How to store belts rationally: tips

With the problem of organized storage straps in the house faces each of us, because the appropriate accessories are available in every wardrobe.

Between these products differ in thickness, color, texture and design. And for all their extremely important to find a suitable place on the hanger or in the closet. About how and where to store belts, we’ll explain in more detail.

How to store belts?

Before the belt was given the traditional place on the Cabinet door. But today every family member in the Arsenal of the appropriate accessories are present in so large numbers that the usual Cabinet doors in order to accommodate them all, is not enough.

And so began to be other answers to the question, how to store belts. And here are the main ones.

Hooks and special hangers for belts

One of the best solutions for storing belts. Hooks these items are suspended by a buckle that not only prevents their deformation, but also gives you convenient access to any of them.

Storage straps and belts can be used as single hooks, and the whole design. All depends on the amount of appropriate accessories in your range.

Don’t know where to store the belts? Design with hooks use in cabinets and outside of them.

Hangers for belts presented on the market today in a wide range. But if you want you can make a suitable design and his own.

Enough to take a neat wooden bar and nail her long nails so that they make hooks. Please note that the look, this design will be somewhat rough, and therefore fit not in every interior.

The sliding brackets

Thanks to them, your straps will be neatly arranged and always within your reach. The brackets are installed into a Cabinet or closet. They are inexpensive and very easy to use.

Drawers and compartments

Drawers for many of us continues to be the most convenient option for storing small accessories. And they are the main answer to the question of how to keep belts in the closet.

Today, many furniture manufacturers offer cabinets with pull-out modules, which provides a large number of offices. They are perfect for storing belts, belts, neckerchiefs, ties, socks and not only.

If your wardrobe such a feature can not boast, you can always buy special fabric box with compartments in it. This box set is the inside of any drawers that you have decided to use for storing respective goals.

Straps inside the drawers and compartments are best stored folded in the coil. The buckle must be on the outside. For this the coil is not reversed, you can seal it with a rubber band.

Original ideas

Don’t know how to conveniently store belts? There are some highly original options. For example, you can use an ordinary garden rake. To do this, Unscrew the handle and hang this tool gardener on the wall in the hallway so that his teeth looked up. These kind of hooks to hang belts, sashes, bags and beyond.

If you do not possess any of the free hook or drawer, make a hanger for belt possible and from scrap materials, which must exist in every home.

For these purposes, you can use a thin metal hanger attached to the lower faces of the belts with ordinary clothespins. Another option is to take a thick wooden hanger and screw it to the required number of screws, which will then be suspended from the relevant product.

How to organize belts

If you want to understand how to store belts, website recommends that you pay attention to the following rules:

  • Sort belts by size, color and type. So it will be easier to find the desired option, after the search for the minimum of time.
  • Wide belts are best stored horizontally so they take up less space.
  • Corset belts you can either put vertically, or fold into compact coils.
  • In any case, not prelaminate belts and do not fold them too tightly, otherwise you risk damaging the product.
  • Regularly cleaned up on the hanger or in the drawer where you keep matching accessories. So, all your straps will be under control and you will not have long to find the appropriate one if necessary.

Now you know how to compactly store the straps. There are many ways of arranging the appropriate accessories so that they don’t take up much space and was always at hand. You have only to give preference to the option that you most prefer.

The author – Tamara Belchenko, site

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