How to take advances?

Courtship is a charming game, from which almost all romantic stories. Of course, courtship from interesting men is very nice, but how to take them correctly, not to spoil the budding relationship?

And how to accept the courtship of the gentleman who did not inspire sympathy? This will tell original women’s website!

How to accept the courtship of men who like?

The word “courting” we used to understand nice words, compliments, small courtesies, gifts, invitations, Dating etc. If a man like that, of course, every such moment is a lot of emotions!

But is it worth taking all the courtship, and how to do it right?

  • First, whatever you are the joy experienced from a compliment, a bouquet of flowers or tickets in the stalls, we should not rejoice in the presence of men too much! You don’t have to impress girls, which “is” the simple little things and considers them the main condition for the start of the relationship! Simply put – any man will be money to ten rosettes and coffee and cake in the cafe is average. If you’re bubbling with enthusiasm after these simple courtship, don’t think your cavalier that you admire anyone who cares for you such a simple method?
  • Secondly, it is not necessary to exaggerate the significance of courtship for you. For example, the date you took a walk in the Park and he offered to go to a cafe. At this point on your forehead should not read “Oh, he got me a coffee, now we have to come up with a style of wedding dress, and our children will be called Masha and Zhenya!”! You just drinking coffee – that’s all!
  • Thirdly, do not consider courtship from men automatic cause certainly strike up a relationship with him. So, any meal – in fact just the dish or drink. Man can say that you are really hungry at the moment (if true), or to praise a particular dish at a restaurant, if you really like it – but do not fall apart in thanks as if you presented a Lexus and a Villa in Ibiza! Moreover – even if you really will get a car and a Villa, at the stage that precedes the relationship, you should not assume that it is something extraordinary that automatically translates man from the category of fans (of which you can have many!) in the status of The same. In the end, the man needs to understand that if you choose it, not to expensive and numerous gifts and other expensive options courtship!

  • Fourthly – don’t show the guy that signs of male attention for you are out of the ordinary event. Flowers? The correct response is “Thank you, I love this shade of rose!”. But not “Wow, bouquet!!!! Thank you tremendous!!! Me flowers for a couple of years no one gave, and from her ex-husband Fig was to wait for at least one of the roses!”.
  • Fifth – don’t act like you feel unworthy to be courted. If a guy is showering you with compliments humbly thank you, but do not make excuses, “Oh, Yes, I’m chubby, Yes I have a zit on your nose, I’m not a Princess like you say…”. If he sees you, then just enjoy it, love works wonders – you’re really a Princess (and the flaws he sees, but he is absolutely not important!). If it’s just flattery in order to quickly you to achieve, and you understand it, then think about it, and whether to give a favorite to this “Freeloader”? The same material signs of attention – you have to accept with modest gratitude, declining only in the cases when this courtship for you is really unpleasant.

Always remember – no matter how generous male in the courtship, he does it for himself! You he’s not begging, he’s not obliged – that is, all that he does for you, it is about possible future relations, which he wants!

Even if you accept the courtship – until you nothing concrete has been promised, then you do not need a man!

In the end, he also needs to realize that you’re not an investment project, which will certainly pay off after a certain deposited amount of money, but a living person! You have a right to expect, to consider, understand their feelings, to choose between several suitors as long as you need!

Make courtship so that the man understood – you not against the relationship, but you agree to them only when you appreciate him as a person, not “invested” in you time, effort and money! After all, if you really like the man, he will be pleased to look after you without the indispensable “payback” of his efforts!

Whether to accept the courtship, if you do not intend to start a relationship with a guy?

Of course, the question “do I need to take advances from unloved” can have different answers. One thing – if courtship is tedious and unpleasant for you, and the man clearly unsympathetic. Then it probably makes sense to politely say that his efforts were futile, and reject all presents and even more invitations to date.

However, it sometimes has exactly the opposite effect! Some men are so reckless “hunters” that the absolute refusal of the woman and her ignoring a stimulus to invent new signs to still achieve inaccessible beauty!

What should I do? If you know that your date is it is better to take the romance, but… with some conditions!

  • Don’t let on that you like it. Can accept gifts and flowers, but don’t thank (in addition to the dry “thank you” — nothing more!).
  • Refuse all offers of anywhere to go- for example, from tickets for events. If he gives you two tickets (hoping that second ticket will go to him) – then take it and go with someone else! If you still agree to meet – show all his views that you get bored in the company of men, you are frustrated, I regret that I came, etc.
  • Any encouraging hints! He needs to see what is not moving towards its goal (that is to conquer your heart)!

What is all this? It’s very simple – in this case, you play the role of a cynical stervochki that only takes and gives nothing in return! Men would love if a girl accepts the advances (especially financially valuable), but does not reciprocate — they don’t like to be used! This is the situation, which is called “Dynamo”.

Most likely, annoying the gentleman will turn his flurry of activity very soon!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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