How to straighten hair without a flat iron?

“” today will reveal a few secrets of how to straighten hair without a flat iron, because many have not even thought about the fact that it is possible. As you know, this device, even the highest quality, extremely adversely affects the condition of the hair.

With frequent use, the hair becomes dry, hard, lose their strength and Shine, and the tips begin to split. In a hurry sometimes you have to straighten even damp hair – which is categorically harmful to health of hair and their appearance.

Of course, the article will be discussed about slightly curly hair, instead of the small curls, which affect can, perhaps, only cosmetic treatments with chemicals.

With our tips you can one night make hair almost perfectly smooth.

How to straighten wavy hair without a flat iron is bad advice

If you don’t have to hand Ironing, but there is a powerful dryer that solves the problem.

Take a round comb with a few teeth, divide hair into small strands, pull them with a brush and visosevic until the strand will not be perfectly smooth. Nozzle-diffuser and even allows you to efficiently straighten your hair using only a hair dryer.

Another method to do without a flat iron minimally to harm the hair is drying their hair dryer in “cold” mode”.

Instead of irons, you can also use a Curling iron, moving it across the length of the hair on the principle of irons. And Curling irons, and hot Hairdryer harm your hair – they evaporate the necessary moisture. That’s why advises in such procedures to apply the tools of thermal protection that minimize the influence of high temperature.

How to straighten long hair without a flat iron

To make the hair strands shiny and fluid is possible with the help of a comb and if there are several cheap cosmetics. The procedure should take place in several stages:

  • Apply a finishing spray which detangles. If such is not at hand, you can replace it with plain water sprayed from a spray. Carefully comb the strands with the comb.
  • Apply a smoothing spray, carefully spread the tool throughout the length curls.
  • Comb your hair, paying more attention to the roots of the hair. This method how to straighten hair at home without a flat iron will make your locks more manageable, smooth and shiny.
  • At the last stage you need to moisturize the ends so the strands look uniform and harmonious. You can use burdock oil.
  • In the end, once again carefully comb your hair.

    Simple home methods

    There are easy ways to straighten hair without using the hair straightener that is available to all.

    The first of these is slightly damp hair to collect in the tail and throughout the length of the hair, about every two centimeters to impose a soft gum. After an hour and a half, the hair will dry and straighten. The only negative – there may be creases, but they can be a quick fix, slightly having the same Curling iron.

    Thoroughly drench the hair in a mixture of two cups of milk and one egg and secure with polyethylene. Leave for 30 minutes, and then wash and dry in the usual way.

    Moisten your hair with black tea with sugar and let them dry naturally, periodically combing comb or brush with a few teeth. Before you straighten your hair without a flat iron, you need to clearly calculate the amount of sugar is for your type and length of hair to the hair do not stick together. For a start, try putting half a teaspoon in 200 ml (not full glass) of tea.

    Make the hair more smooth and shiny will help the mixture of Apple cider vinegar and water in ratio one to one. Splash some water on your hair in this solution and leave to dry at room temperature. This method, incidentally, is great for oily hair.

    Another way is to wet the hair with beer (choose the light variety) with a sponge from root to tip. Then comb the hair until they are completely dry.

    To straighten the hair, gently comb them with a comb with rare teeth immediately after washing, then wrap in a towel. After a few minutes, comb and wrap again. Repeat so until then, until the curls won’t be dry and straight. This method how to straighten long hair without a flat iron and other tools, will take more time than other methods.

    Straighten your hair, if after cleansing, apply with palms curls just a little bit of olive oil or burdock. Spread a hairbrush on all length of hair and wait for complete drying.

    This method is good if there’s enough lush head of hair and also dry or prone to dryness. Otherwise the hair will look very unattractive.

    Another secret of how to straighten hair without a flat iron and give them a healthy Shine, is to hold oil mask under the polyethylene a little over an hour, and then several times thoroughly rinse the hair using shampoo and rinse with warm water with added lemon.

    The hair will become more smooth, shiny and healthy!

    Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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