How to survive the change of management?

Once in your quiet (or not) the office happens to be a planner – you and your colleagues to report that now you have a new boss. This news causes a range of emotions.

The work of the Department arises, someone starts to smarten up, someone frantically finishing a report, and someone falls into prostration. And you’re the only calm like a boa constrictor – head was replaced, and the website “” as always with you. We will help you through this stressful period.

Calm and positive

The news about the new boss binds all the work of the office, distracts the attention of the staff and guards them. Fears of the team is justified, because the new boss is innovation, out of the usual comfort zone and even risk of dismissal. Suddenly have to work more and rest less?

Look at these events from a different angle. The brass was replaced because the old leader didn’t handle their duties, and together with the new company’s business will go up.

And suddenly it’s just the first step in you career?

Down with fear!

If your first emotion towards the new boss will fear, he (and even faster – she) will see you as a victim. It will not bring you extra points, but rather eloquently talk about your low self-esteem, not only professional.

Do not confuse self-confidence with overconfidence, when there is a desire to “show them”.

Where it is more appropriate to concentrate on the working process, to mobilize all your knowledge and experience, resume clock home development.

In no case should not sabotage the work, even if the new chief calls for an urgent report for the year to provide clearly systematized customer base or begins to seek out mistakes in your work. Do not give in to the entreaties of colleagues, if they decide to “revolt” against the new boss.

If you want to stay on your work, now is not exactly the time to protest.

Take care of self-presentation

It’s not about to pounce on a new chief as soon as he crossed the threshold of the office with the words “Mr. Smith, my name is Maria, I’m a PR Manager, two degrees, an MBA”.

After the head was replaced, the new leader must hold a meeting, tell us about yourself, your goals and how it intends to achieve them. Then he needs to listen to employees.

Prepare for this meeting and tell us:

  • what project are you working on now
  • what current problems are solved (say, this week)
  • what problems arise
  • how do you intend to solve them

By the way, if during the first two weeks after the change of authorities such meeting has not occurred, recommends that you and your colleagues to take the initiative in their hands.

Personal relationships

The concept of “to establish good relations with the boss” is too loose to give specific advice.

Definitely no need to flatter, fawn, and hint at “a lot in common.” “Ivan, you have such a beautiful statue of Buddha, my sister collects these, that you bought at IKEA?”.

At first, you will attract his attention, but in the future, statues will not save you if you fail the project or presentation.

To win the trust of new boss can be another way. Watch his work if it is a little “lost” in a new environment, take the initiative – suggest an idea or good standard solution.

Just don’t mention that “Peter, whose place you took, you always did before”. Noticing your desire to work together, the new chief will find in your face like-minded. Sounds good, right?

To criticize whether the new chief, if the change of the authorities?

It’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you don’t have to agree with absolutely everything he says or proposes, on the other, even to criticize frankly bad deals is not just. Before you Express an opinion, be sure to clarify what your overall goal is to improve the performance of the company.

Be open to new things

Each “change of power” in the team brings something new in terms of personnel management and the daily tasks. Do not resist the fact that the chief will introduce new rules for writing reports or just send the whole team to the training.

Is Skype and corporate e-mail “rookie” prefers to resolve business issues in Viber? Well, it is always useful to learn a new program.

On the other hand, if you notice low efficiency innovations, try gently to prove that the old methods are better (no word about Pyotr Petrovich!). In any case, try maximally to adapt to the management style of new boss.

Do not relax

The period when the head was replaced by – not the best time to go on vacation, even if you have already planned the trip. After a rest and are difficult to get back into a working rhythm and to relieve irritation.

Back then, you may notice that quite lagging behind their colleagues who have long been aware of everything that happens, and it will be difficult to make up for lost time.

Experts believe that the adoption of “new rules of the game” will be quite two months.

The situation changed when the authorities – this is not the end of the world, but rather new opportunities. Remember that the new boss is also undergoing a process of adaptation, and in order to implement their plans, and he needs your help, including. Therefore, one should not immediately negatively opposed to it.

Try to be flexible – and perhaps with a new leader and you!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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