How to take home a rejuvenating bath?

Women’s website “” invites you to take water treatments, in particular, revitalizing baths, with benefits for the skin. Over time, cell regeneration slows down and we all strive to slow down the process.

In modern cosmetology there is a whole Arsenal of ways, but no need to go into a day SPA to “lose a few years.” It is sufficient to choose natural ingredients and make useful relax at home!

Baths for rejuvenation effective in that, when pores are opened, the useful elements penetrate deep into the skin. Today, these “elixirs of youth” prepared with the addition of a wide variety of products, even alcohol, for example, beer or champagne. But we’ll focus on the more healthy and natural recipes.

Salt baths

Sea salt in addition to sodium chloride, contains a large number of useful components (which evaporated in the preparation of ordinary table salt), so it’s a great “filler” for a rejuvenating bath.

Salt rejuvenating bath at home increase metabolism, is removed from cells and toxins in General can perform miracles with the skin.

For one procedure, you will need about 300 grams of sea salt. Definitely wait until you dissolve all the salt, otherwise the body may leave scratches. Better yet, dissolve the salt in the initially lukewarm water and then pour the solution into the prepared bath.

After the procedure you can rinse your body with cool shower, this will give the skin a additional tone.

Herbal baths

Grass is the second of the effectiveness and utility component in our hit parade. The infusion is prepared just: put the herbs in cold water and bring to boil on a slow fire, but do not boil!

After leave to steep for two to three hours. Before you pour the broth into the bath, carefully strain it. Herbs can be used both fresh and dried.

A rejuvenating herbal bath at home:

  • wild strawberry leaves, birch, dandelion – good in a period of beriberi
  • fresh mint, thyme, lavender – antiseptic, soothing “detox cocktail”
  • rosemary in tandem with sage – it has an effective anti-aging effect on the skin of the body
  • chamomile – when and irritated skin after waxing
  • sage – if skin is oily
  • St. John’s wort, horsetail – when loose and flabby skin.
  • rose petals – makes the skin silky, soft and smooth
  • needles or extract – detoxifies and fights cellulite

Milk-lemon cocktail

Rejuvenating milk bath at home is quite popular, this product makes the skin soft and whitens, nourishes it and reduces swelling. recommends the use of pasteurized milk instead of whole, since water is in direct contact with mucous membranes.

They say that Cleopatra loved to take baths with donkey milk, but where can I get it in the twenty-first century when you not the Egyptian Queen? ?

So, the regular or goat’s milk – about three liters of slightly warm up, then pour in a couple tablespoons of lemon juice (if desired, you can take grapefruit, tangerine or orange). And if we add to the mixture still liquid honey, such a rejuvenating and therapeutic bath at home and even strengthen the immune system.

After the procedure it is better to take a warm shower.

Bath with clay

Cosmetic clay – a highly effective remedy against cellulite and excess weight. Clay is useful to make the wraps, but you can take baths.

For one procedure, you will need about 400-500 grams of clay. Carefully place it in water to make a slurry. After a bath, be sure to take a shower, without soap or gel.

The seaweed baths

For such procedures it is possible to buy the extract of seaweed (kelp, fucus) and 50 ml added during the bathing. This Supplement contains a lot of vitamins (A, b, C, D, E, b-vitamins), carotenoids, amino acids.

Rejuvenating sea bath at home nourish and increase the protective functions of the skin and the entire body, provides anti-cellulite and regenerative effect, smoothes and tighten the skin.

Bath with bran

A procedure with admiration speak of many women. It is well suited for problem skin, prone to allergies, irritations after wearing tights or tight clothing.

Of all the types of wheat bran choose – they contain a lot of vitamin b, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Bran (about a pound) put in a fabric pouch and provari for half an hour in five liters of water. If you want to further soften the skin, then boil the bran in the milk. Strain the broth and pour into the tub with warm water, to get send the bag (by the way, it turns out great “tool” to scrub the whole body).

Branny after a rejuvenating bath in the home is unheated rinse with water, blot with the body and relax for about half an hour.

Rules for taking a rejuvenating bath

  • before you take a bath, you should take the soul and purify the body with a delicate scrub
  • a full stomach is not the best circumstance for taking bath after a meal should take at least two hours
  • it is best to water in the tub was warm – about 37-39 degrees, this water has a soothing, not stimulating effect
  • take anti-aging as regular baths at home costs no more than 15-20 minutes
  • don’t take a bath during menstruation, cold or if temperatures are high

Consult your doctor if you have any problems with pressure or is not cured gynecological diseases!

As you can see, recipes to cook a rejuvenating bath quite a lot.

Any of them can be improved with the help of your favorite essential oil, after drinking a Cup of herbal, peppermint or green tea and relax!

Author – Ekaterina Maximova, site

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