How to support the man when he’s down?

Support is very important for a harmonious relationship in a pair. A woman that can correctly support you in any difficult moment of life, the man will be very appreciate! It is therefore important to understand how to keep a man when he’s down.

On this and tell unusual female site

Mistakes that make women, wanting to support the man

Let’s start with the analysis of wrong actions that make women with good intentions.

  • Pity. Any man, in any situation will not be pleased that a woman shows him a compassionate sympathy (though it is sincere). You can’t hint that he is pathetic, weak and powerless in the circumstances (even if in some situation it really is). A man must know that his woman finds him strong and able to overcome any difficulties.
  • Not punchy. No need to look for “bright side of the coin.”
  • Bravura happy, attempts to cheer. If a man is sad, plastered-on merriment to irritate doubly. His bad temper strong men have to experience for yourself.
  • Intrusive sweetness, attempt anything to please, to placate, distract, etc. It’s annoying man, he realizes that the woman behaves like that on purpose. In the eyes of men this is another reminder of the troubles.
  • Questions about what happened than he’s upset. The fact that we women are judged on their own – most of us it becomes easier, if to speak out, to tell us about your problem and your feelings to a loved one. And men need to “Violetta”! Questions and oppress them even more than indifference! Because the male wants to look successful in front of the woman, not to talk about their failures! If you do not know how to keep a man when he’s down – words and questions may not even be too much!

  • Questioning “do I sad?”, “what have I done to you?”, “are you mad at me?”, etc. to sort things Out is the worst thing you can do. If a man mourns for third-party reason to justify it will be unpleasant. If he’s really distressed by something that is connected with you or he wants to talk, or he is able to keep silent and to forgive you after some time, no scenes and dramas. Is it possible that he feels guilty about you and thinking about how to make things right… In General, it is not necessary to go with the suspicions and guesses, he will tell you if you see fit!
  • Persistent offers to help, to intervene, to correct all together, etc. If a man is messed up himself, fixing also, he must himself. Don’t need to be his “mommy”, which runs to save the silly “boy” from all of life’s troubles. This once again aggravate his sense of failure! Of course, a situation when your help is really needed there – but it is better to wait, when the man himself asks you about specific help or ask for your advice. The exception – is that serious illness, injury, etc., when people need care, and he about this help may not ask.

What kind of support men need from women?

And what to do if you want to support the man when he’s down? It is important to feel that you need a friend, what’s his mood…

If you pair the General “feel” each other, it is almost on an unconscious level. It is likely that you heart guess that now becomes support for a loved one!

But still worth a read on the website “” how to keep a man, if he is bad. Wise women do:

  • If the husband only appeared on the threshold, and you are in his face already aware of the trouble, in any case, don’t! Act normal, and watch his reaction.
  • Normally, the man is very simple to guess he wants to talk or, on the contrary, needs in privacy or just silence. If a man responds to your words, frowning, irritation, short phrases – it is better to postpone trying to talk to you. Not namasivaya with his company – perhaps the man just wants to be alone (alone in the room, or in the same room but not talking about anything). Watch, but not ukladyvaya anxious and not ran with a different “screening” events every 10 minutes (“window not open?”, “the soup will?”, “my mom’s not called?” etc.). You want to talk, to speak myself, and borscht will be asked and a new window will open.
  • Sometimes a good way to support the man when he’s down – to be near, but in silence. Sit or lie down – maybe just everyone with my journal, but feeling the touch of each other. Many men love a relaxing back massage or legs, it is a good anti-stress therapy. If a man needs your close presence – he will sit next to you! The key is not namasivaya and don’t use this moment to begin a serious conversation or to talk in monologue mode. Just shut up and be together with loved ones.

  • Cook the man something delicious and hearty, brew him a pot of tea. Offer to have dinner – again, a minimum of words, and not insist, if he doesn’t want to eat. But in General, men also tend to “seize” the stress (well, if you don’t drink!). Even with the current ostentatious indifference to the food he will appreciate and at heart will love you for this care.
  • Do not make a noise, do not rattle the dishes and different things, don’t make anything General cleaning, ask the children to go to nursery and not to pull dad. Ideally, go do something of his own, sit at a laptop or sit down to read, but so that the man understood – you’re here, you’re near, you’re always ready to dialogue, to help, to support!
  • How to support the man when he’s down, the distance – one time to ask how I can help you specifically. If anything – tell me what he done that he is strong and will cope, he should be lucky etc., that you believe in him and approve of his decision. Not speak out about the problem of overly ironic, even if you want to support the man when he’s down – it can look in his eyes as a misunderstanding of the seriousness of the trouble, indifference to his Affairs, or (worst of all!) – as you ridicule him. Leave the sarcasm for later. Either give good advice (if a man asks for it!), or simply tell a loved one that sure about him and always supportive, no matter how evolved problem!

How did you know to support the man when he’s down, is more important than creating a peaceful and cosy atmosphere around him, and not Intrusive hassle!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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