How to strengthen the immune system of the child folk remedies: tips

We continue to discuss the improvement of the younger members of the family. The website “” has already talked about how to strengthen kids. Today we have prepared for you a selection of folk remedies that strengthen the immune system of the child.

How to strengthen the immune system of the child folk remedies: food

That is correct and balanced nutrition is a primary tool for strengthening children’s immunity, it is possible to speak much and long. But we won’t. It should be clear that a growing body needs to meat and fish, vegetables and cereals, and that in the diet of the child must be present soups, cereals, salads, dairy products.

On sausage, chips and cakes are not only will not have full immunity, and very quickly you “grow up” problems with the gastrointestinal tract and all sorts of other troubles.

We will focus on individual products, which are recognized as folk remedies to strengthen the immune system of the child.

Probably all know about invented in kindergartens method of strengthening the immune system of the child folk remedies, namely, garlic – the plastic egg from the kinder-surprise holed in several places, put the garlic cloves and put on the neck of the child. Very effective tools during a flu epidemic!

Yes, onions and garlic – known sources of volatile, which perfectly improve the health of the environment around us. Ideally, of course, regularly add a little fresh garlic rubbed on a fine grater, soups, vegetables, salads, meat dishes, side dishes you prepare for baby.

But, alas, sometimes children flatly refuse from such “supplements” (although not all, you try to offer your child!)

The output in this case – just chop the onion and garlic and let rest on a platter in the baby’s room.

Among the folk remedies and foods that strengthen the immune system of the child, not to mention dairy products – curds, yogurt, yogurt. Normally functioning intestine, as you know, the key to good health and good health. Only choose those products that contain lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, with a small shelf life, but not those that are stored up to a month.

Nuts, fresh fruit and dried fruit – great snack for the student on the break. They contain biologically active substances that nourish the brain, give strength and energy to the body, and contribute no small share in strengthening the immune system.

Wonderful smell – honey, you can add it to porridge, to give a bit of sugar with tea, to mix with it nuts. You can simply in a glass of warm water mix a teaspoon of honey, add lemon juice and give your child to drink every day such a “cocktail of health”.

To strengthen the immune system of the child folk remedies advises to add to the baby food wheat germ, to offer him freshly squeezed juices.

How to strengthen the immune system of the child folk remedies: procedures and habits

In addition to regular hand washing with soap, I know even the pre-schoolers, it is good to teach a child to wash the nose. It is on the mucous gets a virus, penetrating into the body, and remains there for several hours.

So I came up from daycare/school my hands and Squirting nose with saline (like Aquamarine or Dolphin). Even if the child gets used regularly to wash the nose with a finger.

Hot and dry air in the apartment is a disaster for the mucosa. Not quite an obvious means to strengthen the immune system of the child, but very effective, which is currently talking, with the filing of Dr. Komarovsky, — humidification of the air in the apartment.

This and the presence of the humidifier, and regularly ventilation, and frequent wet cleaning. Do not make the child a hothouse plant, the temperature of the air in the room should be of 18-20° C.

Hardening, regular walks, fresh air, adequate exercise (at least morning exercises, and even better sports section for a child’s taste and the pool) – the means without which strengthen the immune system of a child is almost impossible.

It is known to all, but often parents do not find time and opportunity to implement it in practice! But just us, dad and mom, depends on how organized the child’s day, what time he goes to bed, what is he doing in your spare time and what he eats.

By the way, one more thing – nedosypayuschie children get sick more often (like we adults). During the school year with loads and early rise is very important to send the child to sleep no later than 22 hours. And some children in the past – it just depends on the individual’s need for sleep.

Many parents now say that the child cannot be placed in such a way before (often due to overstimulation and fatigue), what many don’t tell him, he will still sit in front of the TV/computer till late (clearly the case that excited even more!), and in the morning, of course, he is unable to do any exercises… of Course, it’s easier to let things slide – but then don’t be surprised that the child and you along with it climbs from the hospital.

Use your parental authority to explain why it is important to take care of your health, give you a personal example.

By the way, habits, including a healthy, formed within three weeks — not too long!

Of course, proposed in this article tips on how to strengthen the immune system of the child folk remedies, should be applied taking into account features of your child’s body, in particular, the presence of Allergy to some products.

By the way, the Allergy, according to one version, is the result of the presence of parasites in the body. So consult with your child’s doctor – probably should be tested for parasitic infection.

In addition to folk remedies to strengthen the immune system of a child is certainly worth drinking a multivitamin and take prescribed immunomodulators.

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