How to successfully pass the probationary period?

“” will tell you how to pass a probation period successfully and get a good job. After endless mailing summary and several stressful interviews you finally invited on Monday to go to work! You’re happy, but specialist staff suddenly adds: “We invite you to pass probationary period.”

And here comes a stupor, the entire confidence as the wind blows away: what to do and how to show their best side?

Probationary period – and the last he, by law, have a maximum of three months (for senior management – up to six months) – can hardly be called pleasant. Have to quickly figure out what’s what, who is responsible for what and at the same time effectively perform their duties.

Therefore, from the first day you should include all your potential to the highest capacity and to be in good shape. This condition is also called “burning eyes”.

Perhaps this is all that is needed to pass probation ?

First of all, let your strengths – organizational skills, quality, outstanding negotiator, ability to create tables quickly or to run errands. Get a new beautiful Notepad to write down all those gigabytes of new information that will overwhelm you like a flood.

If you are within the IP won’t ask questions the names, addresses and passwords, it will look much better in the eyes of the supervisor or mentor.

How to pass a probation period – errors:

  • Listen to music in the workplace — it is impossible to do either in columns or in earphones. Neither in the first nor in the second case, your actions are not ethical.
  • Eccentric dress, behave provocatively (of course, if you’re not a genius who will suffer, even if you get to go to work in the Bank in pink stockings and piercings).
  • To violate the established order, for example, to leave or to come in early, stay late, to delay the lunch time. advises to ask only in a difficult situation. By the way, if you get sick, the employer is obliged to increase the period of probation for a period of sick leave.
  • To the trial period is successful, it is not necessary to discuss past place of employment, salary, and colleagues.


As to whether to offer during the period the IP of their ideas, the opinions of experts were divided dramatically.

  • On the one hand, proposing a couple of new ideas or projects that make you look active employee.
  • On the other – do not propose to radically change the company or a way of communication with management.

Passive people are unlikely to linger long in the company. However, as the upstart.

Just remember that by offering a project, you need to be prepared for its implementation and responsibility for its results. By the way, experts tell us how to understand what went through the trial period head will weaken the control will no longer set goals “under the painting”.

Corporate culture and rules

From the first day of the work study rules and traditions adopted by the company. This also applies to, for example, work on the weekends. If so accepted, and you do not like something in order to understand this, and there is a trial period.

No need to independently optimize workflow.

For example, the entire company communicates corporate mail, and you don’t understand why they just don’t call in Skype or still not put the wonderful antivirus which you have on your home computer.

How to pass a probation at work? Play by the rules!

Positive qualities

During the trial period try to be polite and cordial to all team members, Express a desire to help in a difficult situation. At the same time, first and foremost, carry out the tasks of direct supervision.

Don’t try from the first day to decide what kind of work you do, and what is not included in the circle of your duties.

Show yourself not only as a professional but also as a good person. Be confident and don’t even let thoughts of “I’m afraid not pass probationary period.”

The work plan for the IP

Experts suggest in addition to the basic job descriptions to create a work plan for the period of probation. It is possible to describe their petty goals, for example, to arrange a meeting with an important client, or global – to make a certain amount of sales or lead a certain number of customers for the period of IP.

Of course, to do it better with your mentor or arrange the task list after compilation.

During the IP don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but always know how to fix it and get a lesson in the end.

If you think like a probationary period, remember that it is the best time not only by the boss and colleagues eyeing you, but you assess how conditions in the company for you.

Good luck working on the new place!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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