How to stop gossip?

Women’s website “” today will tell you how to stop the gossip and honor to get out of unpleasant situation, when you back to discuss your life and actions.

To learn about a lot of “new” information, one runs the risk of even the most innocent person. While it is not necessary to give gossip a reason for the “language of fitness”.

A good reason to talk about you is always there, just not behave as it is accepted.

You don’t get enough sleep? Certainly, you have a new novel, and last night was rough. Go out into the hallway to talk on the phone? Definitely looking for a new job and going to quit. Do not drink at the party? One hundred percent pregnant!

Sometimes rumors can go with you. For example, a frightened boss quickly will raise your salary, if you are not lured by competitors.

But in most cases, uncontrolled information, lie, half-truth or outright lies, spread behind you, pleasant enough.

You’re talking about the personal with a friend at work. This is normal and an act of trust. But if, after going “full circle” by colleagues, the information is returned to you in a distorted way, so you became the object of rumors. How to stop gossip in a group and to stop this cycle?

Why do people gossip?

“Rewashing bone to other people, people increase their importance, seeking confirmation of his own thoughts, ponders how he would do in a similar situation. Gossip unite, entertain, and give some kind of an outlet.

Often talking about “ideal” women, trying to find in them even any flaw. You begin to believe that you got married on the calculation, got a promotion as a result of the affair with the chief, did permanent makeup or plastic surgery.

Other pick up this information, taken at face value and regurgitate already under the guise of reliable facts. And rumors are born.

Innocent, though, and nasty gossip to stop easily. But what to do with this evil, which spoils your reputation?

How to stop malicious gossip — a plan of action

  • Hearing about something bad, don’t panic, don’t let the situation control your way of life. Don’t act like that offends you or annoys you be fun and energetic as usual.
  • Analyze information, think about who and what it distributes. Really should only attend if the goal is manipulation you or other people to the detriment of you.
  • Do not give in to the temptation to run an even more ridiculous rumour about others to channel the energy of gossip in a different direction.
  • To extinguish the flame

    The easiest way to stop the gossip in the women’s team is to completely ignore the rumorsthat circulate in the office. For example, we are talking about your upcoming affair with a colleague. In order to stop gossip about it, simply do not respond to inquiries, comments and do not listen to the advice of the “well-wishers”.

    But for this you need a strong will power. And, of course, privacy is best brought outside the working area.


    Effective and efficient way to stop any gossip is to find the source of rumors and to talk privately. Psychology believes that the hunt gossip quickly disappears as soon as the gossip ceases to be anonymous. recommends that you do this with witnesses or authorities, if we are talking about a colleague. The next time this person just will not believe.

    If the object of gossip by someone else, and you know who dismisses them, Oluchi moment when they can communicate with each other, and gently break into the conversation: “Lena and Olga says that on vacation, you met a foreigner already and going to marry him. Congratulations!”.

    Everything can go back to his report. After this course, the gossip will not dare to spread rumors about you.

    How to stop gossip in a large team: amused!

    As soon as you come up the rumor about you “intercept” it and turn into utter nonsense.

    For example, all in the company know that you take dance lessons, and participated with the team in competitions abroad. One is that “you were offered a contract producer of the famous ballet”. Add that in childhood you ran away from home with the troupe, and now you have been invited to perform in Cirque du Soleil. The more improbable information, the less it will believe, and the rumours die down by themselves.

    Want to know how to stop gossip in its creative team – remember the example of stars of show business. What do they do if they suddenly “POPs up the terrible truth”? Make an official statement!

    You don’t have to give an interview to Central TV channels. Write a post on a social network and sitegay all those involved in the dissemination of gossip. It is important not to make excuses or try to evoke sympathy. Come to the creative and imagine yourself in a favorable light. So you will be able to avoid personal conversation, to put the gossip on the place, and show that you are smarter.

    And the most effective way to stop gossip is to live your own life, concentrate on positive things and, of course, not to participate in this undignified process!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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