How to stop lactation nursing mother?

Every breastfeeding mom sooner or later faces the necessity of cessation of lactation. No matter what the reason a woman cannot continue breastfeeding, the main thing – to stop milk production the most secure way for her. When it is best to finish breastfeeding, how to stop lactation without harm to health, it is better to use tablets or folk remedies and as it is impossible to suppress lactation, read on the women’s website ““.

How to choose the right time to cessation of breast feeding?

You, as a nursing mom, can rightly say that each decides for itself when to stop breastfeeding. And it’s true, especially because there are often circumstances in which breastfeeding becomes completely impossible.

But we’re talking about how to stop lactation – the most physiologic, and therefore safe for the mother and the child. And here the need to listen to the opinion of who experts.

Because they recommend breastfeeding up to two years, it is easy to conclude that to stop lactation when the child these two years will be granted.

What is the explanation?

  • To two years of the child’s sucking reflex is fading, and weaning him is almost painless (which is important).
  • Usually at this age the minimum number of feedings, and this means that milk in the breast quite a bit and the weaning will happen in a natural way – its production will cease as unnecessary.

How to stop lactation in women?

Are several of the most common ways to stop lactation:

  • gradually decrease number of feedings;
  • with the help of pills;
  • folk remedies.

Before choosing a particular method, you need to carefully study all its advantages and disadvantages.

The first method is reducing the number of feedings – works on the principle of “no demand – no sentence”. It is known that milk in the breast is produced as much as baby eats. Consequently, the less he will eat, the less milk will be produced.

Gradual reduction in the number of feedings as a way to stop lactation is the most physiologic and safe for motherand child, like weaning will be the most soft.

Pills to stop lactation

Well, if a nursing mother is to gradually stop breastfeeding, but breastfeeding often has to finish urgently. For example, women need to stop lactation after childbirth or she cannot continue to breastfeed for medical reasons. In such cases it is best to stop lactation pills.

Today you can easily buy high-quality and effective tablets for the termination of lactation. However, before buying them, you need to consider some important points.

  • Since most of these drugs act on the brain and endocrine system and have adverse effects, in each particular case they must appoint a physician. He will assess the state of health of the mother will select her the most suitable drug and will prescribe an individual dose.
  • To stop lactation pills possible, only being absolutely confident that breast milk no longer need the child: pills to stop milk production in a short time and to re-establish lactation after their reception will be impossible.

The most popular and effective pill that stops lactation, are Dostinex, Agellates, Bromocriptine, Parlodel , etc. They block the production of prolactin – the hormone that is responsible for the implementation of lactation, and within a few days milk production stops completely. against women was appointed a drugs to stop lactation, because they all have side effects.

If the young mother has no possibility to consult a doctor for this reason, it is better to use folk remedies to stop lactation.

How to stop lactation folk remedies?

The first thing that recommends a traditional medicine to stop lactation is to reduce the amount drunk per day of the liquid. That’s right: the more fluid enters the body, the more the breast produces milk. Accordingly, if you drink less, and lactation significantly reduced.

But this alone is not enough. To speed up the process of terminating lactation can be by using herbal.

Quickly to stop the lactation, will help diuretics infusions of herbs. They will withdraw from the body of unnecessary liquid, thereby ceasing the production of milk. Tree oil, Basil, horsetail wintering, cranberries, parsley Ogorodnaya, elecampane, madder have a good diuretic effect.

  • Of herbs or herbal to make an infusion or decoction and the day drink 5-6 cups cooked diuretic.

The effect can be assessed after the first application, but to accept diuretic infusions must be for weeks. Usually that’s enough time to milk production completely stopped.

Separately to say about the sage. This is an effective folk remedy stops lactation without harm to the health of women.

How to stop lactation sage?

Sage in large quantities contains phytoestrogens analogue of the female hormone estrogen. Estrogen inhibits the production of prolactin – the hormone responsible for lactation. The mechanism of action of the sage is simple: it increases the level of estrogen in the body, thereby greatly reducing the production of prolactin. But no prolactin – no and lactation.

Sage to stop lactation can be taken as a tincture, decoction, tea, and you can use sage oil.

  • Infusion: in a glass of boiling water a handful of chopped sage. Let stand an hour, strain and take 50 g four times a day, you can eat 20 minutes later.
  • Decoction: to a Cup of boiling water a handful of herbs, reduce the heat and leave on the stove for 10 minutes. Insisted, strained and can be drunk: 20 g four times a day.
  • Tea: ready to buy at the pharmacy, brewing and make according to instructions on the package.
  • As sage oil to stop lactation? Of course, using topically, combining with a light massage of the breast. This will avoid compaction and inflammation of the mammary glands.

Contraindications to the use of sage is epilepsy, severe cough, acute nephritis, inflammation of the kidneys and pregnancy.

As it is impossible to stop lactation?

Pulling chest is the most common and wrong way to stop milk production. We already know that lactation is under the influence of hormones, and dressing chest, this process does not affect.

To stop lactation in this way is almost impossible. Circulatory disorders of the breast, development of oedema, lactostasis, mastitis – that can lead this method.

“” hopes that this article will help you to choose the most suitable way how to stop lactation. But still it is useful to remind once again that the most natural and safe for mother and child way is the gradual completion of lactation. In all other cases expert advice is required.

The author – Tatiana konopacka, site

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