How to straighten hair permanently: flat irons, hair dryers or in the Barber shop

How to straighten hair permanently? This question at least once in my life asked any girl. Long known that beauty with curly hair want it straightened, and straight — as soon as possible to obtain the desired curls. Hair straightening creates a lot of additional problems: protection against humidity, fighting frizz and the need to Shine. But they can be solved in the presence of certain skills hair care.

Using a Hairdryer or flat iron

Hair straightening irons — the classics of the genre. This is the most simple and common way to give hair smoothness. The girls regularly use this device, the process is quite simple: washing-drying-straightening-the result of consolidation. However, it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Such simplification of the procedure of straightening of the strands has a very negative effect on their condition. From the hair is evaporated Bracer, it becomes dull, dry and lifeless. Is this unkempt hairstyle you’ve dreamed of using irons for straightening hair?

If you are going, making the procedure a few times, to take care of your hair, listen to our advice. Before heat styling definitely need to wash your hair with shampoo with silk proteins or silicone. The second type, however, is contraindicated for ladies with oily skin because silicone is much clogs the pores. But if you have dry hair, tortured with irons is better silicone than you can imagine. Yes, it is slightly contaminates the roots, but it “seals” the ends of the laminated and porous openings on the cuticle of the hair throughout its length.

Straightening is harmless, if you pre-moisten the hair during washing, using masks or conditioners with Shea butter or macadamia nut.

  • No need several times the hair straightener through the hair, achieving the highest quality result.
  • Divide your hair into sections and start straightening beginning with the neck.
  • Styler be sure to hold the right angle.
  • Ensure that the temperature of the plates does not exceed 150°C.

Straight hair without a flat iron or it still needs to stay shiny and healthy. For this we recommend to use a heat protection spray or cream. Such means is in most of the series on care of hair: from budget lines to luxury Pantene store Osis and Matrix. The product is applied to hair after natural drying or before using the Hairdryer. The cream coats the hairs each thin layer of the protective film and greatly reduces the harmful effects of high temperatures.

How to straighten hair without a flat iron? You can use a normal Hairdryer with a nozzle-concentrator and flat brush. The dryer suitable only for lite-smooth, since fluffy and frizzy strands he’s unlikely to do it. A small caveat: Hairdryer just straighten wet hair.

How to choose a Styler

Not every girl knows how to choose irons for straightening hair. The most “ancient” model of Styler has been equipped with plates of metal. To control their temperature was almost unreal, they quickly escalated and mercilessly burned the tips of the hair.

  • Modern heating elements covered by a ceramic layer.
  • More expensive models with tourmaline coated for professional use.
  • The hardest thing heat up plates of marble, but these irons are, unfortunately, quite rare.

Remember: the hardest hair to style, the greater should be the tongs. If you have dry hair, fit model with ionisation and steam humidifier. Before you use such hair straightener, you need to fill in the hole of the heater a small quantity of distilled water.

Long-term methods of rectification

Even if you already know how to straighten hair with a straightening iron or Hairdryer, you may not always be a need for this procedure time. Then, to help intikam coming barbers and stylists. By analogy with a Perm (carving) was invented chemical hair straightening. The locks on the applied current composition, and then the strands are treated with professional irons.

Chemical hair straightening

Long-lasting straightening designed for thick hair are normal or oily type. Dry, coloured and lifeless it will only spoil from ammonium hydroxide part of the chemical drug that destroys the hair cortex. The effect of “chemistry” is maintained for at least 3-4 months. If you wish your hair was always smooth, re-visit the salon about once every six months.

Biopiraterie hair

New product that is in demand in all cabins, — biopiraterie. It does not damage the structure of the hair, while permanently maintaining hair mirror shiny. During the session, the wizard uses only gentle amino-acid compositions. In them native to the human body substance that fills damaged areas of the hair and sealing the open pores.

Girls are not ready for chemical or biopirateria, you can try a keratin styling. He also has a prolonged effect, but again needs frequent updating. “Eternal” rectification is still in development, but it is quite real. In the meantime, the kinky choice of girls is limited in several ways.

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