How to stop loving a man?

This article on the website “” — no prescription remedies-cure “awkward” love. We show you how to love the man, but I can’t promise that it will be quick and painless.

Every feeling is an experience that is impossible to erase from memory, but which can make us wiser, more Mature… So we can only advise on how to not “get stuck” on the wrong man, relive this episode of his biography and release your heart to a new happy love…

How to stop loving a man: a psychologist’s advice

Psychologists give recommendations on how to stop loving the man she loved, based on the knowledge about human thinking. Any feeling can be suppressed in man and methods can be either gentle or very violent.

Of course, to serious violence we don’t encourage, but some measures will be quite effective.

Be distracted and don’t be afraid of loads!

The point is that you need to switch the brain on the processing of other more relevant information, which are many and which comes constantly. It can be mentally and physical activity.

For example, if you want to stop loving a married man: you can make yourself a deadline at work to take an extra project that requires constant deliberation strategies, and alternate solutions to small urgent tasks.

Good option “download information” — communication with people. Moreover, it is desirable to communicate in reality, not in the online conversations in person requires a lot more moral strength than correspondence: because then you have to hear and see the interlocutor, and even themselves to look decent in front of him.

Physical activity is also a correct solution to the problem “how to love a man”! Do sports, hike, dig, finally the beds at the cottage – and you use, and the grandparents joy! Physical fatigue helps to cope with the “hormonal love”.

Change: the more radical the better!

Any changes in life to help less said about love. A change of job, moving in good ways on how to stop loving a man who does not love you…

From a less radical – the trip into a vacation (especially to plan an active vacation, not just a beach felting).

Engage the child

If you have children, it’s time to pay more attention to them, spend leisure time with them. If your kids don’t, you can please visit his nephews, younger sisters or brothers, children, friends, etc.

The case in the natural mechanism, which is inevitably embedded in our genotype: when a woman sells her motherly instinct, she’s not thinking about finding a partner-related love emotions are muted.

As nature intended the mother were busy with their young children instead of looking for a new man.

Be… not in love!

It may sound paradoxical, but it is a fact – if you convince yourself that you have no feelings for the man, you will cease to experience them! The power of suggestion is very great, even if you do not use any sophisticated techniques!

How to stop loving the man, not to suffer and let go of it: every time your thoughts return to the subject of love, mentally repeat phrases like “I don’t love him”, “I don’t need It”, “I am successful and free,” “I am ready for new feelings”, “I will Have a new, happy and mutual love,” etc.

Of course, this same method of self-hypnosis can be used black: to convince yourself that the one you love is a bad and unworthy person, it’s no good, etc. and herein lies the mistake many women: so you’re freed from love, but only you tell yourself you are in love with the jerk and asshole, which you are unworthy, etc.

Naturally, this is not the way out of the situation, because this feeling can to nurture some completely unnecessary, painful relationship, and you will have enough determination to break them…

The main message to yourself should be: “I’m fine, I’m free, I like my life, I like men, I will develop a happy relationship with another person”, etc.

Increase self-esteem and develop self-sufficiency

Do to feel successful, strong, worthy of more! Conquer new rung of the career ladder, defeat the contests, develop new business, which is always considered difficult, be engaged in their appearance to feel beautiful…

The point is to develop self-sufficiency. A self-sufficient person does not fall into emotional dependency – he realizes that he is always good with yourself, a relationship with a partner of the opposite sex only when they are harmonious.

So the main way to love man is to love yourself!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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