How to teach cat to the toilet how to teach a kitten to walk in the tray

The website “” has already talked about caring for a cat. And today we will try to give the maximum of useful tips for solving common problems, where some people don’t even dare to start a home purring pet: how to teach cat to the toilet?

Why cats make trouble for the hosts in the wrong places?

As cotovelea with experience, I can say that often the answer to this question, I want only “out of Spite!”. Without delving into the essence of the thin feline psychology, you can easily ruin the relationship with your loved kocakoy when you go to the kitchen to cook him Breakfast, and Kote at this time… makes a “sweet” spot, say, on the carpet…

But before you take up a broom and chasing the intruder, you need to understand why everyone (even trained) cats sometimes do this thing in the most bizarre places in the house.

The website “” will help to delve into the motives of the crime!

  • The instinct to mark territory. Brighter pronounced in cats-males, but sometimes this sin and cats. That is, the cat gets thus the aromatic markers for the other cats: “I live Here, don’t go any further, and then get in trouble!”.
  • In the house, something changed (made repair, have bought new furniture, etc.). Cat notices that her possession is something wrong — and in order to make a new wardrobe from someone else’s, the store became their home, need to mark it! The same motive may lead the cat if the house is a mess or started rearranging furniture – to re – create a “map” of the aromatic label in the premises, the animal quickly makes a series of small “disorderly” (from the point of view of people) pools.
  • Changed the location of the cat toilette. The owners believe that to move the tray two meters – is sheer nonsense, and the cat can get confused — not want to come to a new place, not to find the tray on the old one and do the deed somewhere else where no one would expect.
  • Changed the smell. Sometimes cats refuse to use his tray, if you wash it with detergent odor or to put next to some antroponymy the subject. Hygiene — hygiene and smell your cat to distinguish needs! Conversely, if you want to wean a cat from some favored it, but still a wrong place, carefully wash the traces of the crime. It is best to bring to this area some kind of alien cat smell – garlic is often recommended, but in my own experience I know that as a repeller work and are more pleasing to the human nose aromas – lemon, air freshener, furniture Polish, even perfume!
  • A dirty tray. Cats are very neat! If not time to change the litter or not to wash the tray, the animal can even stand the urge to the toilet (which is bad for his health), and then still go somewhere else.
  • Items similar to tray. This is a weakness of many cats is the tray to use the box from under the Shoe left on the floor basins, etc. And if there are any small pieces of paper or sprinkled with sand, grits, etc. – down the drain!

How to teach a kitten to the toilet?

To accustom kittens to the toilet it is advisable when they cease to wash a cat-mother – in age about a month or slightly older. And in the new house kittens give typically 1.5 — 3 months.

If you decide to have a kitten, and, lucky him, accustomed to the tray in the “father’s house”, to a new place is enough to bring a little bit of used litter from the “home” of the tray and pour into a new tray. Plant to the kitten, bringing it home – it is likely he will make a puddle, and will continue to come for it in the tray.

How to accustom the cat to the toilet “from scratch”? For many owners, it seems an insoluble problem!

Actually, it’s simple – buy a regular litter box at the pet store and filler to it. Sold also trays with an inner lattice panel – they are designed for the absence of the filler the urine will drain to the pan, and the cat will sit on a plastic grate on top. For adult cats acceptable for both, but in order to accustom your kitten to the toilet, it is better to choose a filler.

The fact that kittens have an instinct to “dig a hole” before something to make, and to “bury” the result after that. Adult cats usually make this brand a conditional ritual – “pit” is dug on linoleum, on asphalt and other surfaces completely unusable.

But kittens love poshurshat something real fillers or scraps of newspaper, which can also be put in the tray in order to attract the attention of the kitten. By the way, do not recommend sand – first, it does not absorb odors, as a filler, it must be changed after each puddle, and secondly, the kitten can get sand in his own hair and scatter it all over the apartment.

Thus, the tray and the litter selected – they have a little stain in the urine of the kitten, to feel your smell.

And then begins the painstaking educational work – bring the kitten in the tray every time, as you think he is now going to go to the bathroom or just went to the wrong place! Warn, error, he will have many, but the blame can not be – just take it and carry it in the tray!

However, if the puddle is made not only that – and carry in the tray is useless, because your goal is to set the memory-animal bond between the urge to defecation and urination and a tray.

The result should be visible after a few days, until then, it is desirable that someone was constantly watching kitten – education, which lasts three hours a day, and the rest of the time the kitten left to himself, the results did not give!

How to housebreak an adult cat?

This is much harder than with a small kitten – adult cats already have their habits, so to speak, the worldview change which they do not like. But still, sometimes there are cases when it is absolutely necessary to housebreak an adult cat – for example, if the animal is picked up on the street or in the nursery, or the family moved into a new house and need to accustom the cat to the toilet again.

If the cat never used the tray, living on the street, that we must act almost the same as with a kitten – watch when she sits down or starts to “dig a hole” in time and quickly transfer it into the tray. Also relevant advice to spray her urine on the tray or litter so that the cat could feel my own smell.

Find in the wrong place puddle or feces, it is better not to abuse and not to punish the animal – it does not understand, what is this punishment, because before it never hurt for favorites for this place!

Moreover, even if a violation occurs during the second, third, tenth time – the punishment is also completely useless. Max, the cat will associate your screaming with the very discovery of her bowel movements and next time hide more skillful – not immediately found and began to cry!

If you carried a housebroken cat to another house – take to a new place of her old tray or, failing that, a bit of used litter from it. As soon as he released the animal, put the tray in the location where it will be permanently, and show cat – let it feel the smell!

Most likely, it will come to do their business here! However, sometimes it so happens that the cat chooses in the house a constant place for the toilet and always goes back – then better to move the tray in this place and your interests converge with the cat!

As you can see, to accustom the cat to the toilet is not too difficult!

Author – Dasha Blinova, site

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