How to teach a cat to scratching posts and why it needs to sharpen its claws?

Looking for stylish furniture in catalogs or stores, anyone in the house has a cat, usually heavy sigh: “It’s just not for us – in a month everything will be stripped!…”. But actually, the problem can be avoided and to afford any interior, if the time to teach a cat to sharpen claws! As the website says women’s!

Why cats sharpen their claws?

Stripping of the sofas, legs of chairs, Wallpaper, and other interior elements to a cat – not her whim dictated by a bad temper and a desire to annoy the owners, and natural and absolutely necessary natural need of each cat!

Each claw is arranged so – the inner part (the proper claw), where the smallest blood vessels and nerve fibers, and dead “dead” shell, something like “sheath”. After a certain period of time the claw “sheds” — “soft cover” disappears, and under it already grows a new solid layer of keratinized claw.

For this to happen, the cats are sharpening their claws, otherwise he would not onlinewsj claw will cause discomfort to the animal.

But beyond that, there is another natural trick. As you know, cats, cats and especially males, jealous of their territory and mark it. Special aromatic substance, to serve as “identifiers of the owner of the territory”, the cats are in the urine as well… on their feet!

Therefore, potoci claws, the cat leaves his mark – “I live here!”.

What kind of scratching post to choose?

The most simple and correct way to allow the cat to realize their needs without harming the interior to teach a cat to scratching posts.

What is a scratching post , and what is the optimal design to choose?

In pet stores there is a wide range kogtetochek – from simple style with fabric to complex multilevel structures with shelves for jumping and sitting, pendants, toys, etc., Our Council is deciding to teach a cat to scratching posts, do not chase expensive and cumbersome structures – does not the fact that the animal they like it!

Try a very simple structure – the column, wrapped a soft rope or thick cloth. The top can be a small area for Seating, but this is optional.

And for cat-lovers to strip Wallpaper would be a nice scratching post that you can do at home – take a plank and a piece of the old braided carpet, and fit an a plate by a carpet inside out out.

Be careful with the front side scratching posts not protruding nails or staples, which the cat may try to pull and hurt feet! Attach this structure to the wall above the floor – the cat such things are usually quickly find and no problems are accustomed to scratching posts!

Good option – kogtetochek a few different designs in different places of the apartment: if the cat will feel an urge to sharpen claws, it is unlikely to go through a few rooms and solve the problem on the spot!

How to teach a cat to scratching posts?

When the scratching post is selected, begin to teach. Watch where most cat sharpening its claws – there and reinforce scratching post: the suffering next to chair or stool, on a ragged section of wall…

Watch when the cat’s playful mood – attach to top of scratching the bow on a string or other toy and bring it to her cat’s attention. Reaching for a toy, the cat will be able to understand how a positive innovation to the point of the claws!

Sometimes advise to accustom the cat to the scratching post spray last Valerian, but the method is controversial – “tipsy” cat is unlikely to want to sharpen its claws, it probably is rubbing against a scratching post with face and licking her…

In some cases, it makes sense to cut the claws?

Actually most vets suggest to trim the tips of the claws of all cats living in the apartment and not having many opportunities to climb, walk on the land and sharpen its claws (still about caring for a cat here). This is done not only for the comfort of owners and the integrity of the furniture!

The thing is that the tip of each claw very thin and is bent inside, to the “palm” of the paw.

In nature, when the cat actively uses its claws for climbing and many walks on the earth and the stones, these tips tend to grind a bit, and in time, the process shifts dead “sheath“.

In a city apartment, especially if you do not accustom the cat to the scratching post and not to allow her to sharpen the claws, this does not happen or is much slower than it should be. And claws slowly grow back!

My own cat breeds “exotic” faced with this problem. At some point I noticed that the cat was somehow strange “chattering” one of the claws, running through the linoleum, and carefully considered the foot – claw had grown, and “little pouch” he got even more zagnuvshis inside the foot to “palm”. … And formed the problem of “ingrown claw”, remove the tip from which the skin on the foot had the vet…

So this is not repeated, the vet taught me how to cut the claws of my pet: once every 2-3 weeks ostregheta the tip of each claw.

In any case you cannot cut “under the root” or even half the length – the claws of cats live, there are small blood vessels and nerve endings, hair cut only dead sharp tip!

But the “fashion” surgery to remove the claws of domestic cats should not do is greatly disrupts the coordination of movements and even posture of the cat, because in fact the amputation of each of the upper phalanges of the fingers from growing claws!

Instead of these drastic measures might the better know how to teach a cat to sharpen claws!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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