How to survive the loss of a loved one and coping with grief?

The death of a loved one is one of the hardest blows that can cause the fate. And when tragedy strikes, we can only counteract this impact and to plan future life.

Today on the website we will give some tips on how to cope with grief and how to survive the loss.

Just note that each one of us carries emotional pain in their own way. And, therefore, the following tips can have varying degrees of useful to different people.

How to survive the loss of a loved one?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that you will survive this loss and spiritual crisis. Believe me, so be it!

It is appropriate to recall the well-known vital truths:

  • each person appears only the test that it can endure;
  • time slowly heals all wounds. And how many days (weeks, months) you will feel better.

Of course, while the wound is fresh, the world seems dark and life without the deceased — is meaningless. And especially hard if you have to deal with the funeral and the Wake. In this case, the number of negative experiences is greatly increased.

So after saying farewell one last way is very useful distraction. For example, you can go to another city, to immerse oneself in the work to remake a long-abandoned things, and so forth.

Distraction is one of the best answers to the question: “How to cope with grief?”.

Also to cope with grief help tears. Yes, it is tears. Often they begin to flow by themselves (especially in the first weeks after death). Don’t restrain them, give them the will.

Especially good to cry alone. Believe me, you will feel relief, albeit small.

Another important point – try to think more often about the deceased.

Think not about death and not about the fact that he is no more, but about what you would like the deceased. For example, hardly would he like it if people close to him greatly grieved, would have fallen into depression or started to act stupid.

Try to follow everything, that would be like the deceased loved one, in your opinion. We believe that following the desires is a great way to show our respect to the memory of the deceased.

How to help yourself cope with grief?

The depth of our emotional experiences depends on the circumstances under which a man died.

Death is always sad! But one thing the death of an elderly or sick person. In this case, death seems more natural and logical. And accept the fact that no person can for a fairly short period of time.

And another thing is the death of a healthy person in the Prime of life, of a child, the death of a young man in the war, some ridiculous accident and the like situations. Here really requires a lot of effort and patience.

And in order to survive the pain of loss, very important the support of friends and loved ones.

Also as strongly influenced by the degree of closeness with the deceased. Especially hard to lose a man with whom it was associated with many hopes for a happy future. And old feelings to the deceased only reinforce the pain of loss.

Here in such situations you may need the help of a professional psychologist. The main thing — do not hesitate to ask for help.

That psychologists advise?

The representatives of this wonderful profession are often unable to give a definite answer to the question: “How to cope with grief and how to survive the loss?”. Moreover, again, the circumstances of the death may be different, as their perception.

But some General professional advice we still consider the site ““.

  • Be specific and honest with yourselves. The man died, it will not return and nothing can be done. Came the logical conclusion of his life. Be aware of it. Believe it. Accept it.
  • Do not keep yourself in your pain. Chat with your friends. Do not hold back emotions when communicating. In this situation, emotional lack of restraint is quite natural. And with time it will pass. And by the way, in such situations, you can figure out who you real friend and who — so…
  • Don’t try to stifle his pain poisons in the form of alcohol, nicotine, medicines and so on. After all, you understand that they will not solve your problems, but rather create new ones. And a dead person would not like such behavior on your part, isn’t it?
  • More likely to think about the future. Indeed, it often happens that after the death of loved ones is a lot you can change. And sometimes even, you can start a life from scratch. And if in the past you could only think and dream, after the death of a person to act. And by the way, don’t be surprised if thoughts about change will help you more clearly understand how to survive the pain of loss.
    But at the same time in the course of these reflections, it is possible to ensure that, no matter what, the planet revolves, and life goes on.
  • If in the past you dealt with death of family or friends, we will remember how it was. Yes, no doubt, painful memories. But it is possible that based on past experience you will find new answers to the question how to survive the loss of a loved one.
  • So, in this article we gave some tips on how to survive the loss. Those whose loved one has died, the site wish strength, patience and a speedy emotional healing.

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