How to stop a tantrum in an adult and a child?

Women’s website “” will prepare you for most unexpected situations and will tell you how to stop a tantrum – just in case if someone will need your help.

Stay away from the victim during this hard-hitting spectacle is to endanger not only his reputation, but also health. We will talk about the causes and signs of this condition in adults and children, its consequences and multiple ways to bring “patient” in a sense.

Scientists say that the hysterical neuroses are those with “sharp features of the character”: selfishness, sensibility, self-centeredness, immaturity, low self-esteem, increased demands on others.

But under certain circumstances, hysteria can begin in almost any person. Often hysterical seizure is preceded by some tumultuous personal experience, a conflict, psychological trauma, the threat to health or life. That is why it is useful to know how to stop sudden hysterical too in the unstable world we live in.

Signs of incipient hysteria can be:

  • sobs without tears
  • sobs
  • faraway look one-point
  • fast or too emotional speech
  • excited state
  • theatrical poses and sayings
  • laughter turning to tears and Vice versa

How to stop a tantrum in an adult?

As with many diseases, the site I am sure that a tantrum is better to prevent than later to withdraw from this state.

If you see the signs of incipient seizure, quickly turn the person’s attention on that completely absorb his interest, and even a little shocking. If you are well acquainted with it, you better know what it can be. In the case of a stranger – tell him the “big news”, even invented, preferably positive.

Some psychologists suggest “go tantrum”, that is, to completely get rid of emotions that have been accumulating for a long time.

On the other hand, long-term emotional strain can cause blood circulation problems.

But what to do in cases where a nervous breakdown is inappropriate and the person requires full concentration, for example, in an emergency situation?

Some effective ways to stop a sudden tantrum

  • Resounding slap to quickly “sober” person.
  • To do something extraordinary and with noise: to scream, to drop heavy objects, to slam, to smash something, to pull off the curtains together with the cornice.
  • Ask a few questions, the answers to which need to remember. A friend, for example, ask how many years her grandmother, or the name of a Barber shop, where she is permanently shorn.
  • Effective way to stop “revealing” a tantrum is to limit the “audience”. In the case of a deliberate, manipulative hysterics it sinks in fairly quickly. If there is suspicion that the person “playing the show”, the lack of attention will drive a tantrum.
  • Rinse with cold water. On the one hand, this will be an unexpected action, on the other – the cooling of the body dramatically slows down emotional reactions.
  • Discreetly call on the mobile of a friend, which is hysterical – it’s distracting.
  • How to stop a tantrum from a kid?

    In children hysteria occurs most often from the inability to get what you want. If the adult can hold back, be patient, the child still can not. An adult emotion increases gradually, the baby reacts instantly.

    “Beautiful and Successful” was a separate article about children’s tantrums — maybe it will seem useful to you.

    Ways of ending a child’s tantrums:

  • “Usercall” the child’s behavior, note his posture, screaming – he’ll be interested in your unusual behavior and forget about the tantrum.
  • Master the technique of todlers. It is based on short phrases, repetition of words, certain facial expressions, intonation. Popular among Western moms a way to stop a child’s tantrum capricious – it is an imitation of the behavior of a frustrated child that shows little man that understood it.
  • Calmly and lovingly tell the kid to stop crying – is not rude to shout for a positive request, the kids usually react faster.
  • Change the attention. Offer to go and see, “so, how’s the fish” or “blossomed whether the tulips”. Suggest that the child really interested.
  • For a child the audience of his performance is no less important than for adult, so try to quickly get rid of the “audience.”
  • If this is not hysteria-manipulation and the baby is unable to cope with it, try to calm him down, hug and offer to do something together.
  • It is important to know about how to stop infant tantrums and be able to do it, otherwise the child will quickly understand that in this way you can easily get what he wants. Definitely poori baby for an end to the hysteria – suitable sweets or a new toy.

    Remember that hysterical condition may last from several minutes to several hours. When the person wakes up, don’t leave him alone because for hysteria should be emotional devastation. Will not prevent sedative, tea and sleep.

    Psychologists warn that “hysteria” might like it, since in this condition the body gets a substantial dose of hormones and bonuses, concessions and the attention of others. Hysteria as a method of manipulation is very successful, so it is advisable to know how to stop a tantrum, and after repeated cases you need to see a specialist.

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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