not necessary to homework immediately after coming from school. Between learning at home and in the classroom must be a break of at least 2 hours. This is the best time to spend walking outdoors, meeting with friends, sports.
  • You should first take up the lessons that cause the most difficulties. Easy jobs you can leave at a later time.
  • Learned rules, laws, definitions, dates, formulae, etc. from time to time must be repeated. To do this, they should always be at hand in the form of tables, charts, notes.

Please help

Not knowing how to begin to study well, a lot of students just trying to curry favor with teachers to get good grades. To anything good it does not.

Instead, it would be better frankly admit that the lesson to take from they have failed, turn to the teacher for help. There is no teacher who refused to give the student a few minutes to explain the weird moment.

Do not be afraid to seem lame or stupid. Directness, perseverance, curiosity, and courtesy can do a lot more than the ability to flatter. The teacher will certainly appreciate the desire of student to learn well and always encourage his good grades. And this, in turn, will become for him a strong incentive to strive for further achievements.

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