How to store cosmetics?

Cosmetics is the weakness of the female: we are happy to go on a cosmetic shopping, carefully choose the means, but… not everyone knows how to store makeup so she is not spoiled ahead of time and turned out a quality product in useless or even dangerous for your health!

But the site decided to rectify the situation and to talk about how to store cosmetics.

How and where to store cosmetics at home?

Practically any cosmetic not tolerate three phenomena: high humidity and high temperature (i.e. heat), and direct sunlight. Rarely store your beauty treasures on the windowsill in direct sunlight.

But… what room is most often high humidity and high air temperature? That’s right – in the bathroom, exactly where most women store cosmetics! This is a mistake!

In the bathroom you can leave only those tools that are directly designed for bathing and hand washing – shampoo, shower gel, cleanser, bath foam, soap, and liquid soap. Tightly cap the bottles, and nothing bad will happen.

At what temperature to store cosmetics? Creams, serums, lotions, masks, etc are best stored in the fridge (not the freezer!).

If your house has a fairly cool and dry place (for example, storage room or porch), you can store your cosmetic stocks there. The fact that the optimum temperature for use in skin care – about +12 degrees, that is, below room.

Decorative cosmetics is designed for room temperature and even temperature changes (for example, when a woman always carries her favorite tools in the bag). But if we are talking about oily or liquid texture (lipstick, gloss, mascara, concealer, liquid concealer, etc.) — it will last longer if will also be stored in the refrigerator. For example, you can keep the cosmetics that you use only occasionally.

Nail polishes do not require low temperatures, but they should be protected from light and close tightly.

Dry the sachet, clay, sea salt, etc. should be protected from moisture and is good to pack for storage (if you have not used the whole box at once).

As you can see, it is not always necessary to think only of how to conveniently store cosmetics it’s also important to take care of her safety.

How to store cosmetics?

On every cosmetic product specified shelf life. To pay attention to this date should: this is the time period during which the manufacturer guarantees that the product will meet original specifications. But then, of course, assumes a few caveats that are often overlooked:

  • If the cosmetic product was stored in improper conditions (e.g. very hot in the heat, frozen, stored in an open vial without cap, etc.), it may deteriorate before the expiry date. Claims against the manufacturer in this case to produce no use.
  • Is that the makeup remains quite usable after the expiration date. Competent manufacturers never put in the date of expiration, a “vanishing point”, after which each instance of the tool is certainly completely ruined. Shelf life is the period during which product quality is guaranteed, but then – as lucky, so the manufacturer no longer vouch for their product. But this does not mean that you can fearlessly use cosmetics, not looking to any time – perhaps in some cases you will get away with it, but then you happen to be a nuisance, and overdue remedy will harm your skin! Cosmetics is not milk and not sausage – it may not be any visible changes, however it will lose some of its properties (for example, in the case of creams, serums, balms, etc.).
  • If you see that the product changed (color, texture, consistency, smell etc) – do not use them, even if the expiration date has not expired. This may indicate that he is spoiled! For example, nail Polish turn yellow in the vial appears a layer of clear yellowish fluid (i.e. varnish stratified) – this varnish can not be used.

So, the first thing you should focus is factory shelf life. If you do not specify any date (or in the process of use has worn off the label, lost the box, etc.), and you don’t know how long you can keep cosmetics, it will help the tip from the website ““:

  • Perfume or Cologne can be stored for 3-5 years unopened (if factory packing never opened) or from six months to three years – if you use perfume. After this period, the scent may become weaker or change slightly. If you appreciate vintage perfumes, then be prepared that the smell may be different than 20-30 years ago (especially if you buy any second hand an opened bottle).
  • Nail Polish can be stored for two years (provided that you tightly twist the cap of the bottle)
  • Creams, gels, lotions, cleanser, beauty mask for oily, aqueous or alcohol based suitable from six months to a year.
  • Natural means no preservatives are stored from one month to six months.
  • Dry formulations intended for dilution with liquid before use, can be stored in a dry sealed for a long time – from one year to five years. This applies to dry clay, mineral powders, crushed plant compositions (for example, henna and Basma).
  • Concealer is a tool that cannot be used longer than two years.
  • Mascara should be changed every three months (maximum every six months). If you have ever used mascara in a while, like you had any disease of eyes or eyelids (conjunctivitis, barley, etc.) something more than this mascara can not be used.
  • Dry decorative cosmetics (powder, blush, eyeshadow) fit a year or two.
  • Decorative cosmetics on a fat basis (lipstick, gloss, creamy blush) is in the course of the year.
  • The longest suitable soap – it can be stored 5-7 years.

Of course, these terms are relevant only when you follow the rules how to store cosmetics.

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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