How to teach a child to help around the house?

Almost every mom at least once wondered “How to teach a child to help?”. Today the website “” tell me how you can teach your child to help you around the house.

When to start to accustom to household Affairs?

To help mother the baby may already be in 2-3 years. Yes, that’s right! At this age the person becomes aware of himself and has a desire to be independent.

What can help the toddler?

The most basic is to bring something (to move): a book, a spoon, a magazine. Of course, the items should be light and clean. Something heavier than you can bear (moved) together.

Also at this age the child is to begin to independently put on or take off 1-2 of the garment and clean them in place. Of course, mom and/or dad need to closely monitor every action of the child.

Also keep in mind that in the age of 3-4 years children begin to imitate adult labor. Primarily this is manifested in games. So if your little one sees you carry out chores in the future to teach your child to help around the house will be much easier.

What can help a child in 4-5 years?

If the child develops properly and in a timely manner, in 4-5 years his perception is actively being improved. Moreover, it can perform more complex requests, for example, folded a few things into the trash bag.

You can also teach your child to help during the harvest.

The main thing is to show your child that help is good and that helping people is an integral part of our lives.

How does it show?

Of course, it all depends on the situation. If you are doing the cleaning, give the child a rag. Let him wipe the dust. If you set the table, the child may include spoons and napkins. If you are in the country, let the child with you harvest.

Of course, the useful things still can be very much. Most importantly, ask politely, and show your child that you are proud of his great achievements.

What can help a child of 5 years and older?

5 years is a great age to teach a child regularly to restore order. And it’s not just about the weekly cleaning.

Here it is urgent to focus on:

  • daily cleaning of the crib;
  • hanging his things on a chair in the closet;
  • the Seating of their toys places;
  • care for plants and animals (by the way, what plant to have the baby in his room “” spoke in detail in a recent article);
  • self-collection of items for kindergarten (of course, under your control).

To accustom a young child to help around the house, takes a few times to show how and what to do. It is also important to understand that each thing its place. And, of course, it is desirable to remind the child about the importance of order and cleanliness in the house.

In the future will increase the list of cases that can be performed by a child. Also will increase the physical ability of your child. For example, you can teach your child to help around the house using different objects such as vacuum.

How to teach a child to help? Important tips

  • Please be patient. Surely there will be surprises, especially if the child does something for the first time. For example, it can all pour while washing dishes. Or it might have something to lose, when moving any items from place to place. The main thing – do not scold the child. Better help him!
  • Consider the child’s wishes. For example, there are children who for some time like to do one thing. And sometimes the child is more convenient to operate in different directions, for example, first put your things on a chair, and then to wash the dishes, then collect the toys.
  • Be sure to consider the physical features of the crumbs. For example, it is not necessary for the child to wash dishes if hands have wounds. Or it is possible to distinguish between cases for boys and girls. For example, for girls it is urgent to clean the dust and water the flowers with my mother. And the boy is useful to help dad fix the chair or other furniture.
  • Control the weight borne by the child. This is especially true on the Playground and in the garden where the child can gather up a lot of sand, stones, soil. Also at the supermarket, your little one can gather in “his” basket lot of unnecessary goods. If your child is physically hard, it is unlikely that such assistance will benefit.
  • Pay attention to the mood! Your attempts to teach a toddler to help are really good, if the child is in a good mood, not tired, not hungry, not sleepy.
  • Be thankful! Still he worked. And any work should be rewarded. Spoil anything for my baby. For example, you can reduce the child to the Park or to cook him a delicious dessert.

How to teach a young child to help, you can talk for a very long time. As examples of cases for children you can come up with a huge amount. Importantly, children’s aid has been helpful to the child. And your child to help you around the house? What he loves to do most?

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